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21.What does the “pass-through” functionality of a Virtual Reality headset do?

A. enables users to bypass security restrictions and connect to other virtual networks
B. allows participants to pass through walls while navigating through virtual environments
C. creates virtual boundaries that keep the user oriented and grounded within a physical space
D. sees real-world items in the user’s area and displays them in the headset view

Ans: D

22.What is the main concept behind foveated rendering?

A. expanding the field of view for an immersive experience
B. increasing frame rate to reduce occurrence of motion sickness
C. tracking eye position to know where to focus on details
D. treating all digital images with equal accuracy for best quality

Ans: C

23.How does Virtual Reality help to make work experiences more inclusive?

A. It facilitates in-person interaction by requiring all participants to be in the same office.
B. It reduces inherent biases by letting participants be and look like whoever they want.
C. It ensures equal experiences by requiring all users to have the same model of headset.
D. It enhances the sense of immersion by tracking users’ movements on camera at all times

Ans: A

24.What does the term “Metaverse” refer to

A the central database that stores users’ personal information
B the technology used to connect Extended Reality devices to the internet
C a model of a Virtual Reality headset with advanced capabilities
D a virtual world where people, places, and things interact

Ans: D

25.What enables a Virtual Reality headset to create a three-dimensional perspective for the user?

A. displaying slightly different views for each eye
B. using exceptionally high video resolution
C. tracking the user’s location with GPS technology
D. being permanently connected to the internet

Ans: A

26.Which two features are most important for Virtual Reality to provide a smooth and
enjoyable experience for the user?

A. advanced hardware and apps
B. frame rate and latency
C. controllers and battery life
D. data input and bandwidth

Ans: B

27.What is a defining feature of the Metaverse?

A. It will allow users to cross over from one experience to another.
B. lt will provide better spatial mapping for gaming experiences.
C. lt will enable users to bypass security controls across virtual spaces.
D. lt will allow Virtual Reality worlds to be more easily accessed with a mobile device.

Ans: A

28.A large retail company hires several new joiners and would like to incorporate
Virtual Reality (VR) into their onboarding process.
N Which approach would best utilize VR for this purpose?

A. a 360-degree online tour of the retail store
B. an application that enables online contract signing
C. a simulated experience interacting with customers
D. an animated video that covers compliance training

Ans: C

29.How does Mixed Reality expand on Augmented Reality?

A. by completely replacing the user’s view with a virtual environment
B. by converting the real-world view into a 2D graphical rendering
C. by running off a headset rather than a mobile phone application
D. by enabling real-time interaction between real and virtual objects

Ans: D

30.A Customer is interested in purchasing new furniture for their living room. Using a a special app that utilizes the camera to mobile phone. the customer opens overlay different furniture options. Which type of technology is this an example of?

A. Alternate Reality
B. Augmented Reality
C. Virtual Reality
D. Simulated Reality

Ans: B

31.A retail customer is using Augmented Reality filters in an app to visualize how a new makeup product will look. What is the main benefit for the customer?

A. a personalized experience that allows trying a product from anywhere before buying
B. a way to buy new products online that is faster and less expensive
C. a way to send personal product preferences to other companies
D. an experience that could lead to product discounts and private sales

Ans: A

32.A client in the manufacturing industry approaches Accenture with an interest in using Extended Reality (XR) for their business.
What is a unique way Accenture could demonstrate our XR capabilities to this

A. Take the client through a virtual space built to reflect the client’s specific industry.
B. Show the client a standardized Virtual Reality offering built identically for all industries.
C. Connect the client with an external vendor who can build them a fully customized solution.
D. Provide the client with state-of-the-art Virtual Reality headsets free of charge

Ans: A

33.What does the frame rate of a Virtual Reality headset indicate?

A. the resolution and quality of the display
B. the number of users connected to the application
C. the strength of the device’s internet connection
D. the number of images displayed per second

Ans: C

34.A user logs in to a virtual world and creates an animated character representing
themselves, which they thern use to move throughout the world and interact with
other characters and objects.
What is this type of character called?

A. an emoji
B. an avatar
C. a controller
D. a bot

Ans: B

35.How has the widespread shift to remote work caused businesses to reconsider their use of Extended Reality (XR)?

A. It has required companies to use highly standardized sets of XR devices to ensure compatibility

B. It has inspired companies to re-imagine employee experiences and engagement with XR capabilities.
C. It has enabled companies to fully eliminate conventional computers in favor of XR devices.
D. It has increased employee training costs, as the price of XR equipment is greater than that of travel.

Ans: B

36.How have Cloud and 5G helped make Extended Reality (XR) technology more
accessible to a wide audience?

A.by providing a more flexible and affordable way to render quality images at high speeds
B. by requiring users to upgrade their headsets with new graphic processing units
C. by using blockchain databases to track and
manage user activity within XR environments
D. by making XR applications and devices increasingly reliant on tethered connections

Ans: A

37.What does the “mesh” do in Augmented Reality?

A. lt provides a filter to overlay digital images on top of objects.
B. It allows effects to be added in the room or on the objects.
C. It displays images as if viewed through a screen door.
D. It creates realistic-looking objects within a virtual world

Ans: B

38.How could Accenture’s relationship to Extended Reality be described?

A. initial caution mixed with gradual experimentation of new possibilities
B. increased collaboration with manufacturers to create new hardware
C. early exploration that creates an established foothold in new territory
D. allowing competitors take the lead and adopting their successful strategies

Ans: C

Q39.A mobile phone apps asks the user to point the phone’s camera at a room and then applies the phone’s LIDAR scanning function What does this technology do?

Ans – messures distances between objects to create a virtual representation of the room

Q40.How door, the room scalp’ mode of Virtual Reality (VP) work

ANS – The user walks around a physical space and their movements are mirrored in the virtual environment.

Q41.What advantage does Virtual Reality provide when compared to conventional meetings using applications such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom?

A.It makes it easier for team members to multi-task during meetings.

B.It is less expensive to implement than conventional Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings.

C.It enables more realistic graphics that guarantee meetings are more engaging.

D.lt affects the human brain in ways more similar to an in-person experience

Ans: D

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