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1.Your Organization is moving its workload to GCP. You have been given the task to create resources required for workload. Select the order in which you will create the given list of resources?

Project > Network > Subnetwork > VM

2.You have to run the scripts for creating the resources required for the application you are managing.You have installed Cloud SDK on your machine. Which of the following operation you will
perform before creating the resources?

Run the gcloud init command

3.In a company XYZ Corp,Sam is a GCP project owner. Sam wants to delegate the service account management responsibility to another user Jack. Jack will also be responsible to manage all the service accounts needed by the project. What is the best way to delegate the privileges required to manage all
the service accounts?

Grant iam.serviceAccountUser to the administrator at the service account level

4.Go World Tours and Travels Scenario

Assign AppEngine Deployer and CloudBuild builds editor role to the user
Use cluster tables to store the data. apply clustering based on the data column. right the queries
that filter data based on dates
App engine standard
Use a cloud storage bucket with standard storage. set a retention policy at the bucket level to
retain the object for six months. add a lifecycle role to move these recipes to coldline storage
once the age becomes six month
Need to add ingress firewall rules to accept connection from any IP address on port number 80
and 443

5.Your company has recently migrated its infrastructure and application to the Google cloud platform. You have been given the responsibility to manage the GCP account and projects. One of the applications hosted by your company needs to protect identification related data like credit card numbers, SSN and
so on. Which of the below service you will use for GCP for the same.

Cloud data loss prevention

6.A software engineer comes to you for a solution of her machine learning algorithm on GCP. This mill algorithm is used to identify cancerous cells in medical images. The algorithm is computationally intensive, makes many mathematical calculations, requires immediate access to large amount of data, and cannot be easily distributed over multiple servers. What kind of computer engine configuration would you recommend?

High memory, high CPU ,GPU

7. Your company has developed a project in which you must deploy a WordPress website on VM. You
have decided to use a startup script to install word press and other libraries instead of manual
installation. While creating a VM instance you forgot to use the startup script. which is the best way to
run the script

Stop the instance, add metadata with startup script as key and script content as value, and start

8.Your organization is moving its application workloads to Kubernetes engine. You are provided with
the docker file to deploy the application in GKE. How do you deploy a docker file on Kubernetes engine?

Create a docker image from the docker file and upload it to container registry.Create a
deployment YAML file tot the point to that image.Use kubectl command to create deployment with that

9.The business organization wants to deploy its microservices in Google Kubernetes engine cluster. The
auto scaling feature is enabled for the cluster in case the workload scale up. They want the container
metrics to be sent to a third party monitoring solution. Hence you have to make sure that each node of
the cluster will run a monitoring pod. how will you achieve this?

Deploy the monitoring port in the statefulset object

10.You are many websites and want to store the click data generator from the websites. A third party
web analytics tool since this data at a rate of 10,000 clicks per minute and with bursts of up to 15,000
clicks per second. You record this data for future analysis purposes and hence the data must be stored.
Which data service suits the best for this scenario?

Google cloud big table/data store

11.As per the company policies of TPT limited it is crucial to back up the data store database at least
once a day. John has been asked to explain the sufficiency of the data store export to an auditor. We
just following should John used to explain the outputs generated by the data store export command?

The data store export commands for do save meta data file and a folder with the data as an
the data store export commands produces a metadata file as an output

12. You want to get an estimate of the volume of data scanned by big query using the command line.
Which option shows the comment structure you should use?

Bq location = [LOCATION] query use_legacy_sql=false_dry_run[SQL QUERY]

13.Data scientists India company want to use a machine learning library available only in the Apache
spark. They want to minimize the amount of administration and DevOps work. How would you
recommend them to proceed

use cloud spark

14.immortal company is shifting all its workload to Google compute engine. Some workloads must be accessible on the Internet and other services must only be accessible over the internal network. all servers need to be able to communicate with each other over specified ports and protocols. the current
on premises network relies on demilitarized sound for the public servers and a local area network for
the private servers. you need to design the networking infrastructure on Google cloud to match these
requirements. what should you do?

Create a single VPC with a subnet for the DMZ add a subnet for the LAN.
Set-up firewall rolls to open up relevant traffic between the DMZ and the LA subnets, and
another firewall roll to allow public ingress traffic for the DMZ.

15.The application development team of TPT limited is beta testing a new application our dedicated
interconnect using a single TCP socket together with the requirement 1270 PPS bandwidth of best
performance. The develeopment team discovers capping on connectivity speed at three jeeps over
dedicated interconnect. Which of the following options will resolve the issue to meet the requirement?

