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SNOQuestionOption1Option2Option3Option4Correct Option
1What tests can selenium do?FunctionalRegression Both a and bNone of the above3
2Following is not the step to run automation using SeleniumRecord the scripts using Selenium IDERun the testModify the scripts according to the testing needs.Viewing the results in the format specified.4
3Selenium can be used for Web based and window based testing.TRUEFALSEFALSE
4What is Selenium’s recording language?JavaC#RubyHyper text markup language4
5Justify your answer:
Selenium will record any operation that you do on your computer apart from the events on the Firefox browser window.
6Following is not the type of Selenium.Selenium GridSelenium CoreTelleriumSIDE3
7Selenium IDE is the add on only for the following browser.ChromeFirefoxSafariInternet Explorer2
8Selenium automatesBrowsersnavigatorsurlsNone of the above1
9Selenium can be deployed on the following Operating Systemswindows, linuxSolaris,OS XBoth a and bNone of the above3
10What is selenese?Selenium commandsSelenium keywordsSelenium ClassNone of the above1
11Select the diasadvantage of Selenium from the following?It is simple, easy to install and easy to work.Run multiple tests at a time.Does not support file upload from local machine.The software with which it developed is browser based and agile adpted.3
12Selenium less powerful in creation of scripts becauseMany actions are not recorded by IDE and have to be manually entered.All the actions performed are recorded by IDE.IDE doesnot record and we have to do complete scripting manually.All of the above1
13The following is used to run the exported tests in any browser and any platform?Selenium 2Selenium CoreSelenium Remote ControlNone of the above3
14How do you execute the tests recorded in Selenium IDE in other browsers?Selenium 3Selenium CoreSelenium Remote ControlAll of the above3
15Which of the following uses native JavaScript calls.Selenium CoreSelenium GridSIDESelenium Web Driver3
16Selenium IDE can be opened in the following way
17Selenium Core TestRunner is used toOpen up the browser to test runneropen the browser and execute the test script.Not used to run any kind of tests in Selenium IDEBoth a and b1
18What is the main language that drives Selenium IDEJavaPythonRubyVBScripting1
19Assert and Verify are used forValidating the elements that are available on the application
under test
Validating the elements only on the current page.It is not used for validating.None of the above1
20The following is used to add the assert or verify to the testSelenium IDEContext MenuSlider bar Base Url tab2
21How do you start Selenium RC?Start Selenium RC Serverjava -jar selenium-server-standalone-<version-number>.jarStart RCNone of the above2
22How do you identify an object in Selenium?HTML codeDOM with firebugCSSfirepath2
23Is it possible to start the Remote engine more than once in an instance?YesNo1
24Which are the annotations generated with JUnit 4 tests in Selenium IDE?@Before public void method()@Test public void method()@After public void method()All of the above4
25How to start selenium rc server with user extensions?java -jar selenium-server.jar user-extensions.jsjava -jar selenium-server.jar -userExtensions.jsjava -jar selenium-server.jar -userExtensions user-extensions.jsStart SeleniumServer User-extensions.js3
26How to run Selenium IDE test suite with user extensions using Selenium Remote Control?java -jar selenium-server.jar -userExtensions user-extensions.js -htmlSuite “*<browser>”
“<Selenium test suite file>” “<results log file>” -timeout <millise>
java -jar selenium-server.jar  user-extensions.js -htmlSuite “*<browser>”
“<base URL>” “<Selenium test suite file>” “<results log file>” -timeout <millise>
java -jar selenium-server.jar -userExtensions user-extensions.js -htmlSuite “*<browser>” “<base URL>” “<Selenium test suite file>” “<results log file>” -timeout <millise>java -jar selenium-server.jar -userExtensions user-extensions.js -htmlSuite “*<browser>”
“<base URL>” “<Selenium test suite file>” “<results log file>” -timeout <millise>
27If the default port of selenium is busy then which port you use?We need to stop till the port gets freeNeed to create our own port from where the script runsNeed to define our own port as java -jar SeleniumServer.jar -port 1111None of the above3
