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21.Accenture has put together a coalition of several ecosystem partners to
implement the principles of blockchain and Multi-party Systems using varying
technologies. One group of partners is referred to as MAAG.Which companies are included in the MAAG group?

ans – Microsoft, Amazon. Alibaba, Google

22.A software giant is enabling a city with smart parking, using real-time information
captured by sensors on the vehicle and sensors in parking lots. When the vehicle
leaves, data can be shared between the vehicle and parking system which will
prompt a payment from the driver’s payment device stored in their account.
How would the use of blockchain to store this data help reduce potential risks?

A by creating a verified data record to a car’s digital identity
B by storing large amounts of data without any delays
C by easily monitoring traffic congestion in areas of the city
D by sharing data with law enforcement authorities when requested

Ans: D

23.Accenture is a founding member of ID 2020.What is the focus of this alliance?

A digital identity
B financial services
C blockchain
D supply chain

Ans: A

24.Blockchain maintains and records data and transactions in a new type of database
system. This technology is used across organizations in an ecosystem and allows
products’ histories to be captured as they move to the consumer.
How might this technology help inter-organization processes?

A by decreasing the likelihood of record tampering
B by limiting data sharing only to a single party
C by increasing mediators between transaction partners
D by creating an agile and dynamic database


25.A company wishes to begin the process of implementing a Multi-party System and
is looking for other companies with similar interests to join them. With blockchain,
every organization sees the same data.
What does this provide?

A ownership
B intent
C trust
D uniqueness

Ans: D

26.Shipping vast quantities of oil and gas supplies is a complex process that requires
the participation of many different parties. Any delays in shipping, or possibility of
fraud, across the entire supply chain could cost the industry billions of dollars.
How could blockchain technology be applied to address this problem?

ANS – by creating a hash or digital fingerprint that is added to the blockchain for each document to identify any
subsequent changes that have been made

27.What is the core domain for Accenture’s Multi-party Systems practice?

A social networking
B marketing responsiveness
C digital identity
D employee retention

Ans: C

28.What is one of the reasons to consider implementing a blockchain solution?

A ability to work on different versions of the same data
B inability to trace and access data of other users
C inability to track simultaneous updates by multiple users
D ability to verify that data has not been tampered with since its creation

Ans: D

29.Accenture is working with a pharmaceutical company, their transportation
logistics network, and medical centers to coordinate the distribution and receipt
of products. Accenture creates a Multi-party System that tracks these shipments
by capturing the unique identity of each unit as it moves from the manufacturing
facility to authorized medical providers. The serial number of each item is securely
captured and recorded at the point of origin and upon receipt at the final
How might this solution help healthcare industries achieve higher safety

A by supplying medicines without prescription
B by minimizing counterfeit medications
C by disabling recall of incorrect medication

Ans: B

30.Which statement is true about blockchain?

A Blockchain enables users to verify that data tampering has not occurred.
B Blockchain encourages trust among all peers.
C Blockchain always requires a central authority as an intermediary.
D Blockchain guarantees the accuracy of the data.

Ans: A

31.Accenture has signed a multi-year agreement to help a mobile
telecom provider migrate its applications to the Cloud over a period
of several years, as it seeks to implement a leaner operating model.
Which activity should Accenture execute first to provide the client
with an optimal Cloud solution/landscape?

A prototype new products and services
B begin migrating the client’s applications
C define a strategy and roadmap
D negotiate pricing with the client’s preferred Cloud provider

Ans: C

32.An international fast-food chain is looking for opportunities to
leverage the Cloud to gain insights into customer data, including
location, and order patterns. The client has engaged Accenture to
help create customer-focused experiences, including promotions.
They need Accenture’s help with this campaign and to create a
unique user experience for all their customers. Which technology,
when partnered with Cloud, would allow this to occur?

A Internet of Things (loT)
B Artificial Intelligence
C Blockchain
D Extended Reality

Ans: B

33.Based on highly volatile seasonal workloads, a client is considering
moving some workloads to the cloud, while retaining highly sensitive
data and apps on-premise. Which deployment model would be the
best option?

A hybrid cloud
B public cloud
C on-premise

D private cloud

Ans: D

34.A large gambling company needs to be able to accept high volumes
of customer wagers within short timeframes for high-profile sporting
events. Additionally, strict laws prohibit any gambling activities
outside of specially-licensed business zones. What is an example of
an effective, elastic Cloud solution that can meet this client’s needs?

A a mobile app that only accept wagers based on the user’s location
B a website that gamblers can access from their home computers
C a machine that generates paper betting slips tha/ t are brought to a cashier
D on-site computer terminals where customers can line up to place bets

Ans: A

35.An Accenture client is eager to begin their Cloud transformation but |
needs guidance on selecting the right approach to meet their specific
needs and objectives. Which asset can help this client discover, BHH
assess,design and simulate end-to-end cloud migration solutions at scale?

A myWizard
B Cloud Portal
C Amazon AWS
D myNav

Ans: D

36.Why is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) important?

A It documents expectations of rising costs.
B It documents expectations of future resource availability.
C It documents expectations of availability, uptime, and security.
D It documents expectations of usage.

Ans: C

37.What is an example of using the Internet of Things (loT) to deliver
innovative Cloud-based solutions to customers?

A online survey That gather customer input to improve services in the future
B scheduled conferences with brand ambassadors to pitch customers on new offers
C customers using a PC connected to a local network to search for recommendations
D wearable technology that provides customers with on-the-spot personalized experiences

Ans: D

38.The All India Cricket Council is experiencing sporadic activity on their
ticketing website, depending on the announcement of match
schedules. They require high-speed processing during peak times but
otherwise website traffic is nominal. Which unique Cloud feature
seamlessly helps manage the increase and decrease in traffic?

A resource pooling
B elasticity
C affordability
D availability

Ans: B

39.The activity spikes during Black Friday sales and the holiday season
put significant stress on a major retailer’s website. What feature of
Cloud computing would resolve this problem?

A multitenancy
B myNav
C blockchain
D elasticity

Ans: D

40.Which statement accurately describes the concept of elasticity in Cloud computing?

A the ability to move applications and data from one Cloud provider to another
B the process of^combining services and data from a variety of Cloud models to
computing environment
C the change in demand when there is a change in another factor such as price or income
D the degree to which a system can adapt to workload changes by provisioning and de­provisioning resources automatically

Ans: D

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