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To execute a cucumber scenario, which file(s) are important and must be created in the maven project?

ans – Feature file, step definition

James wants to design a scenario in a feature file, in which the complete scenario run multiple times on multiple iterations. Suggest James with a Gherkin keyword to achieve data driven testing in the feature file.

ans – use scenario outline

Which parameter types in cucumber Expressions matches text without white space? Ex: banana (but not banana smoothie)


Henry wants to JSON on the execution of testrunner in Cucumber Assist Henry with the right
option to configure for JSON report generation in @cucumberOption?

Ans- @cucumberOptions(plugin= {“pretty”,”json:target/results.json”}

James has written a scenario in the feature file as below:
Scenario: The one where the user orders items with a single quantity
Given Kevin is on Add to Shopping Cart page When Kevin enters as 1 item
Then cart icon shows 1
Scenario : The one where the user orders items with multiple quantities
Given Kevin is on Add to Shopping Cart page When Kevin enters quantity as 2 items Then shopping cart icon shows 2
reviews the feature file and step definition . Both scenario must match with the @When and
@Then method . Choose the correct option for matching step definition methods for When and
Then steps.

ans-@When(“Kevin enters quantity as (int) item(s))
@Then(“shopping cart icon shows (int”)

Sam has designed a performance test plan in JMeter with Login, Search Product, Add to Cart , and Logout . He has configured the test with 1000 threads. He wants to hold the thread until all the 1000 users are ready and then fire at the same time creating a load burst on checkout request.
Which of the following JMeter elements can be design this scenario?

ans-Synchronizing Timer

Sam has designed a performance test plan in JMeter. He ran the test for 5000 user load In the report, he observed that JMeter is sending too many requests to the server in a short time, resulting in server overload, Which of the following JMeter elements can be used to handle and solve the server overload problem?


Which of the below annotations is used to identify the web elements and store it in a variable in page object model?

ans – @findby

Sean has created test scenario in cucumber feature file and wanted to verify whether all the steps in the feature file have corresponding step definitions . Help Sean to identify the correct option available in Cucumber runner class?

ans – dryRun=true

Smitha is working for project and wanted to automate the entire e- commerce website, which deals
with huge amounts of data. Smitha decided to use Cucumber tool for automation and need help to
decide the technique for data driven testing . Help Smitha with the technique used in Cucumber for Data Driven Testing?

ans – cucumber tags(not sure)

Chandan is new to jmeter and doing a proof of concept for a client. Help chandan to identify parameters not available in thread group?

Ans- user count

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