Planning and Organizing MCQ

Hello Friends in this post we are going to discuss about Mcq on Planning and Organizing | Planning and Organizing MCQ with answers | Planning and Organizing Multiple choice questions | Planning and Organizing Objective type questions

1) Following are the physical resources…

A. Man

B. Machinery

C. Money

D. All of above

Ans: B

2) Supervisor is ___

A. Engineer

B. Manager

C. Team leader

D. All of the above

Ans: D

3) Following is/are the Human resources

A. People working in company

B. Machine

C. Money

D. All of the above

Ans: A

4) This is concept in manpower planning

A. Matching needs of customer with business

B. Matching human needs with job needs

C. Matching quality with quantity

D. None of above

Ans: B

5) Who plan capacity of machine?

A. Operator

B. Supervisor


D. Quality inspector

Ans: B

6) What are the advantages of prescribing standard forms in planning?

A. Systematic planning

B. Standardization

C. Factual information

D. All of above

Ans: D

7) What is written in job description?

A. Job title

B. Place of work

C. Allotted time for work

D. All of the above

Ans: D

8) Inspection of received material is important

A. Yes

B. No

C. May be

D. May Not be

Ans: A

9)Control function of management cannot be performed without:

A. planning

B. organizing

C. staffing

D. motivation

Ans: A

10) Unity of Command ” principle of effective direction means:

A. subordinates should be responsible to one superior

B. there should be unity amongst subordinates

C. there should be unity amongst superiors

D. a superior can supervise a limited number of subordinates

Ans: A

11) ____ is a financial statement prepared and approved prior to a defined period of time

A. Audit

B. Control charts

C. Budget

D. Order of payment

Ans: C

12) Following is not the information needed for planning at supervisory level

A. Number of jobs to be done

B. Time expectation

C. Profit margin

D. Sequence of operations

Ans: C

13) Following is not done in planning by supervisor

A. Selection of Machines

B. Assigning workers

C. Allocate time for operations

D. Marketing of products

Ans: D

14) Benefits of Delegation of Work is/are…

A. It reduces the workload

B. It leads to effectiveness

C. It gives chance to the subordinates to explore their abilities and skill

D. All of the above

Ans: D

15) What is/are the important information to supervisor while planning?

A. Quantity of jobs

B. Product completion time

C. Quality standards

D. All of the above

Ans: D

16) While allotting work to workers what information is not important?

A. Qualification

B. Skills

C. Abilities

D. Specialties

Ans: A

17) In planning_______

1. rescheduling must not be avoided.

2. if needed do rescheduling

A. Only 1 correct

B. Only 2

C. Both correct

D. Both wrong

Ans: C

18) Effects of ignoring manpower budget are

A. Worker Shortage

B. Lay off Workers at Awkward times

C. Insecurity, Low morale among workers

D. All of the above

Ans: D

19) In Planning_____

1. supervisor do scheduling of daily activities.

2. director makes long term planning

A. Only 1 correct

B. Only 2 correct

C. Both statements are correct

D. Both statements are wrong

Ans: C

20) Securing raw material from stores is the responsibility of

A. Supervisor

B. Manager

C. Director

D. All of the above

Ans: A

21) Supervisor is focused in planning_____

A. Completely

B. Internally

C. Externally

D. None of above

Ans: B

22) A Thermal power plant requires fuel for running plant, what budget type is for fuel cost?

A. Fixed

B. Variable

C. Short term

D. Long term

Ans: B

23) When emergency comes then______

A. Continue previous planning

B. Change plan

C. Change situation

D. None of above

Ans: B

24) Planning by supervisor is_____

1) Interdependent

2) Continuous process

3) integration of various activities

Only 1) is correct

B. Only 2) is correct

C. Only 3) is correct

D. All statements are correct

Ans: D

25) Supervisor organizes_____1) Man 2) Material 3) Machine 4) Money 5) Company

A. Only 1) is correct

B. Only 1) 2) are correct

C. Only 1) 2) 3) are correct

D. All statements are correct

Ans: C

26) When there is change in Technology____

A. Plan fails

B. Plan has to be modified

C. Plan has to be rescheduled

D. All of the above

Ans: D

27) This form will give detail idea about the job to performed by the worker.

A.Work Assignment sheet.

B.Job Description.

C.Both a and b.


Ans: C

28) Which of the following is Single use plan.

A. Budget




Ans: D

29) How many Functions of Management.





Ans: C

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