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Q1.Which of the following merit of Jenkins?

A For each code commit changes an automatic build report notification generate

B.Build failures are cached at integration stage

C. To notify developers about build report success or failure, it is integrated with LDAP mail server ateris09

D.All of the above

Ans: d

Q2. Junit is a

b. End to end functional testing framework

d: Performance testing framework

c. Unit testing framework

a. automated build tool

Ans: c

Q3. Staging area in CloudEndure is used for

A. Replicating data from source

B. Performing data rescan from source in case of any interruption encountered

C.Launchingachine with latest snapshot erial

D. Both a & b

Ans: a b

Q4. What are the main operations performed through TCP port 443?

A. Connecting the Source machines to the Console and displaying their replication status

B. Monitoring the Source machines for internal troubleshooting and the use of resource consumption metrics (CPU, RAM)

C. Both a & b

Ans: c

Q5. CloudEndure Agent Installation Status can be viewed in CloudEndure Console from

A. Machine Actions

b.Machine Dashboard

C.Event log

D. Job Progress

Ans: a

Q6. Each Project in CloudEndure console has its own Installation Token.

ans – true

Q7. Sonarqube is a

a. metrics tool

c. code coverage tool

b. static analysis tool

d. All the above

Ans: d

Q8. Container technology replaces Virtualization?

Ans – Yes

Q9. What is the full form of CI?

A. Constant Integration

C.Comprises Integration

B.Continuous Integration

D.None of these

Ans: b

Q10. Which of the following comprises in Continuous Integration?

A. Database Integration

B Development and Compilation

D.All of the above

C Unit Testing

Ans: d

Q11. Select the command used in Ubuntu to start a service by name nginx

A. service nginx start

B. none

C.systemctl nginx start

d. all the above

e. service start nginx

Ans: d

Q12. CloudEndure is available as?

A. Saas

B. PaaS

C. lac

D. laas

Ans: d

Q13. CloudEndure Project name is updated over CloudEndure console under

A. Setup & Info > Replication Settings

B. Setup & Info > Other Settings

C. Project Actions

D. Blueprint

Ans: b

Q14. Which one of these is the webpage link to CloudEndure?




D. None

Ans: c

Q15. What do you mean by Jenkins?

A. Jenkins is an open source Continuous and Integration tool

B.Jenkins is an open source Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Tool.

C.Jenkins is an open source Continuous and only Continuous Delivery Tool

D.None of these

Ans: b

Q16. Identify the command used in Unix/Linux/Mac to copy a file within the same system

a.scp /home/rps/Downloads/myfile.txt rps@rpslab:/home/rps/myfile.txt

d. sftp /home/rps/Downloads/myfile.txt rps@rpslab:/home/rps/myfile.txt

b. cp/home/rps/Downloads/myfile.txt /home/rps/myfile.txt

C. ssh /home/rps/Downloads/myfile.txt /home/rps/myfile.txt

Ans: b

Q17. Identify the Cl tools?

A. Jenkins

D.All of the above


B.Travis Cl

Ans: d

Q18. The replicated data is decrypted before being copied to the disks in the Staging area.

Ans – true

Q19. Communication between Source and CloudEndure Service Manager over TCP Port 443 can be established through

A. Direct communication between the Source machines and the Service Manager

B. None

C. Indirect communication by using a proxy

D. Both a & b

Ans: a

Q20. Server level configurations like subnet, IAM role, IP. Tags etc are updated in CloudEndure console for each machine under

A. Setup & Info

B. Job Progress

C. Machine Actions

D. Blueprint

Ans: a

Q21. Recommended setting for setting up subnet by CloudEndure are

A. One for Staging Area

B. Only b

C. Both a & b

D. One for Target

Ans: c

Q22. XL Release (XLR) is

A. is an end-to-end pipeline orchestrator for DevOps and continuous delivery

b. automation solution that allows non-experts to perform application

c. both

d. none

Ans: c

Q23.Job Progress shows progress on which of the machine actions

A. Cutover/Test Cutover

B. Delete Target machine

C.Replication status

D. Both a & b

Ans: c

Q24. Jacoco is a

a. testing framework

d. code coverage plugin

b. static analysis tool

c. metrics tool

Ans: d

Q25. CloudEndure can be used to migrate which of the following?

A. Virtual servers

B. Physical servers

C. Both a & b

D. None

Ans: c

Q26. When the data replication is completed in CloudEndure console, the status for Data Replication Progress is reflected as


B. Continuous Data Protection

C. Both a & c

D. Has lag

Ans: b

Q27. What is the package manager used in Ubuntu?. Select all the correct answers.

a. apt

d. Rpm

b. apt-get

c. yum

Ans: a c

Q28. What is the full form of CD?

A. Continuous Delivery

C.Construct Delivery

D.None of these

B.Constant Delivery

Ans: a

Q29. Maven is a

a.Continuous Integration build server

b.Build tool

C.Automated build server


d. All the above

Ans: d

Q30. Communication between Staging area and CloudEndure Console occurs over

A.Port 443

B. Both a & b

C. None

D. Port 1500

Ans: a

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