28When to use proxy injection mode?When we run the script in the browser where we recorded the testWhen we need to activate the proxy for the browser In which the application is openTo inject the proxy for the browserUsed when the script is recorded in one browser and we need to run in some other browser.4
29Silver light application testing is possible in following type of selenium?Selenium Web DriverSelenium Remote ControlSelenium GridSelenium IDE2
30How do you edit the recorded command in IDE?By selecting the command and choosing the desired value from drop-down.Edit->Recording ModeNo optionis availableBoth a and b1
31What are the three major components of Selenium IDE?Command, Target, ValueCommand, Destination, ValueCommand, Target, InputOrder, Target, Value1
32What is the Selenium IDE plug in to run the Selenium Test Suite?Flex PilotWhit Code PlexerTest RunnerTest Suite Runner3
33Which is the command used for diaplaying the values of a variable into the output console or log?Echo <constant string>Echo $<constant string>Echo $<variable name>None of the above1
34The client libraries of Selenium RC instructs Selenium Server onHow to test the AUTHow to test the AUT by using selenium commandsHow to test the AUT by passing it your test scripts Selenium commandsHow to test the test scripts Selenium commands3
35Which of the following translates its selenium commands into client drivers API’s finctions?Selenium2 Selenium CoreSIDESelenium Remote Control3
36The following test engine is used for Java programming language?JunitTestNGNunitBoth a and b4
37How many types of reports can be generated for java in Selenium?No Count and are still emerging42Not there 2
38Name the Selenium API method that is used to Java script from Selenium RC?Exceute Js APIgetEval APIExecute .JS <selenium-server.jar>None of the above2
39Multi mode is the default behaviour for?Selenium Web DriverSelenium CoreSelenium GridSelenium 1.04
40Select the command that can be used to record valuable debugging information reported by the
selenium server to a text file.
the -include log commandthe -log commandthe -log to text file commandNone of the above2
41Which of the following is more useful to the end user than the regular Selenium Server logs?the -browserSideLog command the -browserLog commandthe -browsersidelogs commandAll of the above1
42The main restriction of Selenium is Same Origin Policy Same Origin Policy for all browsers Same Origin Policy for security issuesSecurity Restrictions1
43The method that was used by selenium initially to avoid the Same Origin Policy wasEnable Same Origin PolicyProxy InjectionEnable Origin Policy for all browsersNone of the above2
44Mechanism that stores all the locators for a test suite in one place for easy modification when identifiers
or paths to UI elemets changes in the AUT is?
Locator Suite DetailsUi MapSuite UI elements locatorsNone of the above2
45Rapid prototyping tool isSelenium RcSelenium Web Driver SIDESelenium Core3
46Which of the following is not the pane of Selenium IDE?LogUi-ElementReferenceTestCase Name4
47Which of the following we use to check the properties of a web page?Asset CommandVerify CommandBoth a and bNone of the above3
48The two ways of editing a command or comment is Selenium IDE are?Table and SourceTable and TargetCommand, Target, InputNone of the above2
49Toggle Breakpoint is used toset a breakpoint in the test case to cause it to stop on a particular command.can set a breakpoint in the test case to cause it to stop on a particular command and
exceute from the scratch
Both a and bOnly 11 or 4
50The three flavours of Selenium Commands areCommand, Target, ValueAssertions, Actions and Ino\putsActions, Accessors and AssertionsAll of the above3
51The three modes in which we can use the Selenium Assertions are Assert, Verify and waitFor Assery, Verify and AssertionsAssert, VerifyAssertion and waitForassertAssertions, VerifyAssertions and waitFor1
52Following is not the most commonly used Selenium Command?Open up the browser to test runnerverifyTitle/assertTitlewindowsMaximizeverifyTable3
53The two ways of discovering the xpath of an element are ?Firebug and Xpath CheckerFireBug and FireXpathCss and FirebugNone of the above1
54Select the locator that can be used to find the most complicated objects in an intrinsic HTML document?XpathCssInputID2
55Selenium globbing pattern allows onlyasterisk and character class.asterisk and class.Dollar symbol and character class.None of the above1
56storeFooPresent(variable) doesstores the text of the pop-up in a variable and returns true or falseStores the text of pop-up into some default variablestores the text of the pop-up in a variableBoth a and b1
