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lets see them one by one.

1) In regards to Terraform state file, select all the statements below which are correct?

Answer: All Of Above (Storing state remotely can provide better security,The Terraform state can
contain sensitive data, therefore the state file should be treated as sensitive, When using local state,
the state file is stored in plain-text)

2) Before a new provider can be used, it must be __

Answer: Both A & B (Initialized & Declared in the Configuration)

3) Terraform is a tool for ……………… infrastructure safely and efficiently.

Answer: All of the Above (Building, Changing & Versioning)

4) Does Terraform continue if state locking fails?

Answer: No

5) Terraform supports both cloud and on-premises infrastructure platforms. Is this true?

Answer: True

6) What is the command to create infrastructure?

Answer: Terraform Apply

7) Is Terraform cloud-agostic?

Answer: Yes

8) Code in the Terraform language is stored in plain text files with the ……….. file extension

Answer: .tf

9) Terraform relies on plugins called ……….. to interact with remote systems.

Answer: Providers

10) Can the Terraform Module Versions be locked anyhow?

Answer: Yes

11) The Terraform language supports ………….. syntaxe for comments.

Answer: All of the above ( #, // , /* )

12) The Terraform language is Terraform’s …………… user interface

Answer: Primary

13) Does Terraform codify cloud APIs into declarative configuration files.

Answer: Yes

14) Terraform uses declarative configuration to describe the desired final state.

Answer: True

15) Terraform has ………… major commands.

Answer: 4

16) Terraform supports a number of cloud infrastructure providers such as ……………

Answer: All of the above ( Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure)

17) Terraform configuration files must always be UTF-8 encoded.

Answer: True

18) The Terraform supports which of the following operating system?

Answer: All of the above (Linux, MacOs, Windows)

19) The latest version of terraform is …………..

Answer: 0.14.10

20) Terraform is written in which language ………………

Answer: Go

21) Terraform was first released in …………

Answer: 2015

22) Terraform is developed by …………..

Answer: Hashicorp

23) Terraform is a …………

Answer: Code Software

24) Which Terraform command will force a marked resource to be destroyed and recreated on the next

Answer: terraform taint

25) What happens when a terraform plan is executed?

Answer: It creates an execution plan and determines what changes are required to achieve the desired
state in the configuration files.

26) By default, where does Terraform store its state file?

Answer: Current Working Directory

27) What are some of the problems of how infrastructure was traditionally managed before Infrastructure as Code?

Answer: All of Above ( Pointing and clicking in a management console isn’t scalable as businesses move to a multi-cloud deployment model Requests for infrastructure or hardware required a ticket, increasing the time required to deploy applications Traditional deployment methods are not able to meet the demands of the modern business where resources tend to live days to weeks, rather than months to years Traditionally managed infrastructure can’t keep up with cyclic or elastic applications All of the above)

28) True or False: You can migrate the Terraform backend but only if there are no resources currently being managed. Answer: False 29) Which flag would be used within a Terraform configuration block to identify the specific version of a provider required?

Answer: required_providers

30) What happens when a terraform apply is executed?

Answer: Applies the changes required in the target infrastructure in order to reach the desired configuration

31) Which of the following best describes a Terraform provider?

Answer: A plugin that Terraform uses to translate the API interactions with the service.

32) If I already have infrastructure in a cloud provider, and I want to start using terraform, I can…

Answer: Use the import function

33) Example use case for workspaces

Answers: Different work environments (dev, qa, staging, prod)

34) What is a disadvantage of terraform?

Answer: product is constantly updating, causing overhead for developers

35) Terraform is free forever and always

Answer: False

36) Command to check the playbook for syntax errors, but it does not execute it.

Answer: ansible-playbook <playbook.yml> –syntax-check

37) Which python module does Ansible use to connect via ssh with all its nodes?

Answer: paramiko

38) The pricing for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is based on the number of nodes (systems, hosts, instances, VMs, containers or devices) that it is managing. The minimum number of nodes for a subscription is

Answer: 100

39) Which ones are alternatives to Ansible?(choose all that apply)

Answer: Both A & B (Jenkins & Chef)

40) Packer is a tool that builds

Answer: an image for a VM

41) Ansible has a paid license option

Answer: True

42) What extension do the template files in Ansible have?

