ISAAC | Infosec IQ Assessment Question Answers

Hello friends in this article we are going to discuss about ISAAC Assessment 2022 Questions and Answers | ISAAC Assessment MCQs with Answer | ISAAC Objective Type questions and answers |

1.A type of request that could indicate social engineering is a request for:

A.Your company’s pubic phone number
B.A product sample
C.A price quote
D.Confidential documents


2.Phishing emails try to:

A.All of these
B.Help attack other targets
C.Lower defenses
D.Gain private Information

Ans:All of these

3.You think that you received a phishing email. What do you do next?

A.Delete or report the email
B.Explore the email by clicking links to investigate further.
C.Forward the email to your manager with no explanation.
D.Do nothing.


4.Your organization requires you to change passwords on a regular basis. You should:

A.Add a date to the end of your current password.
B.Create strong passwords every time a change is required.
C.Use the next word in your desktop dictionary
D.Ignore the rule and don’t change your password


5.Your current password is “redberries”. You have just finished your password security module and want to change it.Select the most secure change

B.123bemen 327


6.Social engineering can occur through:

A.All of these
B.Online Chat
C.Phone call
D.Text message


7.What type of dangerous software could be stored on removable media?

A.Text files
C.Power Points
D.Shared Files


8.You find “lost” removable media on the sidewalk near the door to your organization. What should you do with the removable media?

A.Give it to a qaulified IT professional for inspection.
B.Use a public computer to inspect the files on the drive
C.Examine the files on the flash drive to see if you can identify the owner
D.Put the flash drive in the microwave to remove any data.


9.What statement is most true about physical security?

A.It is important, but little can be done by the individual to improve it
B.That even the best IT security can be thwarted by poor physical security
C.Not of much concer
D.It is important but a secondary factor


10.One of the simplest ways to keep safe while working remotely is to keep

A.Work data on work computers
B.Work data on work calculations
C.Pavate data on work computers
D.Work dala on public computers


11.Jake wants to improve his mobile security. To do this, he jailbreaks his phone in order to install an app which promises better security. Is this safe?

Ans – No

12.Pick the most suspicious host URL.


13.One of the most important attributes for safe Web browsing is common what?

A.Common sense
C.Commonly available, free malware detection programs
D.All of these


14.The first line of defense in Mobile security is having a good lock screen on your phone. (True or False)

Ans – True

15.What are some warning signs that you might see in someone who could potentially become an insider threat? (Select all that apply)

A.Someone who has been arguing with their managers and makes it known that they feel they have been wronged by the company
B.Someone who has started a new clubs within the company and is promoting gatherings after work
C.Someone who has changed their work hours to unusual times and wants access to systems they don’t need
D.Someone who has moved positions within the company and has received a pay raise


16.A majority of Insider threats are actually accidents. Which of the following could be considered an accidental threat?

A.Someone accidentally shredding confidential information before it was supposed to be disposed of
B.Someone accidentally ordening too much of a needed product with the company credit card
C.Someone accidentally clicking on a malicious link that was sent from outside of the organization
D.Someone accidentally sending confidential information to the wrong email address


17.If a stranger is attempting to access to a restricted area, which of the following is the most appropriate course of action?

A.Ignore the stranger. Restricted areas are locked and cannot be accessed by someone who doesn’t have a key.
B.Approach the stranger with a question, such as “May I help you?” or other phrase that your security policy prescribes
C.Do nothing. Physical security is not your responsibility
D.Apprehend the stranger and call for help.


18.You have uncovered a potential insider threat involving the disclosure of customer specific intellectual property. How will you report this Incident?

A.Ignore as this doesn’t cancerfy you
B.Inform your superior and hope it gets resolve
C.Write a mad to informing them with all the known details
D Raise a Security Incident Report (SIR) in myWipro
E.Both C & D


19.There are multiple channels for reporting phishing attacks in Wipro. How do you report them?

A.Send mail to and report it as a phishing mail
B.Select “Report Message” on messages that you receive on your Outlook
C.Delete or ignore the mail and don’t do anything
D.Both A & B


20.Oleg is in a hurry, and needs to use public Wi-Fi to file some paperwork online. He spots two different Wi-Fi signals using the name of one of his favorite restaurants, both strong and unsecured. How should he tell which signal to use?

A.He should use the one his phone remembers
B.He should use the first one on the list
C.He should pick the one that was established first
D.He should ask the restaurant which is theirs


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