57How do you build a locator that is different from the locator type that was recorded?Locator StrategyLocator GuidanceLocator Selectin CriteriaLocator Assistance4
58java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not contact Selenium Server; have you started it? Error meansYou have not started the Selenium ServerYou have started the Selenium Server but the port is busy.You have to stop the Selenium Server and then need to restart itAll of the above1
59How to extend the build to additional environments using Ant?Add depends property Add TargetBoth a and bOnly 21 or 4
60The deafult timeout value of recorded command is 3s-30ms30s-300ms300s-3000ms30s-30000ms4
61Why do we use Selenium Client Drivers?To interact with the Selenium Server with the scripts createdCreate local selenium Web driver script Both a and bNone of the above3
62Can we control the speed and pause the test execution in Selenium IDE?IDE provides a slider with slow and fast pointers to control the speed of execution.IDE provides an option with slow and fast pointers to control the speed of execution.IDE directly allows you to  slow and fast pointers to control the speed of execution.None of the above1
63Reference Scetion of Selenium IDE is used for?To view the test executionDescription of the commandsCheck for certain textAll of the above2
64How do we add checkpoints manually to our tests in Selenium IDE?Add Checkpoint OptionReference SectionContext MenuLocator Builders3
${var1} .
The above code will do?
Used to store the result of an evaluationPrint value in Selenium IdeTo check the stored value in Selenium IDETo check the value of stored text3
66How can we change the test recorded in Xpath to css locator?Using the drop down available next to Find in SeleniumUsing the css selector available next to Find in SeleniumFirst enable the css selector and click on find buttonSelect the element recorded using Xpath, enable the css selector and click on the Find Button1
67Where do we specify our user javascript extensions in Selenium IDE?Actions MenuFile MenuOptions MenuPreference Menu3
68The language of Selenium IDE is?HTMLJavaSeleneseNone of the above3
69The other tool that is available outside Selenium IDE to test the element locator is?FirefinderFirebugXpath GetterNone of the above1
70Does selenium IDE support looping?TRUEFALSE1
71Does selenium IDE support looping?
72The command used to simulate right click on an element in a web page is?Locator CommandDirect Right click and simulate the element on the web pageUse contectMenuAll of the above3
73The command that simulates key stroke key by key isTypetypeKeystypeAndWaitNone of the above2
74Selenium RC is limited toJava Programming LanguageNot restricted to any languageSeleneseAny full fledged programming Language3
75The following are the main components of Selenium RC?Selenium Server and Client LibrariesClient Liraries and Selenese commandsBoth a and bNone of the above1
76I am not using java to program my tests, do I still have to install java on my system?YesNo1
77During the execution of the tests I see two windows , one on the test application and the other showing commands getting executed.How to limit to a single window?Script in the code to a single windowSpecify -singleWindow when starting Selenium serverSpecify -singleWindow in your scriptNone of the above2
78How do you handle recovery scenarios in Selenium?Recovery Scenario methodException HandlingStill in progressNone of the above2
79Difference between single and double slash in XpathDouble–Parent, Single –ChildDouble–Child,Single–ParentBoth a and bNone of the above1
80How to handle Ajax controls in Selenium?Using wait for condition commandUsing Wait for CommandUsing Wait for pageto load commandNone of the above1
81How to use Selenium for Performance Testing?Integrate Load Runner with SeleniumIntegrate Jmeter with seleniumIntegrate Jboss with SeleniumAll of the above2
82How to check single test method in multiple browsers?Selenium IDESelenium CoreSelenium GridSelenium Web Driver3
83How do you run selenium commands in Slow motion in Selenium RC?selenium.setSpeed()thread.sleep()Both a and bNone of the above3
84The annotations generated with Junit 4 tests in Selenium IDE areThe @Before public void method()The @After public void method()The @Test public void method()All of the above4
85Each testcase of Selenium RC will invokes the browser and closes after playing back.Justify?TRUEFALSE1
