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What are the responsibilities of the Change Control Board? Choose exactly
TWO correct options.

Review and authorize changes to the baselines.

Monitor changes and updates to the project requirements as part of CM.

Mr. Vincent is the Configuration Manager for one project in Accenture. He has
to identify and establish Configuration Items. Assume that you are Mr. Vincent
and select the steps involved while identifying and establishing CIs mentioned
A. Determine CI Categories.
B. Determine CM Control Levels.
C. Determine CI Tools.
D. Determine CI Naming Conventions.

Ans – A,B,C,D,F

When you are choosing Custom Vs Package implementation, which factors
would you want to consider ?

The correct answers are: Historical Factors, Product Availability

The trend of work remaining across time in a sprint, a release, or a product,
with work remaining tracked on the vertical axis and the time periods tracked
on the horizontal axis is called?

The correct answer is: Burndown Chart

What are various lines of businesses that Accenture Delivery Suite (ADS)

The correct answer is: Technology, Digital, Operations, Security, and Strategy

Identify the order of steps for code review process.
a. Conduct a review
b. Plan for a review
c. Resolve review points
d. Validate resolutions

The correct answer is: b, e, a, c, d, f

What are the three security features match the Server level security ?

The correct answer is: All of them

Identify the state that refers High degree of Coupling

The correct answer is: Small change can break your code and this could have
a disastrous effect on your application

Once the Configuration Management team determines the appropriate level
of CM control. ABC Utility is trying to determine which CM Tool to use. Assume
that you are part of CM team and select the appropriate tool to use. Choose
exactly THREE correct options.

The correct answers are: PVCS(Poly Version Control System), Mercurial, VSS
(Visual SourceSafe)

What are guidelines that needs to be followed for managing bottlenecks
during optimization ?

The correct answers are: Increase memory space to make the program
efficient in terms of speed., Do performance testing on critical methods
carrying business logic., Identifying benefits of implementing complex
algorithm does not outweigh the time taken to create it.

Which of the following tasks will be performed by the Configuration Manager?
Choose exactly THREE correct options.

The correct answers are: Tracks and Reports on CM status and audits., Plans
Configuration Management, Attends and facilitates CCB meetings.

Code Review process involves which of the following steps:

The correct answers are: Plan for a review, Prepare for a review, Resolve review

Which SOLID principle represents the following statement ” the vehicle is an
abstract for truck and bike”?

The correct answer is: Liskov Substitution Principle

Sohini is a new developer on XYZ e-commerce project. She has a written a
piece of code for handling errors that may occur because of non availability
of product in a cart already added earlier. Her first task is to define these issue
under a suitable category. Identify the correct category from the following

The correct answer is: Business Exceptions

What are the three security features match the Database level security ?

The correct answer is: Schemas, Users, Roles

What are the ADM 5 main focus areas?

The correct answers are: Management, Planning

Shyam created container images considering his project environment
requirement. Which cloud based registry enables capability of hosting private
and public content(images).

The correct answer is: Docker Hub

When we try to push the changes into github.com using git, few git
commands need to be executed. Identify the right order of execution of the
following git commands.

The correct answer is: git addgit commit -m “Commenting”git push

TrustComm is a telephone network that is in need of bringing up
communication infrastructure on Cloud Service Provider’s equipment to offer
VoIP to their customers. This telephone network must be fault-tolerant.If you
are a cloud solution architect, which XaaS you suggest to TrustComm ?

The correct answer is: CaaS

What does VSM tool help reduce?

The correct answer is: All of the above

Before using the “git commit” command, in the source code, if sensitive
information is identified, in which order the actions to be performed to secure
those sensitive data?

A. Use functions in code to read sensitive information from cfg file
B. Copy the sensitive information to a cfg file

C. Add the cfg file to .gitignore file
D. Identify the sensitive information in IDE.

The correct answer is: DBCA

John, the product owner, in consultation with his stakeholders, has arrived at
four features that are of same priority. The stakeholders are of the opinion that
all those features are of equal significance. Which of the following can John
do, in this context?

The correct answer is: Consult with the Development Team and still arrive at a
priority among these features

For handling errors in ABC project code base, Sam has been assigned task for
creating exceptions. Which guidelines he must follow while writing exceptions?

The correct answers are: Always handle the exception as it is an unusual event
that may occur., Create new types of exceptions to handle any kind of
situation if need be.

Identify the responsibilities of a DBA which includes

The correct answer is: All of the above

When an user can fall victim of cross site scripting?

