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Q.1What differentiates Azure Resource Manager PowerShell cmdlets from Service Manager PowerShell cmdlets?All ARM PowerShell cmdlet names include the string ‘RM’
Q.2You are creating an Azure virtual machine by using an ARM template. Which of the following conditions must be met?All resources must be part of a resource group.
Q.3You have to create a custom virtual machine (VM). Also, you have to upload the VM to Azure. What is the first step to start?Prepare/Sysprep the VM
Q.4The smallest recommended virtual machine for a production environments is _____.A1
Q.5Which of the following helps you to easily identify which SKU is most likely to satisfy your performance needs?ACU
Q.6What is the maximum number of virtual machines a cloud service can contain?50
Q.7Which Windows Server feature(s) is / are not supported on Azure virtual machines?Multipath I/O
Q.8Which of the following is supported on Azure virtual machinesGeneration 1 virtual machines
Q.9You are using the Set-AzureRMVMSourceImage command with the -Version parameter. You wish to ensure that you get the most current image. Which value should you use with the -Version parameter?Latest
Q.10What DNS record type is set when mapping a Custom Domain to be an alias for the default {sitename} domain name assigned to a Web App by Azure?CNAME
Q.11Fs and F series of VMs areCompute Optimized
Q.12The Virtual Machine C: drive is a SATA drive that contains _______.Operating system files
Q.13Which situation will prevent a virtual machine (VM) from being migrated from an on-premises environment to Azure?The VM uses a VHDX disk file.
Q.14Microsoft supports OS that is past their End of Support date without a Custom Support Agreement (CSA).TRUE
Q.15Which tool is used to view details, such as IP addresses, about the virtual machines in a scale set?Azure Portal
Q.16Which statement regarding dynamically allocated public addresses in Azure is true?The addresses originate from a created DHCP scope
Q.17Which components are examples of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services?All of the mentioned options
Q.18You add a data disk to an Azure virtual machine. What drive type is created?SCSI
Q.19Which of the following IP address type can change when you stop or start a resource?Public
Q.20For a virtual machine that acts as a domain controller, you should use a ______.Static IP Address
Q.21Which of the following web applications can be deployed with Azure ?All of the mentioned
Q.22Scales sets are often integrated with which of the following selections?All of the mentioned options
Q.23You are deploying an Azure VM utilizing a template file from GitHub using the New-AzureRMResourceGroupDeployment cmdlet. Which of the following parameters are likely to be used with the cmdlet?Resource Group Name and Template URI
Q.24What is the maximum number of data disks supported by the Standard_A7 virtual machine?16
Q.25To use Premium storage, you will need a virtual machine in which of the following three series?All of the mentioned options
Q.26Which command uploads a virtual hard disk from an on-premises virtual machine to a blob in a cloud storage account in Azure?Add-AzureRMVhd
Q.27Which of the following defines a group of virtual machines that share a common set of hardware, switches, and more than a single point of failure?Fault Domain
Q.28Temporary files must be stored on which drive?D:
Q.29What is the largest size for a Resource Manager template?1MB
Q.30Which of the following helps Azure maintain high availability and fault tolerance when deploying and upgrading applications?Availability set
Q.31Which of the following can provide more capability as your workload increases?Scale Set
Q.32An Azure subscription has a current limit of how many virtual machines per region?10
Q.33An Azure Standard_A4 virtual machines has ____ cores.8
Q.34Which of the following three options are required when uploading Hyper-V files from on-premises data centers?All of the mentioned options
Q.35What is the fourth step in the basic steps for deploying a virtual machine in Azure?Provision the VM
Q.36From the virtual machine blade of the Azure portal, you can do all of the following actions to your virtual machine, except?View LOGs
Q.37Linux on Azure Endorsed Distributions can be described as _______.Versions of Linux that you can customize and add to the Azure Gallery
Q.38Use the following command to create a virtual machine with Resource Manager ___________.New-AzureRMVM
Q.39Which types of workload would be most suitable for deployment on Azure virtual machines?
All of the mentioned options
All of the mentioned options
Q.40Which of the following is a valid reason to deploy a virtual machine (VM) on-premises in Hyper-V instead of in Azure?You need to deploy a VM that uses the VHD file format.
Q.41Azure virtual machines disks are stored as ______.VHD files
Q.42Which of the following element allows you to create and manage virtual machines that serve either in a Web role and a Worker role?Cloud Services
Q.43You need to add data to Azure by using the Azure import service. What should you do?Ship the hard disk to an Azure datacenter
Q.44Select the correct statement regarding the operating system upgrades of an Azure virtual machine?No OS upgrades are supported
Q.45What DNS record type is set when mapping a Custom Domain to be an alias for the default {sitename} domain name assigned to a Web App by Azure?CNAME
Q.46You can associate a public IP address with all of the following except _________.Internal facing load balancers
Q.47A Standard_A7 virtual machine would be considered for ________.High Memory and Dense Local Storage
Q.48Which of the following option(s) is / are endorsed distributions when deploying Linux as an Azure Virtual Machine?CentOS 6.3+
Q.49A _________ role is a virtual machine instance running Microsoft IIS Web server that can accept and respond to HTTP or HTTPS requests.Web
Q.50Which of the following is the file format for the Resource Manager template?JSON
Q.51Which of the following would not use a private IP address?Application Gateway
Q.52What feature does Azure Availability Sets provide?Auto deployment
Q.53Which of the following web applications can be deployed with Azure ?All of the mentioned

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