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_____________is a central place to administer your organization’s account.

ans)Office 365 Admin Center

One can have a quick overview of the organisational`s service health and usage from____________


One can buy additional subscriptions from__________________

ans)Purchase Services

The Default Domain in Office 365 is_________________________


The Import option in Office 365 Admin Center is used for______________

ans)importing PST and SharePoint Data from an organisation

From where one can setup SSO and AD Synchronisation?

ans)Users->Active Users

The status will be__________for an user which has been created in Office 365 itself

ans)In Cloud

One can add a custom domain to office 365 from___________________


what is the file format for creating Bulk users in Office 365?


the deleted user account will be Recoverable till how many days?


users synced from On-Prem AD will be showing as_______________

ans)synced from active directory

the tool used for fixing active directory errors is___________


one can restore deleted users upto a period of_______________

ans)30 days

the default time interval for AD synchronisation is_________

ans)3 hours

Groups in Office 365 Admin Center is used for managing

ans)Security Groups

which Public Domain Provider is associated with Office 365?


who manages the domain settings for the DEFAULT domain in Office 365 admin center?


from where one can check the Upcoming Planned maintenance in Office 365?

ans)Service Health->Planned Maintenance

from where one can check which other companies have delegated access to the Office 365?

ans)Users->Partner Relationships

from where one can do the company Branding in Office 365?

ans)company profile->custom theming

from where one can create a Service Request in Office 365


what is default password expiration time in Office 365?

ans)90 days

from where one can add BlackBerry Smartphones in Office365?

ans)Service Settings->Mobile

from where one can access various reports related to the organsation?


from where can one assign license to an user?

ans)Users->active users

once user has been assigned a license, he will be converted from_______to_________

ans)mail user,mailbox user

from where one can change the primary email address of a Cloud


ans)user->active users

from where one can change the Billing Admin for the office 365?


from where one can manage mobile devices?

ans)mobile management

Members of__________ management role group can perform searches of mailboxes in the Exchange organization for data that meets specific criteria.

ans)Discovery mangament

from where one can change the primary email address of an user synced with Active Directory?

ans)exchange Admin Center->Recipient->Mailboxes

from where one can create aDLP policy?

ans)compliance management

from where one can enable archiving for an user?


from where one can set the OWA policy in exchange admin center?


one can create a message trace from______________


one can create a message trace from______________

ans)mail flow

one can create a mail user from___________


a user mailbox can be converted to a shared mailbox from____________


______________mailbox can be used for booking a conference room?

ans)Room Mailbox

from where one can create an In-place ediscovery and hold search?

ans)compliance management

one can view the Quarantine Items under_____________


one can enable free/busy and other calendar information sharing between federated Exchange organizations from______________


Members of _______________management role group have rights to create, manage, and remove Exchange recipient objects.

ans)Recipient Management

one can create new Role Group from__________


Members of_______________management role group can manage Unified Messaging organization, server, and recipient configuration.

ans)UM Management

one can configure IP Allow and Block List from________________

ans)connection filter

one can create New Spam Filter Policy from________________

ans)spam filter

one can add accepted domains from__________________

ans)Office 365 admin center->Domains

one can add Remote Domains from___________________

ans)Exchange Admin Center->mail flow->remote domains

______________________help control the flow of email messages to and from your Office 365 organization


what does MAPI stands for?

ans)Messaging application Programming Interface

what does OWA stands for?

ans)outlook web app

which protocol is used by Outlook Anywhere?

ans)RPC over HTTP

Office 365 is an example of which cloud model?


__ is not included in Office 365?

ans)Microsoft silverlight

Office 365 uses________________for managing users in cloud.

ans)Azure AD

which protocol does a Messaging server uses for synchronisation on Emails on a Mobile Devices?

ans)Exchange Active Sync

which Exchange server role is installed in the Perimeter Network?

ans)Edge Transport

DLP stands for

ans)Data Loss Prevention

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