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101.Mr. John is trying to trigger the pipeline for Build Periodically option of Build Triggers 15 minutes past mid-night every day. Can you help Mr. John to achieve the same

a. Under build triggers, select Build Periodically option and 15 0 * * *
b. Under build triggers, select Build Periodically option and * * * 15 12
c. Under build triggers, select Build Periodically option and * * * * *
d. Under build triggers, select Build Periodically option and 15 * * * *

Ans: c

102.What are various lines of businesses that Accenture Delivery Suite(ADS) support?

a. Technology, Digital, Operations, and Strategy
b. Technology, Industry, Operations, Security, and Strategy
c. Technology, Digital, Operations, Security, and Cloud
d. Technology, Digital, Operations, Security, and Strategy

Ans: a

103.for handling errors in ABC project code base, Sam has been assigned task for creating
exceptions. Which guidelines he must follow while writing exceptions?

a. Write exceptions in usual flow of program.
b. Create new types of exceptions to handle any kind of situation if need be.
c. No need to document exceptions.
d. Always handle the exception as it is an unusual event that may occur.

Ans: b

104.Before using the “git commit” command, in the source code, if sensitive information is
identified, in which order the actions to be performed to secure those sensitive data?

A. Use functions in code to read sensitive information from cfg file
B. Copy the sensitive information to a cfg file
C. Add the cfg file to .gitignore file
D. Identify the sensitive information in IDE.


105.Why are policies required for a project?

a. All of the above
b. Everybody is on the same page
c. Make things easy to understand
d. It helps one understand what needs to be done for that particular column

Ans: A

106.Which of the following is CORRECT about a Proxy Product Owner?

i) Proxy PO comes into picture when PO is absent
ii) Proxy PO has all the power and authority as that of a PO
iii) Proxy PO can make ‘Go’ or ‘No-Go’ decisions with the teams

a. Only iii
b. Only ii and iii
c. All the options
d. Only i

Ans: c

107.Identify the right combination of red/green/refactor cycle with its description.

a. Improve and clean up production code – Refactor
b. Write code that passes the unit tests – Green
c. All of the above
d. Write unit tests that fail – Red

Ans: C

108.CIs are the work products within the selected categories that the project wants under
configuration control. Imagine you are the person for writing the CM Plan who typically
works with the Team Leads to document the CIs for the designated categories. Once the
team determines the CM categories and the naming convention for each CI, it must
maintain a list of the actual CIs. Which role you are playing from below options.

a. Configuration Manager
b. Product Manager
c. Project Manager
d. Scrum Master Manager

Ans: A

109.If any team member, accidently , pushed the sensitive information in their project’s
Private repository, what should be the step he/she has to take immediately?

a. Copied code over to Accenture internal repository hence the code can be
b. Remove the sensitive information from and delete the version
history immediately.
c. Report the issue to ASOC and his/her manager immediately 
d. No action needed as the repository is private and have access to only project
team members.

Ans: B

110.What are the three security features match the Server level security ?

a. All of them
b. Logins
c. Server roles
d. Audits

Ans: A

111.Which of the following statements are correct about coding best practices and coding Standards

a. Coding best practices are collection of good programming practices and
experiences, which involve the use and improvement of coding standards. 
b. Coding best practices and standards are automatically taken care 
c. Coding standards improve the consistency and reliability of the code by
eliminating personal styles and by bringing symmetry to the application code,
irrespective of the developers involved.
d. Deliver High Quality Code

Ans: A C D

112.Which of the following is a unit of work that a role may be asked to perform?

a. Work Unit
b. Work?ow
c. Activity
d. Task

Ans: D

113.What are the three security features match the Database level security ?

a. Server Roles, schemas, Audits
b. Logins, Users, Audits
c. Schemas, users, roles
d. Schemas, users, logins

Ans: D

114.What relationship(s) can a work product have to task?

a. Output only
b. Optional input, mandatory input, primary output and secondary output. 
c. Input only
d. Input and Output

Ans: B

115.Identify the cloud application issues when an application id developed.

a. attack surface has increased
b. Developer create the APIs when building application
c. API calls travel across the internet and are subject to threats
d. API calls emanate from multiple device types

Ans: A C D

116.Ms. Julie has to write a project document that proposes the Configuration Management
adoption into the project. Which among the below are the benefits you think Ms. Julie
can quote in her document?

