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Q28.I have photo-sharing application that runs on millions of mobile devices. Demand is unpredictable for any event. Which Azure compute resource is the best match for this workload?

A. ServerLess Computing

B. None of the above

C. Virtual Machines Machines

D. Containers

Ans: a

Q29. Which of these is not an example of throttling?

A. Responding with server busy

B. Server crash

C. Switching over to lower bit-rate streaming

D. Handling high-priority requests differently than low-priority requests when under load

Ans: b

Q30.To add a container from your local Docker instance to your Azure Container Registry, which command would you need to use?

A. docker push

B. azcr container new

C. azer import

D. docker export

Ans: A

Q31. You develop an Azure web app. You monitor performance of the web app by using Application Insights. You need to ensure the cost for Application Insights does not exceed a preset budget. What should you do?

A. Implement ingestion sampling using the Azure portal.

B. adaptive sampling using the Application Insights SDK

C. Implement ingestion sampling using the Application Insights SDK.

D. Set a daily cap for the Application Insights instance

E.Adaptive sampling the Azure par using adaptive sampling using the Azure portal.

Ans: D

Q32.A health organization after the Covid pandemic attack want to adopt vaccination service throughout all their branches. The vaccination service is a combined third-party service with joined effort from Government. After the vaccination is completed the 3rd party service send a notification of completion by API call. The Integration platform uses Azure Integration services. After the vaccination completed, there are different solutions available to transform the vaccine service response which can be further consumed by the organization. Which of the following are not correct solution?

A. Vaccination response can transform by APIM policy while initiating the Vaccine service API and processed further by the organization.

b. Vaccination response can be transformed by Azure function and processed further by the organization

C. Vaccination response can be transformed by Azure App Insights que the organization and processed further b reate organization.

D. Vaccination response can be transformed by Logic App action and processed further by the

Ans: B

Q33. What is “serverless computing?

A. An application that is running on the cloud platform without the use of servers.

B. When all servers for a solution are abstracted away and managed by someone else,

C.A simpler version of Platform-as-a-Service

D. A theory for making computing completely cloud-based for certain scenarios.

Ans: C

Q34. You must implement Application Insights Instrumentation capabilities utilizing the Azure Mobile Apps SOK to provide meaningful analysis of user interactions with a mobile app. You need to capture the data required to implement the Usage Analytics feature of Application Insights. Which three data values should you capture?

A. Trace

b. Session Id

C. Exception

D.User Id

E. Events

Ans: a d e

Q35. Which are factors used to verify a user with multi-factor authentication?

A. Something you know

B.Something you can recall Quickly

c. Something you have

d. Something you feel.

E.Something you say

F. Something you are

Ans: b c f

Q36. Which of the following protocols are not supported by Azure AD?

A. ws Federation

B. Kerberos

C. SAML 20

D. OpenID Connect

Ans: b

Q37. KeyVault is responsible for Task like:

A. Authorize users or applications to access the key vault, so they can then manage or use is key and secrets

B. Revoke or delete a key or secret

C. Monitor key usage

D. Log the error in key

E. Create or Import a key or secret

Ans: e b a

Q38.Which of the following is a “collection of statements run sequentially that can alter the behavior of an API?

A. Azure API Script Tool

B. Azure API Management Sequence

c. Azure Functions

D. Azure API Management Policies

Ans: d

Q39. Which component is used by Azure Monitor to define the actions once an alert has been triggered?

A. Alert Rule

B. Alert Condition

C. Action Group

D. Alert Scope

Ans: c


A. Google

B. Azure Active Directory

C. Facebook


Ans: d

Q41. in APIM, which section of the policy we receive the output of backend service?

A. Base

B. Inbound

C. Outbound

D. Backend

Ans: c

Q42. Which of the following statements are correct for submitting operations in a batch?

A. All operations have to be in the same partition….

B. Total batch size can’t be greater than 4 MB

C. Minimum operation count is three

D. Max operation count is 100

Ans: a b d

Q43. In several server migration, you need to recommend a solution to ensure that some of the servers are available if a single Azure data center goes ofine for an extended period?

