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1.As Accenture explores an end-to-end business flow that has reconciliation between multiple parties. what would we uncover?

A. transparency

B.shared state

C.trapped value

D. ownership


2.How does blockchain technology help organizations when sharing data?

A.Everyone has transparency over how the data has been added.

B.Data can be edited or removed only through certain authorized central nodes.

C.Data can be processed or viewed at only one node in the chain at any given time.

D.Data can only be exchanged through a central, trusted organization.


3.Blockchain maintains and records data and transactions in a new type of database system. This technology is used across organizations in an ecosystem and allows products histories to be captured as they move to the consumer. How might this technology help inter-organization processes? limiting data sharing only to a single party increasing mediators between transaction partners creating an agile and dynamic database decreasing the likelihood of record tampering


4.What is one of the reasons to consider implementing a blockchain solution?

A. inability to track simultaneous updates by multiple users

B.inability to trace and access data of other users

C.ability to verify that data has not been tampered with since its creation

D.ability to work on different versions of the same data


5.Accenture is a founding member of ID 2020. What is the focus of this alliance?

A. financial services

B. digital identity

C. supply chain

D. blockchain

Ans- b

6.Accenture has put together a coalition of several ecosystem partners to implement the principles of blockchain and Multi-party Systems using varying technologies. One group of partners is referred to as MAAG. Which companies are included in the MAAG group?

A.Morgan Stanley, Apple, Anheuser Busch, General Motors

B.MetLife, American Express, Alphabet Inc. General Electric

C.Mitsubishi, Agricultural Bank of China, Apple, Goldman Sachs

D.Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba, Google

Ans- d

7.A reputable, world-renowned auction house uses blockchain to verify the authenticity of paintings prior to placing them up for sale. The records that are stored on the various distributed ledgers for each painting include the artist’s credentials, history of ownership, appraisal values, and previous purchase price. Paula would like to make an offer on a painting. After reviewing the distributed ledgers for the painting, why can Paula purchase the painting with confidence?

A.the ledgers are protected, separate, and conventional

B.the ledgers are centralized, editable, and visible

C.the ledgers are secure, shared, and incorruptible

D.the ledgers are private, accurate, and complete

Ans- c

8.How could the adoption of blockchain within a supply chain help the world become more sustainable and, in some cases, eco-friendly?

A.Consumers will be able to effectively track where the components of their product were sourced.

B. Consumers could still purchase items at a store even if they forgot their wallet and phone at home.

C. Consumers could easily return and get refunds for products that didn’t meet their expectations.

D. Consumers will be able to store their personal identifiable information for recurring purchases.

Ans- a

9.What type of transaction cannot be stored in blocks on a blockchain?

A. all types of transactions can be stored in blocks on a blockchain

B. a transaction that assigns copyright ownership to a song

C. a transaction that issues a degree to Mary Wilson from Purdue University in Electrical Engineering

D. a transaction that issues token for a carton of milk from Beach Farm in Wisconsin

Ans- b

10.What is a core domain for Accenture’s Multi-party Systems practice?

A social networking

B employee retention

C marketing responsiveness

D digital identity

Ans- d

11.A software giant is enabling a city with smart parking, using real-time information captured by sensors on the vehicle and sensors in parking lots. When the vehicle leaves, data can be shared between the vehicle and parking system, which will prompt a payment from the driver’s payment device stored in their account. How would the use of blockchain to store this data help reduce potential risks?

A. by creating a verified data record to a car’s digital identity storing large amounts of data without any delays

C. by easily monitoring traffic congestion in areas of the city

D. by sharing data with law enforcement authorities when requested

Ans- a

12.A company wishes to begin the process of implementing a Multi-party System and is looking for other companies with similar interests to join then. With blockchain, every organization sees the same data. What does this provide?


B. intent

C. uniqueness

D. trust

Ans- d

13.A coffee producer wants to demonstrate that their products are produced using environmentally sustainable practices that respect the planet. How does the implementation of blockchain technology help to achieve the client’s goal? providing traceability of products providing anonymity for each producer ensuring known-traveler digital identity

D. by eliminating the need for smart contracts

Ans- a

14.What is true about hashing?

A.Hashing is repeatable and is dependent upon the original data.

B.Hashing is equivalent to encryption.

C.Hashing is reversible.

D.Hashing is when the original data gets larger and larger.

Ans- a

15.Which statement is true about blockchain?

A.Blockchain always requires a central authority as an intermediary.

B.Blockchain guarantees the accuracy of the data.

C.Blockchain enables users to verify that data tampering has not occurred.

D.Blockchain encourages trust among all peers.

Ans- c

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