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101.Which of the following tools is related to continuous integration?

A. Hudson
B. Erwin
D. Jasmine
E. All the above

Ans: D

102.Which of the following is correct regarding testers participation in the sprint retro spective meeting?

ANS – Testers must participate sprint retrospective meeting and provide input and feed back on
all aspects not only testi

103. a programmer is performing refactoring on the source code which was just devel oped and tested. While performing refactoring the code using Checkstyle” tool, which is used for
automatically checking certain kind of code smells. What does ‘Code smells mean in this context?

A. It indicates bugs in the source code.
B. It is a surface indication that corresponds to weakness in the source code.
C. It is for looking into areas in the source code which are technically support.
D. It is checking for certain areas in the source code which prevents the program from functioning

Ans: D

104.Testing team has automated the testing process at the start of the project. During the course of the project many requirements have changed. What should testing team do?

A. Maintenance of the automation scripts on a regular basis.
B. Stop the automation process and perform manual testing till requirement is stable
C. Increase the strength of testing team to manage the change
D. Ask development team to make changes to the scripts

Ans: A

105.Which of the following relates to code smell named “feature envy?

A. A class that has grown too large
B. A class that uses methods of another dass excessively
C. A class that has become too complex to debug
D. All of the above

Ans: B

106.Following user story is getting discussed in a sprint planning meeting. As a retail consumer, I want an online search feature so that I can search my shopping cart items quickly and easily. As
a developer in the project, what inferences would you derive from the user story?

A. Good, no additional information required.
B. Good, but need clarification on ‘quickly and easy for Ul testing and search feature control
C. Not good, as it is at a very high level
D. Not good, as it is at risk level details and not a story.

Ans: B

107.What is the role of continuous integration in automated build process?

A. Compile and deploy new build repository
B. Deploy build frequently
C. Compile build in continuous manner
D. Compile, deploy and provide feedback about latest changes.

Ans: D

108.which of the following is true with respect to creation of automation test cases in an agile project context?

A. Automated test cases are created during sprint planning
B. Automated test cases are created towards the end of development of user stories just before sprint review
C. Automated test cases are created in parallel with development of user stories in sprint execution
D. None of the above

Ans: B

109.Which of the following is recommended to be followed by the agile team towards development of user stories each day during sprint execution?

A. By having dedicated time of approx. 6 hours of committed user stories and the remaining time for issue resolution or unplanned meetings, etc.
B. By completing the daily stand up meeting in 15 minutes and remaining 9 hours of the day on user story development as per Sprint backlog.
C. My meticulously working all 9 hours of the day on story development and then additional time for issue resolution, planned and unplanned meetings
D. By having dedicated time of approx., 6 hours for issue resolution or planned meeting etc and the remaining time for committed user stories.

Ans: B

110.Every team member in Agile project should require soft Skills(Like listening, Cues-tioning, proactive) in taking up the work collaborating with team members etc. and an understanding of how to apply those skills in a more malleable way?


111.For a seven member scrum team who are working on a three-week sprint, what would be the IDEAL duration for the sprint planning meeting? Thumb rule- No of weeks of Sprint x 2 hours= Total sprint planning length.

A. Less than one hour
B. Four to six hours
C. Ten to fourteen hours
D. Three days

Ans: B

112.Which of the following is NOT an extreme Programming(XP) practices?

A. Refactoring
B. Pair programming
C. Test driven development
D. Feature Driven Development

Ans: D

113.The following are the steps in the test driven development. Please choose the option that represents the correct sequence

a. Choose an epic(High level feature) to implement
b. Write enough code to pass the failing tests
c. break it down into functions
d. select a unit function to work on
e. run the test to fail
f. write a test case to test the function
g. refactor the code.

Ans: A-e-g-f-c-d-b

114.One of the infosys projects in banking domain is about to transition into agile methodology from waterfall.The team is working for same project for last 3 years. But none of them have
experience on agile way of project execution. As per the project were very reluctant to accept any requirement changes during the release. For any such project moving to agile, mindset is required?

A. Understanding the importance of continuous integration feedback in agile project
B. Unlearn the practices of stage wise development and understand the practices of incremental delivery
C. Both of the above

Ans: C

115. Out of the below options, choose the types of jobs that can be performed using Ci(Continuous integration) server

a. Do compilation and run all the tests
b. Perform static code analysis and report code quality metrics
c. Execute integration tests
d. Deployment into test servers or production

Ans: A,b and d only

116.Testers will have minimal role in the projects where test driven development is adopted as the programmer write the test cases in the approach.