Answer: .j2

43) How do you use variables in ansible?

Answer: with {{ }}

44) In which programming language is Ansible based on?

Answer: Python

45) This is a usecase for ansible Facts

Answer: When you want to apply commands to specific hosts

46) What does Notify do when available in ansible tasks?

Answer: It makes sure that a task runs only once, doesn’t matter if the task was called 1000 times or more

47) It collect facts from remote devices running Cisco IOS

Answer: ios_facts

48) A YAML file containing one or more plays.

Answer: playbook

49) What’s the Ansible Playbook execution order?

Answer: Playbook->Play->Tasks->Task

50) Which of following commands will check ansible inventory and group variable

Answer: ansible-inventory –list

51) Which of the following ad hoc commands will backup the device configuration of ios

Answer: ansible –m ios_config –a “backup=yes” ios

52) Tests reachability using ping from Cisco IOS network devices

Answer: ios_ping

53) An ______ command is a single, manually-run Ansible task that you want to perform quickly

Answer: ad hoc

54) We have a playbook /playbook/copy.yml, which hosts would this playbook run against.copy.yml – hosts: webtasks:- name: copy test.txt filesrc: test.txtdest: /tmp/test.txtinventory file:[web]web1

Answer: web1 and web2

55) We can have multiple plays in a single playbook

Answer: Yes

56) Can we write a new Ansible modules

Answer: Yes

57) Ansible Content Collections is the new way to build and consume Ansible content. It brings greater flexibility, control and innovation to the Ansible Community and Users.

Answer: True

58) In which format are Ansible playbooks expressed?

Answer: Yaml

59) NCS has collaborated with Red Hat on several initiatives around Ansible automation. Which are some of those?

Answer: GovTech SG Core2 and iPursuit Lab

60) Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform offers new features. Which are the ones?

Answer: All of the above (Ansible Content Collections Automation Services Catalog Automation Hub Automation Analytics)

61) The product offering by Red Hat for Enterprise IT Automation and Management is

Answer: Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

62) Ansible is commonly used to manage resources in VMware virtualization platform, OpenStack as well as public clouds such as AWS, Azure and GCE

Answer: True

63) Ansible is able to deploy and manage automation of your entire IT footprint. Which are the ones that can be managed by Ansible?

Answer: All of the above( Network devices such as routers, switches and firewalls Infrastructure Provisioning Application Deployment Clouds )

64) We often say that Ansible is

Answer: All of the above ( Simple Agentless Extensible )

65) Ansible is among the top 10 Open Source projects in GitHub for 3 consecutive years

Answer: True

66) What is the minimum necessary to execute a playbook in any host?

Answer: Have Ansible installed, have an inventory, and a playbook

67) What is Ansible?.

Answer: A tool for provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment

68) What does orchestration in Ansible mean?

Answer: Is the handling of an orchestra composed by Databases, servers, monitoring systems, etc.

69) What does idempotency mean?

Answer: The ability an operation has to be run multiple times without affecting the result

70) What is the difference between play and playbook?

Answer: A play is list of tasks, whereas a playbook is the file that contents a list of plays.

71) What does an Inventory do?

Answer: Specify the list of Host and groups where to apply the playbook

72) What command is used to copy a file?

Answer: cp

73) What command creates an empty directory?

Answer: mkdir

74) What command displays your current username?

Answer: whoami

75) What command shows you CPU and memory utilization for running processes?

Answer: top

76) How to install ansible using RHEL?

Answer: yum -y install ansible

77) Command to verify the current ansible version

Answer: ansible –version

78) Directories to hold variables for group/host

Answer: inventory

79) Ansible program files that contains ansible plug-in documentation

Answer: ansible-doc

80) What command is used to change directories?

Answer: cd

81) You have defined the values for your variables in the file terraform.tfvars, and saved it in the same directory as your Terraform configuration. Which of the following commands will use those values when creating an execution plan?

Answer: All of the above ( Terraform Plan & terraform Plan -Var-file=Terraform.tfvars)

82) Which of the following terms best describes the Ansible architecture?

Answer: Agentless (the simple, secure, and powerful agentless automation framework for IT operations and development)

83) Is “default” the default workspace name?

Answer: True

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