86Can we include Selenium RC testcases using XMl in TestNG.Justify?TRUEFALSE1
87We can set multiple breakpoints in Selenium IDE.JustifyYesNo1
88What is selenium server default port number?11112222333344444
89The text pattern types in Selenium areglobbingregular expressionsexactAll of the above4
90The input for Client libraries isSelenium CommandsSelenese CommandsSelenium GridNone of the above2
91Selenium will show some security notifications when handlingProxy SettingsHTTP SitesBoth a and bNone of the above2
92Switching between the multiple instances of the different browsers is not possible.Justify?TRUEFALSE1
93How to execute the set of testscripts continuosly in Junit Parameterization Prioritizing the testsBoth a and bNone of the above1
94The plug in for Selenium Ide that stores the screen shots automatically on script failure isScreenShot on Fail plug inCapture Screen Shot PluginFailed Screen shot Plug in None of the above1
95The sequence of evaluation and flow controlis done in Selenium IDE usingLooping ConstructsConditional StatementsUser ExtensionsAll of the above3
96The Selenium command to print the two variables in the same line isStoreVarsPutVarsGetVarsecho4
97Selenium IDE generates commands usingKeywords Selenium CommandsSeleneseAll of the above3
98Selenium can be integrated with QC usingHP QC ALM11BlumbleBeeAntMaven2
99Junit comes in built with Eclipse. Justify?1TRUEFALSE
100The following framework is an instance of the xUnit architecture for unit testing frameworks2TestNGJunitHybrid Nunit
101Does Junit support methods dependency?1YesNo
102How do you run the Junit tests from the command line?4java org.junit.runner.<test class name>Run Junit <test name>java JUnitCore <test class name>java org.junit.runner.JUnitCore <test class name>
103What is the name of the package that you use for Junit 1import org.junit.*; import junit.*; import package.junit.*;None of the above
104The syntax to compile a Junit Test Class is?2javac -cp junit-4.4.jar HelloTest.javajavac  junit-4.4.jar HelloTest.javajavac -cp junit-4.4 HelloTest.javajavac -np junit-4.4.jar
105The following elemements in your CLASSPATH to run your Junit tests?3The JUnit JAR file.Location of your JUnit test classes.Location of testsuites to be tested.JAR files of class libraries that are required by classes to be tested.
106How do you mark the test method as Junit test method?1Using the JUnit annotation @org.junit.Test.JUnit annotation: @org.Test.JUnit annotation: $org.junit.Test.None of the above
107How does the runner class access the junit test method?3By decalring the Junit method as protectedBy decalring the Junit method as privateBy decalring the Junit method as publicBy decalring the Junit method as default
108All junit Test methods must be declared as 3PrivateProtectedPublicNone of the above
109Junit reports which one of the failed assertions in a single test?1First Failed AssertionsLast Failed AssertionsAll Failed AssertionsNone of the above
110The Exception: “No runnable methods” occurs when 1if you use the JUnit 4.4 core runner to execute a class that has no “@Test” methodif you use the JUnit 3.4 core runner to execute a class that has no “@Test” methodif you use the Junit 4 core runner to execute a class that has no “@Test” methodAll of the above
111The following error will pop up if we mix the Junit 3 Testsuite with Junit 4 test classes?3Assertion Failed errorNo tests found in the test suiteBoth 1 and 2 only 
112The following is not the interface of Junit?4ProtectableTest TestListenerTestFailure
113The following is not the Junit annotation?1The @DataProviderthe @TestThe @AfterClassthe @BeforeClass
114The @Test (expected = Exception.class) means1Fails, if the method does not throw the named exception.Fails, if the method throws the named exception.Passes , if the method does not throw the named exception.Passes, if the method throws the named exception.
115The Assert method of junit allows you to specify4The error messageThe Actual ResultThe Expected ResultAll of the above
116By setting up the instances of object which can be used and configured in your test methods, Junit can b e3SecureportableFlexibleModular
117The following is the use of the annotation in Junit?4Information for the compilerRuntime processingCompiler-time and deployment-time processingAll of the above
118How does Jnuit parameterize a class?3Using The @AfterClass AnnotationUsing the @Data AnnotationUsing the @RunWith AnnotationUsing the @Parameterize annotation

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