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Q) How is an inventory item created?
A) create the item in the Item Master application and add it to the storeroom

Q) A customer wants to send an e-mail using the Create Communication action from Work Order Tracking using a communication template The Communication Template Accessible From should be set to what value?

Q) After fully receiving a shipment, it is discovered that the item or tool is damaged and must be sent back. How is it recorded that the good(s) have been returned in the Shipment Receiving application?
A) Find the shipment receipt, select the button Select Items for Return, select each item and update the quantity to be returned, click OK

Q) How are IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 (Maximo) properties changed while Maximo is running?
A) Live Refresh action item in the System Properties application

Q) How is Assignment Manager used?
A) To dispatch labor and schedule work for the organization

Q) Job plan’s responsibility can be assigned to a supervisor, crew, lead, and owner. Which statement is true regarding a work order that results from a job plan?
A) If the values for supervisor, crew, lead, and owner on the preventive maintenance record are different compared to those on the job plan, the values on the preventive maintenance record take the place of those on the job plan when copied to the work order

Q) A lease/rental contract defines the overall terms and conditions of an agreement between a vendor and a customer related to what?
A) Rotating assets

Q) Which statement is true regarding the master Preventive Maintenance (PM) record?
A) Associations between existing PM records and a master PM record can be made.

Q) What is required to create an escalation?
A) Schedule

Q) When entering an asset’s reading for a Characteristic type of meter, which field must be entered?
A) New Reading

Q) Which property is used to define the directory used when importing data using the Integration Framework?

Q) The data field titled Reservation Type is used when planning material reservations from the Plans tab of Work Order Tracking. Which statement is true?
A) An automatic reservation defines the processing of the reservation based on the date the materials are required

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Q) What can be defined on a work order?
A) Security Group

Q) What should be considered when selecting drill down options in the Organizations application?
A) Performance if organization has many top level asset records

Q) The topology viewer contains icons to display which two kinds of information? (Choose two.)
A) 1.Status Indicators 2.Work Indicators

Q) A failure class can be associated to which two Maximo entities? (Choose two.)
A) 1.Assets 2.Locations

Q) What are examples of stock categories in IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5?
A) Stock. Non-Stock. Special Order

Q) At what level is an asset template created?
A) Organization

Q) ABC Corporation is about to deploy the IBM Maxi mo Asset Management V7.5 to manage the company assets. They want to add the GLACCOUNT attribute in the Assets application. Since the GLACCOUNT attribute already exists in the ASSET object, what is the best approach to meet this requirement?
A) In the Application Designer, add the GLACCOUNT attribute in the Assets application using a control

Q) Which statement is true about rotating items?
A) They are created in the Item Master application and use the Assets application to track, run actions, and contain asset detail information.

Q) Which two items are required to approve a purchase contract? (Choose two.)
A) 1.An authorized site 2. A vendor

Q) Which type of role is defined as: You use this data type to route a record based on information in a person record?

Q) In the Receiving application, what does the Quantity Accepted field indicate?
A) The quantity of items that passed inspection

Q) In which application is the default stock category set?
A) Organizations

Q) Safety plans are used on which two IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 applications? (Choose two.)
A) 1.Job Plans 2.Work Orders

Q) How are reorder items designated in IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5?
A) The item reorder flag is set to Yes in Inventory.

Q) Where are the initial general ledger account components created?
A) Database Configuration application

Q) What are two valid purchase contract types? (Choose two.)
A) 1.)Blanket 2)Price

Q) Which two contract types can be associated to Assets? (Choose two.)
A) 1)Lease/Rental 2)Warranty

Q) Preventive Maintenance (PM) work orders can be triggered by which two criteria? (Choose two.)
A) 1)Time-based PMs based on elapsed time since previous work
2)Meter-based PMs based on asset meter readings

Q) If the Integrity Checker utility reports that some indexes are missing, which application should be used to fix this issue?
A) Database Configuration application

Q) Which statement best describes work order flow control?
A) It can be defined in a job plan and is a set of business rules built into the work management applications that allow status changes to be processed automatically.

Q) Which statement is true related to a work order hierarchy?
A) If the parent has a value in the priority field and the children work order records do not, the children work order records inherit the parent priority value.

Q) In which applications can a domain be applied to an attribute?
A) Classifications, Database Configuration, or Application Designer applications

Q) The topology viewers Business View is generated by which cron task?
A) AssetTopoCacheCron

Q) Which two items must be created before an organization can be active? (Choose two.)
A) 1.Item Set 2.Currency Code

Q) Which three fields are available when creating a service request? (Choose three.)
A) 1.Summary 2.Details 3.Asset

Q) What is a valid report option in the Labor Reporting application for external contractors or internal employees?
A) Reporting labor by work order

Q) In the Work Order Tracking application, which two actions create a value in the related records table? (Choose two.)
A) 1.Select Action > Create > Service Request
2.Select Action > Create > Work Orde

Q) Which statement is true about routes?
A) After a route has been applied to a work order, new sequence numbers can be assigned to the resulting taskwork or child work orders.

Q) After the IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 system is properly configured, data can be loaded from an existing data source. Which tool is used for loading external data?
A) Integration Framework

Q) For what purpose is the Activities and Tasks application used?
A) To plan, review, and manage activities and tasks

Q) What is a preventive maintenance (PM) record?
A) Template for scheduled preventive maintenance work

Q) What is the definition of a work package?
A) It groups existing work orders under a new parent work order.

Q) How is a cron task instance run?
A) Define a schedule and set to Active

Q) In the Work Order Information section of the Preventive Maintenance application which field is mandatory?
A) Work Order Status

Q) Which standard relationship is the container relationship for assets?

Q) Which method is used to view labor hours, costs, and material costs for a particular work order?
A) From the Work Order Tracking application, go to the Select Action menu and select View > Costs

Q) In inventory terms a hard reservation is a request for materials that is defined by the need for what?
A) An item within a specific timeframe

Q) A reservation is created when a work order is approved with item(s) on the Work Order Plans Materials sub-tab. Which action controls when an item must be specified with a hard reservation?
A) Set the flag on this check box within the Inventory application: Requires hard reservation on use?

Q) What are three components used to build an IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 safety plan? (Choose three.)
A) 1.Hazards 2.Assets 3.Tag Outs

Q) Which statement is true about a master preventive maintenance (PM) record?
A) A master PM record does not generate work orders.

Q) What is a Work Order?
A) Request for work to be performed

Q) Which statement describes the purpose of the status SHIPPED on an inventory usage record?
A) The item has been removed from the inventory storeroom and is in transit to its final destination.

Q) What does the Enable Repair Facilities Organization option allow?
A) Creating a work order in a site different from the site of the asset on that work order

Q) After fully receiving a shipment it is discovered that the item or tool has been received incorrectly. How can a receipt be reversed from the Shipment Receiving application?
A) Find the shipment receipt, click the button Select Records to Void, select each line to be voided, click OK

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