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1.Software robots are capable of interacting with a wide range of systems.

True hosted on a server.

Robot Controller

3.provides instructions to robot.

Developer Tools

4._ is the master repository of jobs.

Robot controller

5._ deploys jobs to the software robots.

Robot Controller

6.Assisted Automation focuses on dynamically assigning tasks and monitoring them between Human-Machine systems.


7.Locating objects relative to the edge of the screen is known as _.

pixel-based object location

8.Sequence of step by step instructions is known as a _.


9.The topmost layer in layered design of RPA is _


10._ is used for nesting of substeps in a job

Developer Tools

11.Agents are capable of performing close to actions


12.BPM interacts through the _ layer.

Data access

13.RPA is not suitable for processes that are __.

require constant human intervention

14.RPA is similar to old technologies such as screen scrapping or macros.


15.RPA can be used to automate _.

Both of the options

16.RPA is a __ software.

Both of the options

17.RPA enables reduction of data entry errors.


18.RPA will be able to handle operations such as __.

document classification AND claims processing

19.Recorder function is an added advantage while selecting a RPA tool because it assists with .

speeding up of the configuration

20.A robot can accumulate knowledge of procedures over time.


21.Individual level screen level interactions are covered by _ layer of RPA.


22.The sequence of user action is captured to speed up the process definition using _.

Process recorder

23.Autonomous RPA is a kind of __


24.CRM system can be streamlined using _ tools.


25.The lowermost layer in layered design of RPA is _.

None of the options

26.All the RPA tools provide both front and back office automation.


27.Re-engineering the entire underlying process is part of __.


28.In RPA process layered approach, factors make up being strong determinants of scalabilityand reliability.


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