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1.An Accenture client is eager to begin their Cloud transformation but needs guidance on selecting the right approach to meet their specific needs and objectives. Which tool can help advise this client on the right Cloud solution?

A. myNav

B. Cloud Portal

C. myWizard

D. Amazon AWS


2.Accenture has signed a multi-year agreement to help a mobile telecom provider migrate its applications to the Cloud over a period of several years, as it seeks to implement a leaner operating model. Which activity should Accenture execute first to provide the client with an optimal Cloud solution/landscape?

A. begin migrating the client’s applications

B. negotiate pricing with the client’s preferred Cloud provider

C.define a strategy and roadmap

D. prototype new products and services


3.Which capability of myNav helps clients with reskilling their employees?

A. discovery and assessment

B. talent transformation

C. design and architecture

D. migrations and operations


4.HealthyApp, a new Accenture H&PS client, specializes in developing custom software for hospitals and other medical facilities. For the upcoming fiscal year, they want to move to a more agile and innovative software development model, in which their developers can focus on application features and functionality, rather than underlying environments and infrastructure. Which Cloud computing model would provide HealthyApp with the framework to help achieve this goal?

A.Platform as a Service (PaaS)

B.Network as a Service (NaaS)

C.Database as a Service (DBaaS)

D.Software as a Service (SaaS)


5.In which type of situation would it make sense to use edge computing?

A.where there are few or no digital devices to capture data

B.where critical decisions must be made on a split-second basis

C where data is uploaded to a server at a scheduled time each week

D where users are in close proximity to the central data server


6.An international fast-food chain is looking for opportunities to leverage the Cloud to gain insights into customer data, including location, and order patterns. The client has engaged Accenture to help create customer-focused experiences, including promotions. They need Accenture’s help with this campaign and to create a unique user experience for all their customers. Which technology, when partnered with Cloud, would allow this to occur?

A.Extended Reality

B. Edge Computing

C Artificial Intelligence

D. Blockchain


7.The Ocean Medallion is a wearable device that connects virtually to various devices on board a cruise ship. When a guest is wearing the medallion, they can order a drink with their smartphone or open their cabin door automatically by standing in front of it. Which emerging technology does Cloud combine with to enable this medallion’s features?

A. Blockchain

B. DevOps

C. Internet of Things (IoT)

D. Extended Reality


8.What describes the relationship between edge computing and Cloud computing?

A. Cloud computing is a continuum of which edge is a key component.

B. Edge computing sits at the center of the network while Cloud sits at the periphery.

C.Edge computing will eventually overtake and replace Cloud computing.

D. Cloud computing originally began as an extension of edge computing.


9.How does a Cloud-first strategy approach a client’s migration to the Cloud? bringing multiple services together to serve the client’s business needs

B. by removing outside ecosystem partners from the Cloud transition process enabling the client to manage their Cloud transformation on their own focusing on a single discipline based on the client’s greatest area of need


10. A Chief Technology Officer has seen the company grow significantly in the last three months. Historically, the application was hosted with on-premise hardware, but recently moved some components of the application to the Cloud. Which type of Cloud environment is being used?


B.Hybrid Cloud

C.Private Cloud

D.Public Cloud


11. A Software Developer wants to add a new feature to an existing application operating in the Cloud, but only wants to pay for the computing time the code actually uses when it is called. Which term describes this feature of computing?

A. pooled resources

B. multitenancy

C. serverless computing

D. elasticity


12. Why is it important for organizations to make a strong commitment to Cloud at scale?

A. because organizations can transform by focusing solely on Cloud technology

B. because higher levels of Cloud adoption lead to greater value achieved

C. because moving to the Cloud is a simple process that can be done easily

D. because moving to the Cloud guarantees the organization’s data will be secure


13. What would be an ideal scenario for using edge computing solutions?

A. a farming business whose equipment is older and lacks digital devices

B. a regional sales report uploaded to a central server once a week

C. a hospital department that performs high-risk, time-sensitive surgeries

D. an office where workers are directly connected to the company network


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