Instruct the development team to distribute the application Over multiple TCP for session

16.Outreach constructions

Create the instance template with the needed operating system and the other configurations
Create a single account for the organization account will have the……….
Add an increase firewall rule to allow traffic from company and provide IP address to specific
resources in GCP

17.TPT Limited has a firewall rule with a priority of 1000 to deny all incoming traffic from an external
address on all ports and protocols. Robert is the IT manager at tipped limited wants to allow access over
ports 80 and 443 to servers with the tag web servers from external addresses. how will Robert
accomplish the task of allowing the desert traffic without deleting the existing rule?

Add an ingress rule that allows traffic over ports 80 and 443………. target network tag web
servers with a priority value of……….

18.you are the lead developer on a medical application that uses patient smartphone to capture
biometric data. the app is required to collect data and store it on the smartphone when data cannot be
reliably transported to the back end application. you want to minimize the amount of development you
have to do to keep data synchronized now you between smartphones and back end data stores. which
data store option should you recommend?

cloud firestore

19.A paper application for development environment is hosted on the GCP app engine. after successful
testing the web application now has to be deployed for production environment in Google cloud. what
should you do

use G cloud create the new project and then deploy your application into the new project

20.an AI organizations workload or hosted on Google Kubernetes engine. the cluster has of boards
running on 4M1 mega mem 96 GKE notes. additional ports are required to manage workloads without
any down time to run on M1 ultram M32. how can you help the organization to implement the solution?

use the cloud container cluster upgrade. deploy the new service

21.Your company or recently migrated all infrastructure to the Google cloud platform and you are using
the cloudbuilt service to build all container images. you want to store the built logs in Google cloud
storage. you also have a requirement to push the images to the Google container registry. euro tech
cloudbuilt why am L configuration file with the following contents which of the following command you
will use to execute this built. Steps: name:’ gce.io cloud builders-/docker’ args:[………………] images

Ans: Execute the cloud builts push config/{CONFIG_FILE_PATH/SOURCE}

22.Your manager asks you to set the preemptible property For the VM using cloud console. meeting
with in which section of the create an instance page you will find this option?

availability policy

23.And application is deployed on the compute engine VM in a managed instance group. specify the
appropriate instance group configuration so that the application is available most of the time and the
only one instance should run

set auto scaling to on ,set the minimum number of instances to 1, and then set the maximum
number of instances to 1

24.India GC project you have the activity logs to big query. according to the best practice if you want to
grand as this….. which of the following steps you will follow?

add the auditor to the group and give permission logging. viewer and bigquery

B ,C and D
Cloud spanner with multi region instance set-up in Asia Pacific
Dedicated interconnect to take advantage of high speed communication between on premise
system and GCP hosted systems

HTTPS load balancer

26.Your colleague has asked for help in creating an I am role using Google cloud. following command
can be used to create the same?

G cloud iam roles create viewer-role – project my project—permissions” roles/viewer”

27.You are a cloud architect and your company asks you to calculate the cost of a Query in big query
which is scheduled to run daily for a year. how will you calculate the cost?

Use beque query dry run use BQ estimate

28.Data scientists in your company want to use a machine learning library available only in Apache
spark. They want to minimize the amount of administration and DevOps work.. how would you
recommend them to proceed

use cloud dataproc

29.a telecom service provider wants to host the application for production and test environment using
Google compute engine

Create a single custom VPC with 2 subnets. create each subnet in different region and
with different CIDR range.

30.The monitoring team has noticed that there are no logs generated for the few Kubernetes engine
clusters. how do you check inactive configuration for the Kubernetes engine cluster in the fewest
possible ways?

use kubeCTL config get contexts and kubectl cofig view to review the output

31.Your company has decided to build an in-house application for payroll processing. you have been
assigned the task to create VM, cloud SQL, Db, and this storage bucket for the application. while testing
the application developers found that the application is not able to upload the file to the bucket. what
should you do?

Check if the default service account is attached to VM if not edit the instance and add attach it

32.Three years ago you were Co migrated its data warehousing solution for from its own premises data
center to Google cloud………

Search for us Social Security number in data catalog

33.Your company owns a mobile crane that is popular with users all over the world. the mobile back
end uses cloud spanner to store the user state………

create two separate decrease external tables on cloud storage and cloud big table. news big
query console to join these tables through user fields and apply appropriate filters

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