ANS – false

117.Testers will have minimal role in the projects where test driven development is adopted as the programmer write the test cases in the approach.

ANS – false

118.what are the challenges faced by the testers who has newly joined in agile project?

a. Difficult in creating test cases as requirements are captured in limited documentation
b. Adopting to ‘One team’ mindset instead of demarcation of developer and testers
c. Starting the testing activities early in the sprint with limited set of software source code.
d. All of the Above.

Ans: d

119.Which are the key benfit(s) of refactoring?

A. It helps to remove long methods and long class
B. It helps to improve the design of existing code
C. It helps to modularize the code
D. It improves the non-functional attribute of code

Ans: C B

120.While testing a scenario/user story you find that you need to take input from a server/application where you don’t have access. What would you do?

ANS – Create A simulated object of the server/application and take input from that(mocking)

121.You have a very long method having complicated logic implementation done inside with many local variables which refactoring method will you chose it

ANS – Replace method with method object.

122.Which of the following activities related to automation are necessary during course of agile project?

a) Maintain the automation scripts in a repository
b) Constantly updating the scripts based on changes done by development team
c) Product owner reviewing all the scripts

Ans: ALL

123.You have a sprint which last for 3 weeks how many hours will be your sprint planning meeting

A. Less than an hour
B. 3-4 hours
C. 3-4 weeks

Ans: B

124.The agile project team members are giving a demo of the software to the stake holders at end of the sprint. What is this a meeting known as

A. Sprint Review meeting
B. Daily Stand up meeting
C. Sprint Retrospective meeting
D. Sprint planning meeting

Ans: A

125.Suma’s suggestions and ideas goes unnoticed during the sprint meetings even though she is technically brilliant. What would you suggest her to do.

A. Articulate ideas in better way
B. Ask her to stop commenting/speaking in meetings

Ans: A

126.Following user story is getting discussed in a sprint planning meeting. “As retailer consumer, I want an online search feature so that I can search my shops ping cart items quickly and easily”As a developer in this project, what inferences would you derive from this user story?

Ans: Good, But need clarification on quick and easy for Ul testing and the search feature control

127.Team had done estimation on adding the feature of shopping cart for adding one product Now the user story says we want to add more than one item in the cart What would be the teams
way of giving estimate.

A. Relative to the earlier estimation made.
B. Appoint a new expert to get an answer on this.

Ans: A

128.Which of the following is true on sprint planning and estimation

A. Only developer should prepare estimate for both dev and testing
B. Tester and dev have to prepare separate estimates
C. Both together have to sit and discuss as a team

Ans: C

129.During the sprint One stakeholder comes to u and asks u for a change in UI, What would you do?

A. Discuss with Product Owner and see on which sprint we can take this change
B. Discuss with scrum master only
C. Discuss among team

Ans: A

130.SONAR is a tool for which of the following

A. Build tool
B. Static code analysis tool
C. Build repositories
D. Cl server

Ans: B

131.You have not auth to buy a commercial tool for Automating your deployment. Which one will you use

ANS – Jenkins /Hudson

132.While testing in Agile projects, which of the following techniques are useful?

a. Automation
b. Moscow
c. Exploratory

Ans: A, B and C

133.ALM (Application life cycle Management tool in Agile projects can be used for

A. Managing product backlog
B. Sprint planning and tracking
C. Managing project Artifacts
D. All the above

Ans: D

134.Roles in extreme programming (XP) are defined as

A. Customer, programmers, coach, Tracker
B. Customer, Developer, tester, vendor
C. Customer, Team, Mentor, vendor
D. Customer, Engineer, Quality Analyst, Coach

Ans: A

135.Which of the following is a benefit of implementing Test Driven Development?

A. Challenges the design at every step thus ensuring the design grows more stable
B. Acts a safety net when programmer performs refactoring
C. Delivers the work in a single way to avoid complexity
D. All of the above

Ans: D

136.customer collaboration over Contract negotiations what does it mean

ANS – Giving more preference to the customer interactions/involvement than contracts

137.Unit testing is NOT recommended for agile project because it practices the Build automation, Continuous integration, and Refactoring

ANS – False

138.Which of the following is not an unit testing Tool

A. Nunit
B. Junit
C. ClearCases

Ans: C

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