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1.A team of employees is trying to analyze the root cause of the issues identified for the online
Library Management. From the options identify the process that is carried out.


2.Information hiding is achieved through which OOP principle?


3.From the following options choose all the possible Exceptions for the above code
Int check = Integer.parseInt(“Five”);

Ans-(class cast, number format)

4.What is true regarding State Chart Diagram?

Ans-Depicts different states of an object during lifetime

5.Carefully read the question and answer accordingly. In Linear search algorithm, if an item to be
searched is found in the middle of an array then it is said to be _

Average case

6.Which of the given phases consume more time during the Software life cycle


7.If you are asked to do a modular software design, which combination of coupling and cohesion
should you use for designing the software?

Ans – High cohesion and low coupling

8.What is the output of the following script
var x=16+4+”100” alert(x)

Ans – 20100

9.Which jquery syntax hides all the paragraph elements


10.Which is the root element of every XSD?


11.Which of the following algorithm(s) is/are said to be non-adaptive?

Merge sort

12.Which of the following is more efficient in terms of memory utilization and execution speed?


13.Which of the following statement can replace // insert code here, that will compile without any
errors? Choose all that apply

static void check(int…checkArgs){} allows you to grow or shrink its size and provides indexed access to its elements,
but whose methods are not synchronized. State True or False


15.State true or false
White box testers require the working knowledge of the code being tested


16.Carefully read the question and answer accordingly. In an array, if an item to be searched is
found in the last element of the array or not found in the array then it is said to be _

Ans – Worst case

17.What does public String pattern() return?

Returns the compiled version of boolean after matching the regular expression against the given

18.For developing a water plant application the following statements are captured in the SRS
i) if the water level goes below 20%, then the application should raise an alarm for immediate
ii) if the water level goes below 15%, then the application should automatically switch on the
power button to fill in water in the tank
Identify the issue with the requirement specified in the SRS

Contradicting requirements

19.When constructing looping statements, if the iteration condition Is not terminated, it will
result in infinite loop. State True or false


20.Select the statements that are true about Persistence

Ans- 1.Persistence is a way through which the life time of object exists even after the program terminates
2.Java uses serialization for object persistence

21.Bonus calculated module was unit tested by the developer. Depending on the salary the bonus
needs to be calculated. Assume if one of the salary-range is between 30000 to 40000 then the
bonus should be 10%. From the given options identify the test cases for Equivalence Partitioning.


22.Choose the statement that true about Class?

Class is described using attributes and methods

Public abstract Interface1 {public void method(String s);}
Which of the following is/are correct class implementation(s)

Ans- Public abstract class Class1 implements Interface{
Public abstract void method(String s){}

24.What is the relationship between these two Building has rooms


25.If an element is to be retrieved from a specific location in an array, the array has to be _

Traversed from the first position until the element is found

26.In which of the given SDLC models’ rapid changes are easily incorporated

Agile model

27.What is the lifeline in a sequence diagram?

Object’s life time

28.What are the best ways to ensure that a class implements the required behavior?

Use Interface
Use encapsulation

29.What are the types of Interaction Diagrams?

Sequence diagram
Collaboration diagram

30.A Team is allocated with a new project. All their work needs to be accessed and updated in the
same repository. Which of the given options would help them achieve this?

Software configuration management

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