Advanced statistic and probability Question Answer

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Q1.Application layer is responsible for ________

Answer : Applying business logic for a given requirement

Q2.What are the features of multivariate random variable?

Answer : Both the options

Q3.________ is an example of Multivariate analysis in which relationship exists between a dependent variable and independent variable/variables

Answer : Partial Least Squares Regression

Q4.Probability mass function is also known as ______

Answer : Probability density function

Q5.Multivariate data analysis is an application of _________

Answer : All the options

Q6.What are the characteristics of Markov process?

Answer : Both the options

Q7.What is data analysis?

Answer : All the options

Q8.If the area under the PDF curve is zero, then ________

Answer : probability = 0

Q9.Least number of coordinates required to showcase a point is ________

Answer : Dimension

Q10.Use of only one variable to describe the data is known as __

Answer : Univariate data analysis

Q11.What is estimation?

Answer : Both of these

Q12.What is prior probability?

Answer : Probability distribution done with a lack of evidence.

Q13.Principal component analysis reduces __.

Answer : Large number of correlated variables

Q14.What is box kernel density estimate?

Answer : Block in the histogram is centered over the data points

Q15.Stochastic variables are also known as __.

Answer : Random variables

Q16.What is Random walk?

Answer : We cannot predict the outcome in advance.

Q17.What are kernels?

Answer : All

Q18.What is density estimation?

Answer : It estimates probability density function.

Q19.If time space or state space is discrete, ______

Answer : Markov process can be termed as discrete-time Markov chains

Q20.What is Kernel density estimation?

Answer : It is the implementation of non – parametric density estimation.

Q21.In box kernel density estimation, _____

Answer : The histogram is centered over the data points.

Q22.Lurking variable remains _______

Answer : Hidden during the analysis

Q23.What is posterior probability?

Answer : Conditional probability of the event after the evidence is taken into the consideration!

Q24.We use ________ in histogram for sub intervals.

Answer : bins

Q25.What is the drawback of using Kernel density estimation’s Histogram method?

Answer : plot is not smooth

Q26.What is done when a new data in the sub Interval is added?

Answer : one bin added

Q27.Amalgamation paradox is also known as________.

Answer : Simpson’s

Q28.Pattern such as group or trend in the data table can not be studied using Multivariate data analysis.

Answer : Incorrect

Q29.What is multivariate statistics?

Answer : All options

Q30.Multivariate data analysis is application of_____.

Answer : All options

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