Dot Net Multiple Choice Question

Hello friends, in this post we are going to discuss about Dot Net Multiple choice question with answer | Dot Net MCQ With Answer | Dot Net Objective type question | Dot Net Interview questions with answer | Dot Net MCQ Test Online developer found that the data he is trying to bind to dropdown list is getting because of which he sees duplicate data in dropdown list?

Answer – se if(autopostback==true) nd put logic here so duplication is avoided

2.You have created a NCF service which returns the Custld, CustName and Salary of a What will you use to describe this information for clients to consume the service?

ANS – Data contract

3.Unit Testing is carried out in which of the following phases?

ANS – Developer does during development phase

4.________ language is primarily is used to develop Ul in WPF.


5.Identify which statements are TRUE about Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
A: Used for standalone and browser hosted applications
B: Uses XAML markup to implement the appearance of an application

ANS – Both statements A &B

6.Which of the following property of HTML5 ensures that the text length of a textbox containing empname cannot exceed 10 characters?

ANS – maxlength

7.Match the layout controls in wpf
a. Stack panel 1. aligns in rows and columns

  1. Aligns horizontal or vertical
    b. Grid
    C. DockPanel 3. Aligns to the edges

ANS – A->2.b->1,C->3

8.Which of the following is a graphic element?

ANS – Svg

9.Which state management technique IS Used to pass the data as part or the URL?

ANS – Query string

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