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Q28. Which of the masking rule can produce the repeatable result for the same source data

Ans – Credit card masking

Q29. Which of the following is not a part of error handling settings?

Ans – Constraint based Load Ordering

Q30. State TRUE or FALSE. To pass parameters to a task, taskflow can be used.

Ans – True

Q31. Which all are the different components present in IICS.

Ans – Application Integration, data Integration, application integration console, monitor

Q32. Identify all the business process which can be done using IICS.

A. Importing or Migrating data

B. Testing

C. Automation

D. Process Integration

Ans: a c d

Q33. Jobs on Informatica cloud will be running

Ans – Both cloud and agent

Q34.The start value must be always lesser than end value in sequence generator Sube True or False

Ans – True

Q35. State True or False User cannot connect multiple active transformations or an active and a passive transformation to the same downstream transformation.

Ans – True

Q36. Which of the following utility invokes Informatica Cloud Data Integration Jobs from PowerCenter?

Ans – RunAJobCl

Q37. Which of the following is a correct role to be assigned for a user to monitor the job runs including the imports or exports in IICS?

Ans – Designer Role

Q38. A reusable transformation logic that can be used to transform source data before it is loaded to target is known as

Ans – Mapplet

Q39. Which Transformations provides native programming interface to define transformation functionality

Ans – Java

Q40. Which of the following options are mandatory to be provided for creating a REST V2 onnection?

A. Swagger File Path

B. Authentication

C. KeyStore File Pa

D. Auth Userid

Ans: a b d

Q41. Which of the below is used to run tasks at specific time or regular intervals

Ans – Schedule

Q42. TRUE or FALSE one should have Organization Hierarchy license enabled in his org to ate one or more sub-organizations within the organization.

Ans – True

Q43. TRUE or FALSE You cannot include more than one command in the pre/post processing command

Ans – False

Q44. When you configure the decryption action for a mass ingestion task provided should be

Ans – Key passphrase

Q45. Mass Ingestion task performs the file processing actions configured parallelly State True or False

Ans – True

Q46. Which of the following are reasons to use DISCOVERYIQ?

A. To get the task level in house reporting

B. To get status of the services in the runtime environment

C. To know how many times the task has run

D. To know how many records got loaded into the target

Ans: b c d

Q47.To create categories for employees based on salary ratiges, you might create a macro that defines the minimum and maximum values for each range and corresponding job categories This is an example of

Ans – Aggregate Macro

Q48. You have created a Data Replication Task with SQL server as Source Connection and Grace as Target Connection Select the load type which can be selected

Ans – Incremental load after initial full load

Q49. Which of the following can be correct if in Linear task flow we have configured the Post Processing command and enabled STOP on warning your task has executed with a waming?

Ans – Post-Processing command scoated with the tank all be mured d taskflow will be stopped as STOP on warming has been eated in th

Q50. State True or False in the Production Environment, We can add multiple secure agents within the network using the existing license without any additional cost:

Ans – True

Q51. State TRUE or FALSE You can stop re-triggering of the job by restarting the informatica Cloud secure agent. After restarting secure agent it would clean up the outbound messages queues from the Informatica server

Ans – true

Q52. How does the informatica server treat null values in aggregator functions by default

Ans – null

Q53. Which of the following options are enabled or available when Salesforce Bulk API is used?

Ans – Paralel Mode, PK Chunking, Serial Mode

Q54. A task that allows users to transfer, track, and monitor huge volumes of files between on-premises and cloud repositories.

Ans – Mein Ingestion task

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