Data Structure and Algorithms MCQ

Hello friends in this article we are going to discuss about Data Structure and Algorithms Multiple Choice Questions with answer | Analysis of Algorithms Objective Type Questions with Answers | Data Structure and Algorithms Quiz with answer | Analysis of Algorithms Interview Questions with answers | Computer Science Online Quiz for practise | Data Structure and Algorithms question answer website

1.Which of the following data structures are indexed structures

Select one:
A.Linear arrays
C.Linked lists
D.None of these options

Ans: A

2.Which of the following is a mathematical-model with a collection of operations defined on that model and their implementations are hidden?
Select one:

A.Primitive Data Type
B.Abstract Data Type
D.Data Structure

Ans: B

3.The post fix form of the expression (A+ B)(CD- E)*F / G Is?


4.The process of accessing data stored in a serial access memory is similar to manipulating data on a particular data structure. Which is that data structure?

ANS – Stack

5.Which of the following data structure is better for storing the sorted data on which often Insert and deletion operations are performed?

B.Linked list
D.Doubly linked-list

Ans: B

6.You have to sort a list ‘L which consists of some sorted elements and few ‘‘random’ elements. Which of the following sorting methods would be especially suitable for such a task?

ANS – Insertion sort

7.Time complexities of three algorithms are given. Which should execute the slowest for large values of N?

ans – O(n*2)

8.What Is the time complexity for executing merge sort on an array of size n which is already sorted is

ans – O(n log n)

9.If the given array is {6,2, 5,1,9 }, the 3rd number from the left while doing bubble sort In the 2nd iteration is

ans – 5

10.Jane has created a special type of linked list. That linked list contains no NULL values in its links. If so, what type of linked list is Jane has created?

ans – Circular Linked List

11.Choose the scenario(s) when we need to use Linear search?

A.Can use all the time
B.None of these options
C.When the list has only a few elements
D.When performing a single search in an un-ordered list

Ans: D

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