Cloud Computing MCQ with Answer

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Q1.What kind of data can be stored in cloud storage?

c.)application data

d) all of these

Ans: d

Q2.The main requirement to implement cloud computing is:

d. Intranet

Ans: A

Q3.What are the technique CSP does for the Cloud Storage Security?

A. Encryption & Authentication
B. Only Authentication

C. Encryption, Authentication & Authorization Practises

Ans: C

Q4.Which of the following is deployment models in the cloud?

A. Public and Private Only

B. Public, Private, Hybrid, Community



Ans: B

Q5.Network virtualization implies to___

a )S witches
c)Load balancer

d) all of these

Ans: D

Q6.What are the pros of cloud computing?

A.Hosted Applications

B.Data Storage

C.Anywhere Access

D.All of these

Ans: D

Q7.What are the types of hypervisors?

ANS – Bare Metal and Hosted hypervisor

Q8.Among the following which is an example of hypervisor?

b.Virtual Machine

Ans: C

Q9.What are two types of virtualization?

ANS – Server Virtualization and Desktop Virtualization

Q10.Which delivery model is an example of a cloud computing environment that provides users with web

ANS – Software as a Service

Q11.what are the security risks of the cloud computing?

a. Privileged user access
b. regulatory Complience
c. Data Location and Segregation
d. Recovery and Long-term viability
e. Only a.c,d
f. All of the above

Q12.Cloud Computing Refers to,

ANS – The cloud(internet) that provides the way to deliver the service whenever and whatever

Q13.What are the cons of cloud computing?

A. Internet Outage
B. Site Access
C. Sensitive Data
D. Only A & C
E. All of the above

Ans: E

Q14.The Hybrid model is a combination of:

a.public and community
b.public and private
c.public,private and community


Ans: C

Q15.Which are the service models of cloud?

a. Iaas.Paas.Saas
b. public,private
c. Community,Hybrid
d. None

Ans: A

Q16.Hosted Email infrastructure is an example for ?

A. laaS
B. PaaS
C. SaaS
D. DaaS

Ans: C

Q17.What are the Challenges faced during storing data in the cloud?

A.Provision additional storage on demand.
B.Know and restrict the physical location of the stored data.
C.Verify how data was erased
D.Have access to a documented process for surely disposing of data storage hardware.
E.Administrator access control over data.
F.AII of the above

Ans: F

Q18.What is full Virtualization ideal for?

a.)Computer system sharing, isolate users, emulation of hardware
b.)Disaster Recovery, migration, capacity management
c.)data replication, automatic failure detection

Ans: B

Q19.What is Paravirtualization ideal for?

ANS – disaster recovery, migration, capacity management

Q20.Example of the software which helps in network virtualization is.


Ans: B

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