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1.Which action is appropriate for an organization to consider when integrating a new application or platform that deals with sensitive Information?

A.Build all applications in the same programming language to enhance security.

B.Copy the best practices of other organizations and implement them without changes.

C.include security specialists at the beginning and throughout the process

D.Follow only proprietary best practices when designing an application to mitigate threats.


2.An intruder with malicious intent breaks into an office and steals a hard drive containing sensitive information about the company’s business. However, when attempting to access the drive’s contents, the intruder is met with the company’s authentication protocols and data encryption measures What type of security is illustrated in this example?

A.Cyber Intelligence


C.Product Security

D.Data Security


3.Accenture is working with a client to improve their current security infrastructure. The client wants to redefine the security programs. create long-term plans for effective audits, and proactively plan against future threats. What might Accenture recommend to this client?

A.Develop a long-term security strategy which includes a risk management plan.

B.Use a complete offshore security practice of security experts to monitor security events.

C.Create an improved operational technical security practice that leverages new and improved practices.

D.Create a cybersecurity team of internal client team experts who partner with external experts, whose focus is strictly internal audits


4.Which term refers to the fraudulent practice of using email communication to induce individuals to divulge confidential or personal information?

A.Financial fraud


C.Penetration testing



5.An Accenture team working on a website development project grants access to its internal SharePoint site to several Software Developers. Following completion of the project, the Developers still have access to the team’s content, posing the risk of a confidential data leak What should the team do in such instances to avoid data leaks?

A.Review user access to confidential data, and disable access following project completion which is an identity and Access Management function.

B.Move the confidential data to a new location

C.Provide all Accenture developers with access to the information and metrics even after project completion

D.Require users to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before granting permanent access to confidential data.


6.How does a Red Team versus Blue Team exercise help an organization?

A. by creating policies to manage access levels for sensitive data and processes in the Cloud
B.by evaluating potential risks and assessing the business impacts from a nation sponsored threat
C. by testing their technology, processes, procedures, and responses in case of a simulated live
D. by redefining their security strategies to be more effective and proactive for the future


7.A client wishes to update their legacy system even though there have
been no security breaches since its implementation five years ago. If
the client has not suffered any attacks, why is it still necessary to
update their system?

A.Because new security threats emerge all the time.
B.Because only businesses with older systems are targeted by attackers.
C.Because implementing updates will speed up the system.
D.Because all security updates are mandated by law.

Ans: A

8.Company A acquired Company B and they realize that their standard security policy documents do not match. They escalate this issue to the company’s central Security team, who implements a plan to formalize security strategy, high-level responsibilities, policies and procedures around security of both companies. Which security principle is illustrated in this example?

A.Risk Management




Ans: B

9.When companies study the possibility of moving to the Cloud, they often perceive that security is a roadblock to making things happen quickly. What should Accenture tell a client about their capabilities?

A.Accenture Integrates security early in the process and implements their own patented Innovations to automate processes and migrate in a much shorter period of time.

B.Accenture’s security solution is so robust that it can be deployed on top of an existing system on the Cloud with no impact.

C.Once an incident occurs, Accenture establishes controls to block accidental or malicious activities.

D.After monitoring the security solution, Accenture can provide a few additional personnel to develop workarounds.

Ans: A

10.What is the goal of a Red versus Blue Team exercise?

A.To assess the capabilities of a prospective new hire for the security team.
B.To assess an existing security team’s performance (people, process, and technologies in
place) during an on-going cyber-attack.
C.To assess an existing security team’s performance (people, process, and technologies in
place) during a simulated cyber-attack.
D.To assess the effectiveness of a recent security inclusion and diversity training program.

Ans: C

11.What is the first step to understand the potential impact to the
business about a Security threat?

A. Update all cloud related policies within the organization.
B. Perform a risk impact analysis.
C. Have HR update the total number of employees per region.
D. Update the list of all assets, including the number of computers

Ans: B

12.The European Union (EU)’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) places a broad number of restrictions on the collection and transfer of individuals’ personal data. A company based in the US that does business with several clients in the EU realizes that not all of its current security practices align with GDPR standards. The company drafts an action plan to address these issues and resolve them accordingly. Which security principle is illustrated in this example?


B.Risk Management



Ans: D

13. One of Accenture’s clients is considering a major Cloud transformation project but is concerned about the time and costs
associated with such an initiative. What should Accenture’s security
team focus on to address this particular client’s concern?

A. Accenture’s Information Security Team uses waterfall methodology to ensure the migration is
fully documented.
B. Accenture will delay the migration if there are vulnerabilities present in the client’s current
C. Accenture is the only company that has the experience needed to implement major Cloud
D. Accenture has developed accelerators that can deploy specific security controls to Cloud
environments in just a few hours, thereby reducing costs.

Ans: D

14.Accenture’s IDefense team of Cyber Defense Analysts work tirelessly to gather the data needed to help clients make the best possible decisions about their security strategy and operations. Which Accenture service does this describe?

A.Risk Management Service

B.Data Security Service

C.Applied Cybersecurity Services

D.Threat Intelligence Service

Ans: D

15.What is Accenture’s approach when it comes to helping our clients with security?

A. Create a universal security solution to fit the needs of all clients. Accenture’s unique platform
can be embedded in any client architecture.
B. Address the client’s security risks only after they arrive. A data breach opens all doors on
selling new security deals.
C. Embed security in all aspects of the client work, solving even the most complex of the client’s
cyber challenges
D. Help the client create a secure, in-house data center, that follows international regulations
such as ISO 27001.

Ans: C

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