UML Multiple Choice Questions with answer

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1.Which UML model depicts the interactions between the objects by passing series of messages?

ans – sequence diagram

2.In statechart diagram, the objects state is changed because of,

ans – event

3.Activity diagram does not contain,

ans – attributes

4.In Activity diagram, Fork is used to represent,

ans – Concurrent flow

5.Activity diagram describes the dynamic aspects of the system,

ans – represents the flow of control from activity to activity.

6.What is the type of relation between Cycle and Bi-cycle?

ans – Generalization

7.Who is an actor?

ans – An actor can be a human.device or an external system.

8.A software objects behaviour is exposed through

ans – methods

9.Smith behaves differently depending on the situations. At school he is a student, at home he is a son, in school bus he is a passenger and at super market he is a customer. What 00 concept does Smith exhibit?

ans – Polymorphism

10.Camera has the feature called takePhoto Mobile has implemented camera and has given its own definition for take Photo. Laptop has also implemented Camera and has given its own implementation of Camera. What is the Object Oriented concept between Camera and Mobile and Camera and Laptop?

ans – Interface

11.What is the relationship between Book and Index of the book?

ans – Composition

12.Which of the following are true about the class diagram?

ans – depicts the relationship between the classes.

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