Agile Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

Hello friends in this article we are going to discuss about Agile Multiple Choice Questions with answers | Agile Objective type questions with answers | Agile Quiz with answers

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Q1.Which of the following statements are correct

A.Agile and Design Thinking are same
B.Design Thinking is about Product Devopment Agile Manifesto is about Software
C.Design Thinking is finding the right things and Agile is about building the right
D.Design Thinking is building the right things and Agile is about finding the right

Ans: B,C

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Q2.Which of the following BEST describes the approach for determining the Sprint length in Scrum?

A.Sprints must be 30 days always
B.Product Owner unilaterally decides the duration of Sprint
C.Sprints must be two weeks always
D.The team must collectively agree on the length of the Sprint based on business need and technical team’s ability; subject to a maximum of one month
E.There is no rule on Sprint duration

Ans: D

Q3.Ron has just started as a scrum master for an agile team.he has acquired knowledge by reading multiple sources .after practicing scrum for a while on the job.he is looking for a certification to benchmark .what can be recommended for him

A.Scrum Master Accredited Certificate (SMAC)
B.SAFe Agilist (SA)
C.Professional Scrum Master I (PS/VI I)

Ans: C

Q4.Which one of these is NOT an XP practice?

A.Test Driven Development
B.Extreme Reviews First
C.Pair Programming
D.Continuous Integration

Ans: B

Q5.The Product Owner in a Scrum project

A.Has no control over the prioritization of Product Backlog Items
B.Has the final authority over the prioritization of Product Backlog Items
C.Collaborates with the developers over prioritization of Product Backlog Items, but the developers have the final say
D.Collaborates with the developers over prioritization of Product Backlog Items, but Product Owner has the final say
E.Creates the Product Backlog Items but leaves prioritization to Business Analyst

Ans: B,D

Q6.Kris is an experienced Project Manager with a customer project where he commands the teams and micro manages the team members at task level. How can he help the Company Agile vision?

A.Proactively up-skill with skills needed to work in Agile Roles
B.No need to do anything as he can continue to be the Project Manager
C.Wait till his current customer adopts Agile

Ans: A

Q7.Daily Scrum is NOT recommended for collocated teams



Q8.Lee joins a project team that attempts to build a consumer device with embedded software_ The team is adopting 2-week sprint Lee notices that the project must produce an outcome that will be highly adoptable by the users to become successful. After every Sprint Review, the Product Owner keeps changing the Product vision and makes contradictory statements about user needs. What can be suggested for this environment?

A.Apply design thinking first for initial phase and then bring in Agile later
B.More practices from Extreme Programming
C.Apply waterfall and have the Product Owner sign-off on the requirements

Ans: A

Q9.Who manages the team’s work during a Sprint?

A.The Scrum Master manages the people so they can complete the work
B.The team manages the work by self-organization
C.The Product Owner manages the work
D.The Delivery Manager manages the work

Ans: B

Q10.Agile Manifesto has___Values and___ Principles

B.6, 12

Ans: C

Q11.Agile Teams need to comply by the Agile Values and Principles but have flexibility to choose appropriate value-adding practices



Q12.The reason for holding regular Sprint Retrospective is

A.It allows the team to take a necessary break from work
B.It gives management information to use in team members’ performance reviews
C.Provides an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for
D.improvements to be enacted during the next
F.Retrospectives are optional
G.Provides an opportunity for stakeholders to look at what the team is building

Ans: C

Q13.Noor’s Scrum Team had a great Sprint Review of a new feature with their Product Owner. Product Owner was happy with new feature, and wanted to release the feature to user But, the Scrum Team cannot do it themselves because production environment is owned the company’s IT operations team a Scrum Team was directed to create a ticket with IT operations for production release and wait a week for an Ops engineer to manually Work on the ticket What is missing in this environment?


C.Continuous Improvement

Ans: B

Q14.What BEST describes a Scrum Team?

A.Small but have enough members to create the Product Increment
B.Collaborate with each other to self-organize their work
C.Team members must be specialists
D.Cross Functional
E.Reports to Product Owner

Ans: A,B,D

Q15.Martin is from the TCS BPS team. As part of TCS Agile vision. he was recommended to attain EID competency in Agile. Martin Was thinking that Agile was only for software. How could Agile knowledge

A.Martin is right. Agile principles are not useful outside software development
B.XP and DevOps can help in Robotic Process Automation ok
C.Agile principles can help in continuously improving BPS processes

Ans: C

Q16.A team is having the first Sprint Planning meeting What are the activities that the team must perform during the meeting?

A.The team must discuss the problems encountered in the earlier project
B.Team chooses the Product Backlog Items to work in the Sprint and crals a Sprint Goal.
C.Team must draw up the Release Plan for the final product
D.Each team member should come prepared with their version of the plan
E.The team must look at the project plan prepared by the Product Owner and
understand their tasks

Ans: B

Q17.Increasing number of TCS customers are moving to the Agile way of working. Why is this a true statement?

A.For last few years, there is a double digit increment in number of Agile projects (per PMS) year on year
B.In 90% of executive conversations, customers bring in Agile as a topic of
C.For all new engagements. TCS mandates Agile
D.This is not a true statement
E.Both A and B

Ans: E

Q18.Sprint itself is an event in Scrum



Q19.a Scrum Team where the Scrum Master is Magneto. Contrary to his expectation of Scrum Master as a coach, he finds that Magneto acts like a traditional manager Magneto controls the term heavily by individually assigning tasks and leading the Daily Scrum meetings to collect the percentage of task

A.Be prepared to face such anti patterns and work together with the team to
continuously improve and eliminate anti-patterns First
B.Correct his understanding of Scrum and accept that Scrum Master is the Team’s manager
C.Protest about this at the earliest possible team meeting and let others know he is more knowledgeable about Scrum

Ans: A

Q20.Who owns quality in a Scrum Team?

A.Scrum Master
B.Product Owner
C.Scrum Team
E.External QA team

Ans: C



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