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84) Ansible is agentless

Answer: True

85) What syntax is used to define Ansible Playbooks?

Answer: YAML

86) Which file in a role’s directory hierarchy should contain the initial values of variables that might be used as parameters to the role?

Answer: defaults/main.yml

87) What is the file format of Terraform code files?

Answer: YAML

88) Two things you need to connect to your AWS infrastructure using Terraform code (in terms of credentials)

Answer: Secret access key only

89) Resource names in Terraform are provider specific

Answer: False

90) Which is easier to code?

Answer: Terraform

91) Which of the following files are processed by terraform?

Answer: .tf and .tf.json

92) _______ files are processed last.

Answer: Override

93) Terraform is a ___________ language.

Answer: Functional

94) Terraform works based on master-less and agent-less architectural design.

Answer: True

95) Command to delete all the cloud resources built by previous terraform apply commands.

Answer: terraform remove

96) which of the following isn’t indicative of anything in the output of terraform plan?

Answer: + to show what will be added

97) What is releasing year of terraform?

Answer: July 28, 2014

98) Terraform is a

Answer: IAC

99) Terraform is developed by

Answer: HashiCorp

100) Terraform is written in

Answer: GO Programming

101) Terraform is Licensed under

Answer: Mozilla Public License v2.0

102) What is the command to list the workspaces?

Answer: Terraform workspace list (The terraform workspace list command is used to list all existing workspaces.)

103) Ansible default configuration file is located under

Answer: /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg (The default Ansible configuration file is located under /etc/ansible/ansible. Cfg)

104) What are the steps of Core Terraform workflow?

Answer: All of the above ( Write – Author infrastructure as code. Plan – Preview changes before applying. Apply – Provision reproducible infrastructure.)

105) The Ansible play book will be executed by using the command?

Answer: ansible-playbook

106) Which IaC tool is cloud agnostic ?

Answer: Terraform

107) “terraform plan -refresh=true” is used to update the state prior to checking differences when you run a terraform plan ?

Answer: True

108) ______ are the different source types for calling modules

Answer: All of the Above ( Local paths Terraform Registry GitHub Bitbucket Generic Git, Mercurial repositories HTTP URLs S3 buckets GCS buckets Modules in Package Sub-directories )

109) What is the name of the terraform state file?

Answer: terraform.tfstate

110) What are the meta-arguments that are defined by Terraform itself and available for all provider blocks?

Answer: Both A and B ( Version & Alias)

111) You configure Multiple Provider Instances with the help of _______.

Answer: alias

112)Third-party plugins should be manually installed. True/False?

Answer: True

113) The command terraform init is used to install third-party plugins?

Answer: False

114) What is the command to initialize the directory?

Answer: terraform init

115) What is the command to create infrastructure?

Answer: terraform apply

116) What is the command to show the execution plan and not apply?

Answer: terraform plan

117) What are the types of provisioners?

Answer: Both A and B ( remote-exec & local-exec)

118) By default, provisioners that fail will also cause the Terraform apply itself to fail.

Answer: True

119) Terraform CLI versions and provider versions are independent of each other.

Answer: True

120) By default, fmt scans the current directory for configuration files.

Answer: True

121) ______ is the file format of Terraform code files.

Answer: YAML

122) What is the command to show the current workspace?

Answer: terraform workspace show

123) You can delete the default workspace?

Answer: False

124) ________ are the arguments you need for using modules in your configuration.

Answer: Both A and B ( Source & Version )

125) Ansible is an opensource Tool

Answer: True (Ansible is a free, open-source tool)

126) The conditionals in ansible play book will be used with the statement

Answer: when

127) Ansible roles can be create by using the command

Answer: ansible-galaxy init ( To create ansible role, use ansible-galaxy init <role_name> to create the role directory structure)

128) Ansible can do network automation

Answer: True

129) Which of the following can be specified in roles?

Answer: All of the above (Handlers, Tasks, Templates & Variables)

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