A. Establishes and maintains the integrity of the items that have been placed under its
B. Accounts for and reports the progress of development efforts
C. Prevents unauthorized access to assets
D. Coordinates, tracks, and manages change activities
E. Facilitates concurrent development

Ans: A,B,C,D and E

117.Sohini is a new developer on XYZ e-commerce project. She has a written a piece of code
for handling errors that may occur because of non availability of product in a cart
already added earlier. Her first task is to define these issue under a suitable category.
Identify the correct category from the following options:

a. Technical Exceptions
b. Compiler Exceptions
c. Application Exceptions
d. Business Exceptions

Ans: D

118.Which statement best describes the use of Acceptance TDD?

a. Tests from the customer view without requiring the customer
b. Tests from the managers point of overview
c. Passes acceptance of the tests unto the end-user
d. Tests from the user’s point of view

Ans: D

119.A graph that shows the progress of work toward a goal line associated with a value on the vertical axis is called?

a. Burndown Chart
b. Task Chart
c. Progress Bar
d. Burnup Chart

Ans: D

120.What is the functionality of Data Cohesion in modules of projects ?

a. Both Option 1 and 2
b. One module may be dependent on another module for data
c. None of them
d. If a module is independent of data from other modules

Ans: A

121.How to ensure reusability of code in a project?

a. No dependable modules
b. Sometimes you do this by breaking it into multiple independent blocks
c. Having loosely coupled system
d. Having highly dependable blocks

Ans: A

122.What are the responsibilities of the Change Control Board?

a. Represent the interests of the Project Manager and any groups who are not
affected by changes to the baselines.
b. Review and authorize changes to the baselines.
c. Monitor changes and updates to the project requirements as part of CM.
d. Authorize the creation of products from the RTM library.

Ans: B C

123.Which areas of a code layout must be considered to reduce comments on methods And reduce errors?

a. The use of white space
b. Naming conventions
c. Indentation
d. Blocks of code

Ans: B C D

124.Which of the following is the description for the Level 1 OWASP threat assessment maturity practice?

a. Increase the accuracy of the threat assessment and improve granularity of per-
project understanding.
b. Map compensating controls to each threat against the internal and third-party
c. Identify and understand the high level threats to the organization and individual

Ans: C

125.In which situation a looping error will not occur?

a. Loop conditions are initialized incorrectly or not at all.
b. Loops variables are initialized correctly.
c. Improper nesting occurs.
d. Loops are terminated incorrectly or not terminated at all.

Ans: B

126.What practices should be used when building a complex system ?

a. Using a modular design
b. Designing for testability
c. Maximizing cohesion between components
d. Using components with tight coupling

Ans:A B

127.Which of the following mitigation techniques can be adopted to avoid Broken
Authentication & Session Management problems?

  1. Encryption
  2. Output Encoding
  3. Hardening user account management
  4. Configuring the appropriate session timeout values

Ans:3 and 4

128.During which ceremony Team members synchronize their work and progress and report
any impediments to the Scrum Master for removal?

a. Status ceremony
b. Monitoring ceremony
c. Daily Scrum
d. Sprint Retrospective.


129.Complete the statement: Application Design can be done using __

a. Always Both
b. Packaged Only
c. Custom/Packaged/Both
d. Custom Only


130.Which of the following could be input or output of a task? (Select all that apply.)

a. Outcome
b. Role
c. Artifact
d. Deliverable

Ans:C B

131.What was seen in application over time, which creates the need of solutions which
could also be used in other projects?

a. Faster time to market
b. More effective and efficient process
c. Complexity of application and managing business


132.If we open a new account with a vendor on the Internet, on their web site, they ask us for
our phone number in which we receive a unique code, we then enter into the web site,
just to make sure and confirm the identity of ours. What type of confirmation this
scenario is mapped in?.

a. out-of-band confirmation
b. OTP Confirmation
c. Multifactor confirmation
d. In-band confirmation


133.Which SOLID principle represents the following statement ” the vehicle is an abstract for
truck and bike”

a. Single Responsibility Principle
b. Dependency Inversion Principle
c. Liskov Substitution Principle
d. Open/Closed Principle


134.Mr John has developed a software program and to make his program run faster he
allows portion of the program to reside in a computer’s memory. However, this
approach will cause the program to consume more memory. As a result, the program
will be optimized in terms of speed, but will be inefficient in terms of memory utilization.
What Mr. John is trying to achieve in this scenario?

a. Memory utilization
b. Code Optimization
c. Memory Optimization
d. Speed Optimization


135.ADOP is built on a _ infrastructure

a. Docker
b. Kubernetes
c. Salt Stack
d. Ansible


136.Consider there are two jobs Job A and Job B. How will you trigger Job B after completion
of Job A ? Choose the appropriate option.

a. Either 1 or 2 needs to be done
b. Call Job B from the ‘Post-build Action’ section of Job A
c. Both 1 & 2 need to be done.


