Basic IP Awareness Question Answer

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Q1.Which of the following attributes is not necessary for the information to qualify as a Trade Secret?

ANS – It should be available in public space

Q2.which of the information may constitute a trade secret?

A. Manufacturing process
B. Distribution process
C. List of customer

Ans: a b c

Q3.A computer program is considered as

Ans – Literacy Work

Q4.An individual has developed a useful IT application. To protect the work, he or she should file a

Ans – Copyright

Q5.Which of the following can be used for assigning or licensing the rights to others?

Ans – Patents,Copyrights,Designs,Trade Secreats

Q6.Championing the IP related responsibilities for the project by the PL or a nominated IP champion involves: Given the statement, select the option(s) that is most appropriate.

A. Checking and implementing right access and right usage for the IP involved in the project
B. Ensuring that all project team members have gone through mandatory IPR WBT in iEvolve.
C. Comply with associate allocation restrictions (contractual and TCS defined).
D. understanding and declaring the ownership of TCS IP, Customer IP and/or Partner/Vendor IP in the contract (Master Services Agreement and Statement of Work).

Ans: a b c d

Q7.How can a Trade Secret be protected?

Ans – By limsting the number of people who have knowledge

Q8.A customer visits the TCS premises and wants to see the team’s POC/POT. Before showing him the POC/POT the a should ask the customer to:

Ans – Sign a NDA

Q9.The process for maturing an idea towards patentability is called:

Ans – CIM

Q10.Before writing the code of an Asset, one should check for the right use of third party IP
Select the correct option(s) and click submit.

Ans – One should check the license
Get IP safe clearance done

Q11.When an associate moves out of the project: Given the statement, select the option(s) that is most appropriate.

A. His/her access to project systems needs to be retained for 3 months.
B. His/her access credentials can be shared with new joinee in the project for temporary usage, till the new joinee’s access is create
C.His/her access needs to be revoked immediately.
D.He/she can be allowed to work in the project still as he/she does not have any work station.

Ans: C

Q12.Prior art includes:

A. Earlier related publication
B. Previous usage
C. Ancient knowledge

Ans: A B C

Q13.Which of the given below options that cannot be patented

A. Machine
B. Composition of matte!
C. Design feature of a product
D. Mathematical formula

Ans: D

Q14.Trademark is a sign that distinguishes goods and services of one enterprise from another.

ANS – True

Q15. If the TCS project team plans to use TCS IP in the project, then: Given the statement, select the option(s) that is most appropriate

A. PL to confirm that the SOW indicates the same as owned by TCS, else PL to reach out to TCS Legal to request its amendment.
B. Continues to use the TCS IP without any specific checks.
C. Shares the source code of the TCS IP with the customer
D. Checks the TP safe’ clearance status of the TCS IP asset version in TIPAR.

Ans: A D

Q16.Identify the correct statements about Trade Secrets.

A. Do not disclose novel ideas prior to protection through patents.
B. Do not maintain records of originality or work, use of third party IP with permission and legal declaration by author(s) as part of TCS copyright verification records in TCS IPR system.
C. Share information with customers and 3rd parties only under an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).
D. All statements are correct

Ans: C

Q17.Which of the following can be patented?

A. A new machine
B. An Inventive Concept
C. A better process
D. Trade Secrets

Ans: A B C D

Q18.Which of the following is not Confidential Information?

A. Customers’ restricted information.
B. Information shared under oath and agreement of secrecy.
C. Employees’ personal information like salary and performance ratings,
D. Information about a granted Patent.

Ans: D

Q19.Which of the following is not an Intellectual Property?

A. Patents
B. Copyrights
C. Trademarks
D. TCS Buildings

Ans: D

Q20.Select the option(s) that is most appropriate: TCS IP asset (product, solution, tool, utility) can be positioned for/used in a project only after it (specific version) is:

A. Marked ‘IP Safe’ in TIPAR.
B. Even if it (the specific version) is not IP Safe’ in TIPAR.
C. Once it (the specific version) has been registered in TIPAR (or TP Safe’ procedure
D. Even if TP Safe’ assessment is not initiated for it (the specific version) in TIPAR.

Ans: A

Q21.Which of the following attributes is not necessary for the information to qualify as a Trade Secret?

A. It should be commercially valuable.
B. It should be known only to a limited number of persons.
C. It should be subjected to reasonable steps taken by the rightful holder of the information to keep it a secret,
D. should be available in public space.

Ans: D

Q22. In a TCS project that involves TCS IP, Customer IP and/or Partner/Vendor IP, it is important for the TCS project team to comply with the defined access and usage rights of:


Q23.Patent is a form of:

A. Tangible Property
B. Intangible Property
C. Intellectual Property

Ans: C

Q24.The process to search for Patents associated with a product to prevent infringement is:

A. Freedom to Operate
C. Trademarking

Ans: A

Q25.You have created a foldable laptop that can be folded six times and can easily be put into a pocket which of the following IP rights is the most appropriate in protecting this novel invention?

ans – Should be applied an article and shoo.d appea, to the eye

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