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Feature branching is used to __________ .

Work on user stories

Release branches are created for resolving merge conflicts.


Which is NOT a benefit of CI ?

Bugs and defects no longer occur

Activities that are part of continuous integration.

All of the Options

Which is not a CI practice ?

Deploy to production

Which is NOT true about continuous integration

Involves moving code in large amounts

Work Branch is also known as______.


Git is a _ version control system.


Time taken to fix a broken build is measured using_______ .

Build repair rate

_______is a .Net build tool.


Pipeline break and build break is one and the same.


Capablility of your build system to handle an increase in the amount of code that it integrates and analyzes is known as .

Build scalability

Complexity of a code is determined based on_____.

Cyclomatic Complexity Number

_ ____is a measure of incoming dependencies.

Afferent Coupling

Private builds are executed after moving the changes to version control.


Build can be triggered by a version control tool.


Release builds can be triggered _____.

All of the options

is a continuous integration server.


Jabber is a :

Messaging plugin

Staged builds include___ .

Secondary builds

Trunk is also known as _____.


Practice of developers integrating changes directly in the feature or work branches and commiting the changes

Continuous Integration

Faster feedback can be received by ____.

Staging builds

Commiting a code change, when the inspection fails , is perfectly fine as the code logic is working fine anyway.


______helps in differentiating the environments.

Configuration files

Which is the first code analysis to be executed ?

unit test

Control flow graph is used to calculate_____ .

Cyclomatic Complexity

CI pipeline consists of _____.


Which of the tools is not used for establishing a pipeline workflow ?

  1. Teamcity
  2. Jenkins

Arrange in order

A. Running Unit Test B.Running Static Code Check C.Check for
Code Coverage D. Build Package

Git, Mercurial and Subversion are centralized version control tools.


How are component dependencies injected in a workflow ?

Build package first and then perform the remaining tasks

Staged builds include_____.

Commit builds

CI servers use the ______ expression to poll for changes.


Efferent Coupling is a measure of _____.

Outgoing dependencies

Teamcity is a_____ .

Build Scheduler

Component test is executed as part of ___.

Integration Build

CCMetrics is used to identify _____.

Code Complexity

Which of the following is an artifact repository ?


Feature toggle can be used in the following scenarios .

Disabling or Hiding a feature

Code changes can be hidden,enabled or disabled using_____ .

Feature Toggles

______ is a code coverage tool.


Which of these is not mandated for a CI pipeline ?

Application code

Does CI pipeline need to have all the software development functionalities integrated in place ?


Which of the tools is not mandated for integration in a CI pipeline ?


_____is an independent line of work.


__ branches are created for logical changes.

Both the options

In a normal scenario, software from _ is deployed to production.

Master branch

Changing code without changing behaviour is refactoring


What are the reasons for a build to fail ?

None of the options

CCMetrics is a measure of number of non-linearly independent paths.


IBM Clearcase is a ___ version control


Which is the most important operational parameter in CI ?


Functional testing can be automated using Jenkins.


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