Oracle Siebel Objective Type Questions

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Q1. Which of the following are correct with respect to EIM? Choose two most appropriate options.

A.One Interface Table can populate only one Base Table
B.One Interface Table can populate many Base Tables
C.One Base Table can be populated by only one Interface Table
D.One Base Table can be populated by many Interface Tables

Ans: AD

Q2. We populate source data into EIM tables using a non-Siebel process. State True or False.

Ans – True

Q3. What are the steps involved in Data Mapping in any EIM Process?

A.Analyze Siebel destination tables and columns
B.Analyze external source data
C. Select the EIM table that best maps to the target base tables and columns
D. All of the above

Ans: D

Q4. What is the difference between Bool Data Type and Boolean Data Type?

Ans – Bool Data Type has value as True or False. Boolean Data Type has values as True or False.

Q5. Which of these methods returns active view name?

Ans – TheApplication() ActiveViewName()

Q6. Drake, new to siebel development, is trying to create a new function, function debugger(Description, message) He is unable to create the above function. Can you call out the reason.

Ans – Reserve words cannot be used as part of function or variable name

Q7. Open Ul developers create/modify JavaScipt and CSS files using non-Siebel tools and editors. State True or False

Ans – True

Q8. How many duplicate records can be created with same Type, Usage Type, and Name to specify additional default files ?

Ans – 1

Q9. Where do we define conditional expressions for manifest files?

Ans – Administration-Application-> Manifest Expressions

Q10. Where are the JS Files for the OUI AOM stored ?

Ans -c:\siebel\\eappweb\public\chn1260481SCRIPTS\Siebel

Q11. XML document contains variety of data. Identify the data it contains from the list provided.

C.Markup Tags
E.All of the above

Ans: E

Q12. <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?><breakfast menu><food><name>Belgian Waffles</name><price>$5.95</price><description>Two of our famous Belgian Waffles with plenty of real maple syrup</description><calories>650</calones></food><food><name>Strawberry Belgian Waffles</name><price>$7.95</price><description>Light Belgian waffles covered with strawberries and whipped cream</description><calories>900</calories></lood></breakfast menu>Identify the root element in this xml

Ans – breakfast_menu

Q13. Jimin, Customer, wants to port his number from Vodafone to Airtel. So a request is sent to Siebel CRM used by Vodafone. Then siebel responds back to the porting request by deactivating the customer on the application. Identify the Data Exchange Method supported by Siebel

Ans – Siebel Receive/Respond

Q14. Files which are compressed are stored in the Siebel File Systern with the extension____

Ans – saf

Q15. Which web client is a “Near Zero footprint” client ?

Ans – Siebel Web Client

Q16. Which of the following is a component of Siebel Web Server? Choose most appropriate option.

Ans – Virtual Directories

Q17. We click activate button in local respository tools to updale the database schema version. State True or False.

Ans – True

Q18. Auto Primary Property is set to Default in an MVL What does this property determine ?

Ans – First child record retrieved will be the Primary

Q19. Which of the following are extension tables to S_PARTY? Choose three most appropriate options.


Ans: A C E

Q20.Oracle advises to resort from Scripting State True or False

Ans – True

Q21. Which entity describes the instance of a purchased product? Choose most appropriate option

Ans – Asset

Q22. Which entity describes the instance of a purchased product? Choose most appropriate option

E.Service Request

Ans: bcd

Q23. Which record level access control deals with a branch of an agency or a division of a company?

Ans – Organization

Q24. Master Data: Choose two most appropriate options Dynamic and TransactionalB.Includes static and referential dataC. Has access controlled according to position and organizationD.Has access controlled according to catalog and category

Ans: bd

Q25. View level access control is achieved using? Choose most appropriate option

Ans – Responsibilities

Q26. When are seed responsibility created?

Ans – During Oracle Siebel Application Installation

Q27. When can you resume a job?

Ans – After a job is held

Q28. Given are the steps to administer a Job. Arrange them in the night sequence

  1. Specify Parameters
  2. Create a Job
  3. Verify the Task

4 Submit a Job

Ans – 2,1,4,3

Q29. DVM Logs can be found in which screen? Choose most appropriate option

Ans – Administration Data Validation > Validation History

Q30. Where can we set duration on a Workflow Policy?

Ans – Workflow Policy

Q31. Identify the incorrect statement with respect to transient business component A. Has one or more Single Values Fields B. Type Property Transient C. Support Joins or Multi Value Fields D. All TBC records are deleted automatically upon completing or cancelling a taskChoose most appropriate option

Ans – C

Q32. Service data can be assigned to which among the following?

Ans – Position,Employee

Q33. Every WF always starts with this step Name this step

Ans – Siebel Operation

Q34. An workflow updates the priority of the Service Request after evaluating the age of the service request Which workflow step is used to update priority of Service Request in the workflow

Ans – Decisión Point Step

Q35. Non Compiled such as Workflows Process and Assignment Objects come under which category of Migratory Items?

Ans – Repository Object Definitions

Q36. Select all the operations that can be performed using Repository Migration Configuration Utility

A.Import Repository
B.Export Repository
C. All of the above
D.None of the above

Ans: c

Q37. Can migration be performed on non-identical repositores ?

Ans – It is not recommended, but possible to do

Q38. The prime infrastructure entity that manages the ADM deployment is the

Ans – Siebel Management Server

Q39. Nitin is using this application user property PDQDisabledViewn Help him with what value to be added for the property

Ans – Enter the view name in the value

Q40. Kshitij is a siebel administrator He wants to create a new component group Please help him identity the right path to create component groups

Ans – Administration – Server Configuration> Enterprises Component> Groups

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