The correct answer is: All of the above

“This pattern evaluates scenarios where you need just one object and you
don’t want to create multiple objects of that particular class. Or simply put
restricting construction of more than one object”Which pattern is it?

The correct answer is: Singleton pattern

Mythili would like to create an application environment in order to deploy and
manage applications in an automated way. Which AWS service suits for the

The correct answer is: Elastic Bean Stalk (EBS

Identify the CORRECT options for Stress Testing.

The correct answers are: Test software under extreme load conditions,
Commonly used to test high availability solutions

What is the best approach in Design Patterns in coding?

The correct answer is: Writing codes with the lowest possible coupling and the
highest possible cohesion.

How does View enhance data security?

The correct answer is: By only allowing users to access to columns they
require instead of entire table

Which of the following mitigation techniques can be adopted to avoid Broken
Authentication & Session Management problems?

  1. Encryption
  2. Output Encoding
  3. Hardening user account management
  4. Configuring the appropriate session timeout values

The correct answer is: 3 and 4

What are the components of Accenture Delivery Suite (ADS)?

The correct answer is: Methods & Estimators, Tools, Architecture, Metrics

Accenture DevOps Platform (ADOP) is a cloud-hosted development and
operations environment that can be used for which of the following
continuous process. Choose three most appropriate options.

The correct answers are: Testing, Release, Monitoring

Mr.Anthony is the Configuration Manager for the ABC Utility. He has to plan
Configuration Management. Planning CM has a set of sequential steps
associated with it. Assume that you are part of CM Team and arrange the
steps which are mentioned below in the sequential order while planning CM.
A. Levels of Control
B. Selecting CIs
C. Determining categories of CM
D. Naming Conventions
E. Configuration Items(CIs)

The correct answer is: C,A,E,D,B

The Scrum Development Team is getting ready to start their Agile execution. In
the current release, 8 sprints have been planned. The team wants to give the
product owner, a picture of what are they planning to do in the current
release. To start this, they need to decide on the goal of each sprint. When are
the Sprint goals identified?

The correct answer is: During planning of the respective sprint

While doing TDD, Which of the following is recommended?

The correct answer is: Tests to be frequently run for effectiveness

What is the website to access Accenture Delivery Suite(ADS)?

The correct answer is: https://in.accenture.com/accenturedeliverysuite/

What is feature integration sprint?

The correct answer is: A final sprint within the release for performing
integration & regression testing

Which are the common coding situations that Developers come across
frequently from below?

The correct answer is: All Of the above

What is the key benefit of the least privilege approach to security?

The correct answer is: It results in the tasks being completed quicker

Which global policy of Accenture does ADS meet?

The correct answer is: Policy 0011

Which of the following statements are correct about coding best practices
and coding standards?

The correct answers are: Coding best practices are collection of good
programming practices and experiences, which involve the use and
improvement of coding standards., Coding standards improve the
consistency and reliability of the code by eliminating personal styles and by
bringing symmetry to the application code, irrespective of the developers
involved., Deliver High Quality Code

Which GRASP principle talks about, who should be responsible for creating
new objects or use other objects in your program or your system ?

The correct answer is: Creator

Mr Jane is supporting a web application which processes 500 requests daily.
Suddenly one night when Jane was in night shift he got a P1 ticket. Customer
complaining that application is not accessible. Jane and his team started
doing analysis and found that approximately 600 requests came in the night
and his application was not capable for handling the load. Which type of
testing needs to be performed to avoid this situation.

The correct answer is: All of the above

If any team member, accidentally, pushed the sensitive information in their
project’s private github.com repository, what should be the step he/she has to
take immediately?

The correct answers are: Report the issue to ASOC and his/her manager
immediately., Remove the sensitive information from github.com and delete
the version history immediately.

People if need to change the appearance change the hair style, clothes and
apparels but may the person itself. Which SOLID principle does the above
quote satisfy?

The correct answer is: Open Closed Principle

How to ensure reusability of code in a project?

The correct answers are: Sometimes you do this by breaking it into multiple
independent blocks, Having loosely coupled system, No dependable modules

Ms. Richa has to write a POC that proposes the DevOps adoption into the
project that is currently handled with traditional waterfall model. Which among the following points you think Ms. Richa can quote in his POC that
defines DevOps process?

The correct answers are: Establishes better communication and collaboration,
Focuses on controlling change, Based on Agile and Lean Principles

What happens when the sprint is cancelled?

The correct answer is: The completed Sprint Backlog items are evaluated for a
release, and incomplete items are put back into the Product Backlog.

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