A. elasticity

B. fault tolerance

C. availablity

D. low latency

E. scalability

Ans: b

Q44.What are good recommendations for securing files in Blob storage?

A. Always use SSL

B. Keep your primary and secondary keys hidden and don’t give them out

C. Make the container publicly available.

D. In your application, store them someplace that isn’t embedded in client-side code that users can see.

Ans: a b d

Q45. You are developing Azure WebJobs. You need to recommend a WebJob type for scenario. Which WebJob type should you recommend to run single instance that Azure select for load balancing?

A. Regular

B. Continuous

C. Scheduler

D. Triggered

Ans: d

Q46.When an event publisher such as a Resource Group pushes data to an Event Grid, Event Grid organizes this data using what method?

A. Indexes

B. Sources

C. Events

D. Topics

Ans: c

Q47. Adding more instances to an App Service Plan-what kind of scaling is this?

A. Scaling Up

B. Scaling Down

C. Scaling Out

D. Scaling In

Ans: c

Q48.To expose a WCF web service from within your firewall, what service should you use in Azure?

A. Service Bus Queue

B. Service Bus Relay

C.Service Bus Topics

D. Event Hubs

Ans: b

Q49. You use Azure Table storage to store customer information for an application. The data contains customer details and is partitioned by last name. You need to create a query that returns all customers with the last name Ramesh. Which code segment should you use?

A. TableQuery GenerateFilterCondition(“LastName”, Equals, “Ramesh”)

B. TableQuery GenerateFilterCondition(“LastName”. QueryComparisons Equal, “Ramesh:)

C. TableQuery GenerateFilterCondition(“PartitionKey”. Equals, “Ramesh”)

D.Table Query GenerateFilterCondition(“PartitionKey”, QueryComparisons Equal, “Ramesh”)

Ans: d

Q50. What is the underlying protocol of Azure Service Bus for sending and receiving messages?




D.All of the Above

Ans: c

Q51.Which Microsoft Azure Cloud Security tool can an enterprise use for key management?

A. Identity Management

B. Azure Key Management

C. Azure Guard Duty

D. Azure Key Vault

Ans: d

Q52. What benefits CDN provides?

A. Helps to cater static content

B. Minimize load on application server

C. Can work with Azure Storage

D. All of the above

Ans: d

Q53. Which Azure messaging service uses a First in. First Out (FIFO) queuing model?

A. Azure App Service

B. Azure Storage Queue

C.Azure Event Hub

D. Azure Notification Hub

Ans: b

Q54.Fill in the blank-Shared Access Signatures come in 3 varieties the Account Level, the____level and the User Level.

A. Service Level

B. Container Level

C. System Level

D.Blob Level

Ans: a

Q55. What will be the best option for the organization to implement an Azure environment that ensure each department can use a different payment option for the Azure services it consumes?

A. Azure Container Instance

B. Azure Resource Group

C. Azure Active Directory

D. Azure Subscription

E. Data Center

Ans: d

Q56. _____let you create and manage a group of identical, load balanced VMs. It allows you to centrally manage, configure and update a large number of VMS in minutes to provide highly-available applications.

A. Availability Sets

B. Azure VM Scale Sets

C. Azure VM Group

D. Azure Batch

Ans: b

Q57.What does Advanced Threat Protection do?

A. Protect your privacy when sharing access to Azure resources with third parties

B.Helps you to monitor user behaviour in your on-premises and cloud environments.

C. Help an organization to classify and optionally, protect its documents and emails by applying

D. Find vulnerabilities in the data passed to an Azure service in your subscription.

Ans: c

Q58.What are the two types of scaling on Azure?

A. Scale Sets and High Availability

B. There is only one type of scaling: scaling up/down.

C. Scaling up or down, and scaling out

D. Scaling out and scaling across

Ans: c

Q59. Where do Virtual Machines fall on the Azure Shared Responsibility Model?

A. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (laas)

B. Platform-as a-Service (Paas)

C. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

D. Server as a Service (SaaS)

Ans: d

Q60. ___is the ability of a system to recover from failures and continue to function and its goal is to return the application to a fully functioning state following a failure

A. Resiliency



D. Bandwidth

E. Scalability

Ans: a

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