137.Mr. Anthony is the Configuration Manager for the ABC Utility. He has to plan
Configuration Management. Planning CM has a set of sequential steps associated with
it. Assume that you are part of CM Team and arrange the steps which are mentioned
below in the sequential order while planning CM.

A. Levels of Control.
B. Selecting CIs
C. Determining categories of CM
D. Naming Conventions
E. Configuration Items(CIs)


138.In a real-world system where we will hundreds of classes and objects which perform
thousands of actions. How will assign the responsibility to each class or object?

a. Create an Abstract class and implement based on the responsibility
b. Assign a responsibility to the Information Expert, which will have the necessary
information to fulfill the responsibilities.
c. Group the objects into classes which will be giving the information to all the
subclasses on their responsibility


139.Manoj from network and Infrastructure team was to update the firewall rules on
Saturday night to disable any requests coming from EU region into the banking
application as the business was recently closed in EU. However, Manoj missed doing this
update while working on other requests. What kind of security threat is the bank now
vulnerable to?

a. Security Misconfiguration
b. Broken Authentication
c. Insufficient attack protection
d. Cross site scripting


140.When you are choosing Custom Vs Package implementation, which factors would you
want to consider ?

a. Criticality of Requirements
b. Product Availability
c. Budget
d. Historical Factors

Ans: B D

141.How does ADM align to the new ?

a. Extensions and Context
b. Reputability
c. Vastness
d. Longevity

Ans: A C D

142.David, a developer, is working on login component of an application and dealing with
sensitive data. Hence before pushing the code to, he moved the sensitive
information in a “logindata.cfg” file and added the file name as “login.cfg” by mistake in
.gitignore and also pushed the changed to Later he identified and removed
it from repository before anyone uses that file.
Is there any risk associated with this?

a. No, there is no risk as he removed from
b. Yes, the file is being modified by other team member
c. No, the file is a cfg file as most of the team members have their own cfg file
d. Yes, the changes will be reflected in the version history.

Ans: D

143.Which of the following definitions provided by various personnel’s would correctly
depicts CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT and is the most appropriate?
EVANA defines CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT as what we do to make sure we have
backed up our work.
DANIEL defines CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT as same thing as version control .
GABRIEL defines CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT as the process of identifying,
communicating, implementing, documenting, and managing work products in a
structured and repeatable way.
JOE defines CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT is just for code, making sure right code gets
into the project at right time.

a. GABRIEL’s definition
b. JOE’s definition
c. EVANA’s definition
d. DANIEL’s definition

Ans: A

144.Who is responsible for conducting Performance Appraisals of Development Team
Members in the Scrum?

a. Product Owner
b. None of the above
c. Scrum Master
d. Both of them.

Ans: B

145.Which of these is an administrative responsibility for the team?

a. Attend the daily scrum ceremony and discuss rationale behind work undone
b. Attend the daily scrum ceremony and provide the hours consumed or burned
c. None of the options
d. Attend the daily scrum ceremony and discuss rationale behind work completed

Ans: B

146.Why are WIP limits important?

a. To ensure smooth flow of things through the system
b. Because manager says so
c. To make things Complex
d. To tie up the system

Ans: A

147.In Accenture Code Quality Model, fundamental area of Performance and Scalability,
elect the important considerations from below –

a. Parallel processing and concurrency
b. Sensitive data not being used or passed unnecessarily
c. Data Encryption and encoding implementation
d. Object pooling and recycling pattern

Ans: A D

148.Which of the following statement is not CORRECT about code quality metrics?

a. Comment density is measured by dividing the number of comment lines by the
total lines of code.
b. Cyclomatic complexity measures the complexity of a program.
c. Checking code duplication.
d. Tight coupling and low cohesion indicates high quality of code

Ans: D

149.When we try to push the changes into using git, few git commands need to
be executed. Identify the right order of execution of the following git commands.

a. git add . ; git commit -m “Commenting” ; git push
b. git commit -m “Commenting” ; git push ; git add .
c. git commit -m “Commenting” ; git add . ; git push
d. git push ; git add . ; git commit -m “Commenting”

Ans: A

150.A Scrum Development Team is supposed to be ‘Self Organized’ that would mean.

a. They can accept decisions made on their behalf by Scrum Master
b. They can identify their own goals and make decisions on their own
c. They are experts in different technologies
d. They can accept decisions made on their behalf by Product Owner

Ans: B

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