Testing MCQ03 Techgenics Stream Assessment

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1.Jean is troubleshooting an unexpected error in the for-loop that she has written in the test script. The loop runs for 1000 iterations. She kept a breakpoint on the starting line of the for-loop and wants to randomly test for only a couple of values. For example, when i=450, i=373, i =900,etc Which of the following would you recommend her to do? Choose the most appropriate option.

Ans – Use the console window in UFT to change the value of the loop variable “i” at runtime

2. You are a tester in a large banking project and are designing a UFT test script for their application.
In Action 1, you have computed the value of interest as :
1. Principal = 100
2. NumYears = 1
3 ROI =1
4 Calcinterest = PrincipalNumYearsROI/l00
B In Action 2, you are using the variables from Action 1 as:
Amount = Calclnterest+Principal
On execution, what will be the output of the above UFT test?
Choose the most appropriate option

Ans – Message box will display 1

3. There is an online gold rate checking application where it displays the gold rate of the last 10 days in the web table daily. The first column is the Gold price(1 gram), the second column is Gold Price (22K), the third column is Gold Price(24K). Sumitha must automate the online gold rate checking application using the UFT tool. In the automation test, she is expected to fetch all the cell data of the third column Gold Price(24K), and display it in the console. Please help her with the correct code to fetch all the cell data based on specific rows and columns. Choose the most appropriate option

Ans –

For i=0 to lastrow -1 Step 1
print WebTableObject.GetCellData(i,2)

4.result = 75 select case true Case (result>-75 and result <= 100 : Reporter ReportEvent micDone “Score Evaluation”, “Distinction” materiaresult = 75Select Case trueCase Else: Reporter ReportEvent micFail. Score Evaluation” Invalid RangeCase (result<60): Reporter ReportEvent micDone, “ScoreCase (result68 and result <75: Reporter ReportEvent micDane, “Score Evaluation”, “Pass accentureEnd SelectEvaluation”, “Fail” Case Else : Reporter. ReporterEvent micFail, “Score Evaluation”, “Invalid Range” End Select

Ans – The report will show a step with the status “Done” and the step description as “Distinction Distinction

5.John wants to report only events with a warning or fail status in the test run results. Which property he can use to achieve this feature?

Ans – Filter

6.Jack wants to apply checkpoints in an existing test script. He decides to use Keyword View to insert checkpoints. Which all checkpoints can be inserted using Keyword View?

A.Standard, Text, and Bitmap
B.Standard, Text, and TextArea
C.Only Standard
D.Standard and Text

Ans: A

7.peter has been asked to add the IP address of the machine from where he is executing his rest as additional information in the HTML test run report generated in UFT. Which reporter method he can use to achieve this?


Ans: b

8.Sakshi wants to embed HTML tags to beautify the test run report generated in UFT Which method she can use here?


Ans: A

9.There is an online stock exchange marketing portal, which displays details like Stock Name, Stock Price, and Profits per day on a web table. This stock exchange web table is dynamic and It keeps updating all its stock details. Sandra is automating the online stock exchange marketing portal. She must use a command in her script to automatically fetch the number of columns from the stock exchange web table daily.

A.Stock ExchangeWebTableObject.GetColumn
C.Stock ExchangeWebTableObject.CountOfColumns
D.Stock ExchangeWebTableObject.GetColumnCount

Ans: b

10.Match the following file extension of various files in UFT with the correct description

a. .bdb1.shared object respository
b. .tsr2. UFT script file
c. .mts3.UFT function library
d. .qfi4. Local Object Respository

Ans – A-4, B-1, C-2, D-3

11.James is new to UFT and is learning about checkpoints in UFT Please help him understand the types of checkpoints that cannot be inserted if UFT is not in recording mode.

A.Accessibility Checkpoint
B.File Content Checkpoint
C. Database Checkpoint
D.XML Checkpoint

Ans: a

12.princlple = 100 numyears = 1 roi = 1 Call CalcInterest (principle, numyears, roi) Sub CalcInterest (p,n,r) I=p*n*r/100 msgbox(I)End Sub.What will be the output when the above code is executed?

A.Message box will display 1
B.Execution Error as the function is declared after the function call
C.A blank message box will be displayed
D.None of the above

Ans: a

13.Which of the following is FALSE about Transactions in UFT? Choose the most appropriate option.

A.It cannot be nested
B.Start and End transaction name must be same
C.Used to measure the time taken between the test steps
D.No limit on number of transactions

Ans: a

14.Sanah wants to perform a few iterations using a do-while loop in UFT She has written the below code. Predict the number of times the loop will be executed?

i = 10 Do While (i < 5)

msgbox i

i = i + 1


A.Does not execute loop as the condition fails at the entry point


Ans: a

15.James is using the UFT tool for designing automation scripts. He is trying to understand the use of the Object Spy feature in Please help him understand which of the following is not possible in Object Spy?

A. Highlight in application
B. Select object to compare with the current one
C.View active screen
D.Add objects to repository

Ans: c

16.Peter is learning how to enhance the test scripts in UFT. Please help him understand what all can be performed using the Reporter object

A.Add test results
B.Add information
C. Add checkpoints
D.Report filters

Ans: b d

17.Susmiths was working on an ABC flight booking application as Automation Test Engineer. She would like to automate the complete workflow of the application including Login, Search for Flight, Select Flight, and Book a Flight The application displays a Booking id on the page after a successful flight booking She wants to capture that Booking Id-and store it in the run time duta lable. tur enturePlease help her with the correct option to capture and store that Booking Id value

A.Text Checkpoint
B.Page Output Value
C.Standard Checkpoint
D.Text Output Value

Ans: d

18.Athmi is tasting the logo of the TestMe Application. She wants to verify the source of the Enego is: “https://kumdemoaut.accenture.com/TesteApp/img/logo.png”. Which of the below checkpoints is appropriate to test his scenario?

A.Bitmap Checkpoint
B.Source Checkpoint
C.Image Checkpoint
D.Page Checkpoint

Ans: d

19.In UFT, which type of variable can be accessed by all actions, function libraries & tests that have a global scope?

A.Local variable
B.Random variable
C.Environment variable
D.Action variable

Ans: c

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