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1.How to reset updated files data to any older commit in git?

Ans – get checkout <olderCommitID>

2.An engineer must limit management access to the Cisco ACI fabric that originates from a single subnet where the NOC operates. Access should be limited to SSH and HTTPS only Where should the policy be configured on the Cisco APIC to meet the requirements?

  1. policy in the management tenant
  2. ACL on the console interface
  3. ACL on the management interface of the APIC
  4. policy on the management VLAN

Ans: 1

3.Which Cisco APIC configuration prevents a remote network that is not configured on the bridge domain from being learned by the fabric?

  1. enable Limit IP Learning to Subnet
  2. enable Unicast Routing
  3. enable IP Data-plane Learning
  4. enable ARP Flooding to BD

Ans: 1

4.New ESXi hosts are procured in a data center compute expansion project An engineer must update the configuration on the Cisco APIC controllers to support the addition of the new servers to the existing VMM domain. Which action should be taken to support this change?

  1. Create a range ot internal VLANs in the associated VLAN pool.
  2. Set the encapsulation mode as VXLAN.
  3. Enable infrastructure VLAN in the associated AEP.
  4. Map the leaf interface selector to the AEP that is associated with the VMM domain.

Ans: 4

5. Containers are useful from whom?

Ans – Devops

6.Default inventory is the only way to provide list of hosts?

Ans – true

7. Which of the following module is there to install-umnstall package?

  1. Yum
  2. Apt
  3. Install
  4. Command
  5. 2 and 3

Ans: 1

8.Ansible works in______way.

Ans – Sequential way with client software reply

9.Which feature dynamically assigns or modifies the EPG association of virtual machines based on their attributes?

Ans – Standard contracts

10.Containers internally are…………..based

Ans – linux

11.Containers are docker and docker are containers True or False

Ans -true

12.Docker Machine Manage virtual hosts that use

Ans – Graphical user interface

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