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1. Infosys policy on ASHI. . ?

Ans: [D] AOTA

2. Which behavior fall under purview of sexual harassment

Ans: [D] AOTA

3. Mr. B is Mrs. A’s reporting manager.

Ans: [C] No, not sexual harassment, but agains’t the company’s code of conduct.

4. GRB considers cases that are reported by women only.

Ans: [B] False

5. How can Infoscian raise a complaint of sexual harassment. . ?

Ans: [B] by writing to GRB

6. What is Internal Committee (IC)?

Option [C]: IC is set up in all our India DC’s

7. Ms. X & Mr. Y are peers who work in the same team. . ?

Ans: [B] Company has zero tolerance for false allegations

8. Project party outside office premises, . . .Mr. T intrude . . .

Ans: [A] True

9. GPM has no direct supervisory. . .

Ans: [A] True

10. Usage of sexual Slurs. . .Ans: [A] True

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