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Q. The Execution File Name in the Concurrent Program Executable screen can be anything
defined by the Oracle Apps developer for registering a report. Choose an appropriate option.


Q. Oliver added personalizations to the EmployeeForm to change the prompt of Employee Number However for everyone who is accessing Employee form the prompt of Employee Number has been modified. Which context he might have used to get this modification? Choose
an appropnate option


Q. Raman wants PDF report of employees payslip He created a template using BIXML publisher Which of the following steps need to be completed in order to get the PDF output.
Choose an appropnate option.

Step1. create a data definities using XML publisher administrator Responsibility and give the
concurrent program’s short name of which you need to get a PDF output Step2: Create a
template for the data definition and attach the created for the corresponding Concurrent
Step3: Give output type as PDF in Data Template
step4. submit a request to view the output

Q. Relaxo Tech is implementing EBS for their business solutions. They want to have Job feid which is a combination of Segment 1 and Segment 2 Using which of the following Chart of
Accounts can be created in EBS? Choose an appropnate option

Key Flexfield

Q. Rupa created a concurrent program for generating ORDERS report which will take Order_Id as input parameter. While accepting the value for Order_Id it should validate from all the existing orders present in ORDERS table Using which of the following options, she can implement this
requirement? Choose an appropriate option.

Create a table value set for ORDER ID

Q. The highest level in the Organization Structure is
Choose most appropriate option

Business Group

Q. Navigation to create/update or to view value set definition is System Administrator > Application > Validation > Set. Choose an appropriate option.


Q. Value set is made of which of the following attributes? Choose an appropriate option

1 Value set Name

  1. Description
  2. List Type
    4 Security types

Ans – 1 2 3 4

Q. Tina created a form for Employee Application. Later, she got a requirement from client asking to add fields to the same form to capture additional information like Driver Licence, Insurance Number etc… which are however optional and non-essential. Using which of the following she
can implement this requirement in EBS? Choose an appropriate option.

Ans – Adding Descriptive Flexfeld

Q. A organization has licensed Oracle Apps to use it in their Business. They need to configure the type of currency they will be using. Which component of Multi Org is this process related to.
Choose a appropnate option.

Ans – Ledger

Q. ACNE company is having one shipping unit and one billing unit under its legal entity. Which component of multi org has to be created to implement these units? Choose a appropriate

Ans – Operating Unit

Q. Which of the following environment variable contains the reference to the directory $AU_TOP/resource? Choose an appropriate option.


Q. Rehab solutions has branches in Hyderabad and Bangalore 4Cs are same for both the legal entity How many Ledgers have to created in EBS to implement this structure? Choose an
appropriate option.

ans – 1

Q. __ represents an organization, for which you track manufactures or distribute products Examples include manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers, and sales offices
Choose a appropriate option.

ans – Inventory Organization

Q. The FMX file compiled and transferred from the Windows operating system to a Linux Operating system will execute without any recompilation? (True/False). Choose an appropriate

Ans = false

Q. Select the Missing Steps for Developing Forms in E-Business Suite? Choose two appropriate
1.Create Template Form

  1. Develop Form
    3 Generate Runtime file
    4 <>
  2. <>
    6 Attach to menu
  3. Assign to responsibility

Ans – Register Form
Create Form Function

Q. There was a requirement from the HR Department of the Organization to create a new Employee Registration form and make it availabe in the Apps UI and they have given the necessary specifications to you.
Which of the following CEMLI Components does this process fall under? Choose an appropriate

ans – Extenision

Q.In XML Publisher administrator creating data definition and creating template is mandatory for
creating a XML Publisher report. Choose an appropriate option.


Q.There can be only one Inventory Org under a Operating Unit.


Q.While registering oracle report in oracle apps first we need to create concurrent program and then the executables. Choose an appropriate option.


Q.Which of the following is not a valid value set validation type?

ans – Descriptive

Q.In XML Publisher administrator creating data definition and creating template is mandatory for creating a XML Publisher report. Choose an appropriate option.


Q.Varun is creating WHO column for a new aatom application to track changes made to the
custom application. Which of the Robowing are the requirements to implement this feature?
Choose three appropriate options

Add WHO columns

Add WHO logic in the forms
Add stored procedures.

Q If you have PL/SQL library files for your custom application, where do you have to put them on the apps server?

ans – AU_TOP/resource

Q.After registering Oracle report in Oracle Apps,report output can be viewed in which formats?
Choose an appropriate option.


Q.CEMLI Stands for Configurations/Customization, Extension, Modification, Localization, and Integration

Ans – true

Q. Which of the following profile option has to be used in order to implement MOAC in Choose
an appropriate option.


Q. Which of the following statements hold True for Multi Org. Choose a appropriate option.

Taxation reports are related to Legal Entity

Q. There is a requirement for an Apps Developer to allow the User submitting a request for a concurrent program, to choose from a pre-determined list of 150 values. What is the ideal List
Type of the Value Set for this requirement? Choose an appropriate option.

List of Values

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