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Q1. Which of the blowing are types of XML Payless?


Q2. Which of the following features can be seen in DiscoveryIQ Features Dashboard Select All possible correct options.

Ans –

A. Task Pur Count by Secure Apart

B. Task Pun Court by Connector Type

C.Task Run Court by Apert Type

Q3. Identify all the correct statements regarding the transformations in Informatica?

Ans – Active transformation alers the number of rows

Q4. Which of the following options require Hierarchical schema to be used?

Ans – Hierarchy Parser Transformation,Hierarchy Builder Transformation.

Q5.Which of the below transformations can be used to call the unconnected lock up transformation

Ans – Aggregator, Expression

Q6. Which of the following is correct for this statement? A user can start a task during a Schedule Blackout Period?

Ans – Yes, if done manually

Q7. Salesforce Bulk API is configured to extract data from Salesforce, and you have enabled FK Chunking to generate separate batches based on the FK Chunking se 10.000 The PK Chunking option can be enabled for

Ans – mapping tasks, replication task, synchronisation task

Q8.State TRUE or FALSE By default, all the users in the organation can see the Secure Agent group as the runtime Environment once you crate Secure Agent group

Ans – True

Q9. Which of the below options defines A list of IP address from which users can login without receiving a login challenge for verification.

Ans – Trusted IP Range

Q10. Which of the following can be correct if in Linear task flow, we have configured the Post-Processing command and enabled STOP on warming your task has executed with a waming?

Ans – Post-Processing command associated with the bast wil be med task flow will be stopped as STOP on warming has been enabled in the her

Q11. Which of the following is correct choice if the property “Max Rows per Batch” that is configurable on a SFDC target is being used?

Ans – Standard API

Q12. State true or False Reusable Sequence Generator transformations can be created in the Data integration Mappings

Ans – true

Q13. In order to run a task in an organization, what is the least number of runtime environments required

ans – 1

Q14. State True or False Advanced data filter should be used when the source is a flat file and when it is necessary to use an AND operator in data filter.

Ans – false

Q15. Which of the Data Integration transformation is present in PowerCenter but not in Cloud

Ans – Update Strategy

Q16. Which Transformation transforms one incoming row into multiple output rows and generates column ID for every field that occurs value greater than 1

ans – normolizer

Q17. Sequence Generator transformations can be created in the Delta Integration Mappings can be reused State True or false

ans – false

Q18. State True or False In the Production Environment We can add multiple secure agents within the network using the existing license without any additional cost.

Ans – true

Q19. A log which provides details about task like start time, request sent to Integration Server and response received from Integration Server.

Ans – tomcat log

Q20. State True or False User cannot connect multiple active transformations or an active and a passive transformation to the same downstream transformation.

Ans – True

Q21. Which of the Data Integration transformation is present in PowerCenter but not in Cloud

Ans – update stategy

Q22. What are the assets which can be created in Application Integration

Ans – process


Service Connector

Q23.What are the assets which can be created in Application Integration.

Ans – Process, Service, Connector

Q24. A function used to electronically exchange data between SAP applications or between S4P Applications and extermal programs is

Ans – iDoc

Q25. The masking rule which replaces column of data with similar but unrelated dra fom the default dictionary is defined as

Ans – Sumber Mastery

Q26. Which of the following can be used to find the performance benchmal data?

Ans – DiscoveryIQ

Q27.State TRUE or FALSE To ransfer data berver-urces and targets a Secure Ap some permissions While to be instaled on Windows need not to be recently part of the local Administrators group

Ans – false

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