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Q1. A major coffee retailer seeks IT Company A’s help to improve its supply chain management. IT
Company A should suggest an enterprise platform utilizing which type of process?

Ans: The Core Processing process

Q2. A business wants to use a new platform to help data flow between third-party platforms or between
a platform and its own in-house systems. Which platform is useful in this scenario?

Ans: Database Platform as a Service (DPaaS)

Q4. Which statement is true of an enterprise platform?

Ans: Enterprise platforms can help organizations meet their goals without integrating other applications.

Q5. Which platform is dedicated to Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Ans: Salesforce

Q6. Which of the following are among the “Big Six” enterprise platform partners used by IT Company A’s
IPS business?

Ans:Oracle and Workday

Q7. A company is struggling to keep track of its transactional information, complicating attempts to find
new sales opportunities and conduct effective marketing campaigns. Which type of platform provider
can help this company?

Ans. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Q8. Which process of the enterprise platform interacts with vendors and manages the entire supply chain for a retail client?

Ans: Core Processing

Q9. A world-wide organization is concerned the rise in cyber-attacks will eventually affect the company.
The organization has accumulated a large amount of sensitive data and wants to put policies in place to
protect it. How will platforms benefit this organization?

Ans: Platforms will only run processes, but not store data. Data will be stored in company servers.

Q10. An IT Company A client is currently using Salesforce as its Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
solution. The client would like to implement an AI application to help predict future customer behavior.
Which approach takes advantage of Salesforce’s capabilities?

Ans: Integrating the AI application directly into the Salesforce framework.

Q11. IT Company A’s IPS is helping a medical device company decide to use an enterprise platform, and is
using the Core Processing component when ordering supplies to restock its inventory. Which statement
describes the Core Processing component?

Ans: It connects suppliers and consumers to achieve goals.

Q12. A large jewelry chain is struggling with managing more than 60 vendors, causing a lag between
consumer demand and availability of new products. How can using a platform help them with their

Ans: Products and services will launch to market faster than ever.

Q13. How does an organization comply with data collection clauses in data protection regulations such as
GDPR or the Data Protection Act?

Ans: Asking users for consent when data is being collected. In special cases where users cannot give
explicit consent, users must be notified of the collection practice

Q14. What is the fundamental difference between the SAP platform and the AirBnb platform?

Ans: SAP is an enterprise resource planning platform and AirBnb is a collaborative platform.

Q15. What is a key consideration when evaluating platforms?

Ans: The integration of current business or existing processes.

Q16. Why is myConcerto considered essential to IT Company A’s work with enterprise systems?

Ans: IT Company A works with clients to design, build, and simulate potential cloud solutions specific to
its business.

Q17. How can the extensibility of a platform benefit a business?

Ans: By quickly and easily adding features as the platform grows.

Q19. What is a social platform?

Ans: A system that enables the development, deployment, and management of online interaction
solutions and services.

Q20. What type of platform is eBay?

Ans: Commerce platform

Q21. What is the core function of an enterprise platform?

Ans: It manages the primary functions of a business.

Q22. A client approaches IT Company A for a tool that will help the enterprise platform manage systems
and identify where the business will benefit. Which IT Company A tool will help the client meet its

Ans: myConcerto

Q23. An organization purchases access to a platform to support growth. How should the organization
configure the platform?

Ans: Using both technical and operational aspects.

Q24. With which of these enterprise platform businesses does IT Company A hold a partnership?

Ans: SAP and Salesforce

Q26. Why are development platforms used by developers for extending enterprise platforms?

Ans: Platforms offer an API for developers to use.

Q27. What is the function of IT Company A’s IPS?

Ans: An IPS is deeply entrenched in a business and woven into the entire structure.

Q28. Which describes the “Network Effect?”

Ans: A platform becomes more useful as more people join and use it.

Q29. What are the capabilities of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform?

Ans: It stores, manages, and maintains customer information of a business, while also tracking
opportunities, leads, and campaigns

Q30.A healthcare organization purchases access to one of the most popular cloud development platforms
to help scale business. Given the sensitive nature of the data handled by the organization, the actual
physical location of the data within the cloud is important. What is true about the location of the data?

Ans: The organization must ensure that the cloud platform is configured to store the data in a physical
location suitable to their needs.

Q31. What is a feature of platforms?

Ans: They can be customized to a customer’s specific needs.

Q32. A large restaurant organization collects large amounts of data across all of its operations. It wants to
migrate all data to the cloud to more easily gain insights around customer behavior and have asked IT
Company A for help. Which statement describes a benefit this organization will receive by using a

Ans: The organization can use a platform to manage data on the cloud in an applicable way.

Q33. What differentiates PaaS from SaaS?

Ans: PaaS delivers infrastructure for cloud computing, while SaaS delivers software for cloud computing.

Q34. Why does a platform need to be customizable?

Ans: To meet the visual requirements of the platform users

Q35. What does SaaS stand for?

Ans: Software as a service

Q36. How does an organization comply with data security clauses in data protection regulations such as
GDPR or the Data Protection Act?

Ans: By keeping your regular backups of the data collected allowing the business to recover from data

Q37. What is a potential benefit of modeling an organization using a PaaS?

Ans: It serves as a single point of entry, eliminating information silos, promoting real-time processing,
and supporting centralized application management.

Q38. IT Company A’s IPS works closely with six major platform businesses. How does IT Company A bring
more innovative solutions to clients through this partnership?

Ans: Co-developing, co-innovating, and co-investing with the partners and upskilling employees on

Q39. What is an example of a Data component within an enterprise platform?

Ans: A system used to track current inventory and restock supply.

Q40. What type of platform is Twitter?

Ans: Social

Q41. A client seeks IT Company A’s help in hiring for critical roles and decreasing attrition. Which IT
Company A tool suggests a platform that will help the client overcome these challenges?

Ans: myConcerto

Q42. Which areas of a business would most benefit from using the Workday platform?

Ans: Human resources, compliance, recruiting, and finance

Q43. What is the advantage of partnering with IT Company A’s IPS?

Ans: It leverages a business’s existing capabilities and utilizes externally hired resources.

Q44. What type of platform is SAP?

Ans: Enterprise

Q46. A clinet approcahes well known IT Company A for a tool that will help enterprise platform manage
systems and idetify where the business will benefit . Which IT company A’s tool will help the client meet
its requirement?

Ans: myConcerto

Q47.A company is struggling to keep track of its transactional information, sales
opportunities, and conduct effective marketing campaigns. Which platform is
designed to help the company with this scenario?

ANS – Salesforce

Q48.What is a client benefit of partnering with Accenture’s Intelligent Platform Services

It boosts a business’s unused capabilities and takes advantage of its current resources

Q49.What differentiates Accenture’s Intelligent Platform Services

ANS – ability to integrate deep technical knowledge, functional context, and industry experience

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