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XR and Metaverse Objective type question and answers dump handy for cracking any MNC Question bank.

1.How is a game like Pokemon Go an example of Augmented Reality?

A.The digital environment is made to look very realistic.
B.The user must have wearable technology to play.
C.The digital images completely replace the real world.

D.The user overlays digital content with the real world.

Ans: D

2.The newest model of a car features technology that scans the surrounding
environment and projects information through an interface on the windshield,
which the driver can then interact with.
Which type of technology would this be an example of?

A. Augmented Reality
B. Alternate Reality
C. Mixed Reality
D. Virtual Reality

Ans: A

3.Why is haptic feedback important?

A. It helps with a sense of presence for a better immersive experience.
B. It helps eyes to focus when there is a lot of contrasting light.
C. It monitors the field of view and adjusts accuracy of digital images.
D. It creates a mesh for a better view of the surrounding space.

Ans: A

4.How could the manufacturing sector utilize Extended Reality?

ANS – Create prototype of new products without wasting resources.

5.What is a key features of mixed reality?

ANS – The content detects and interacts with the environment

6.A utility company hires Accenture to improve training and experiences for utility workors. What is one way Accenture can use Virtual Reality as a solution?

A. Demonstrate how technology can be used for Improved energy efficiency.
B. Provide real-time monitoring of workers while at dangerous sites.
C. Develop immersive training on how to conduct power line inspections.
D. Use improved data collection to ensure that safety measure are being met.

Ans: C

7.Within a virtual world, what does I he term “avatar” refer to?

A. the software platform on which the virtual world is programmed
B. a character representing a real person In the virtual world
C. a dedicated server that hosts the virtual world in a region

Ans: B

8.What is a potential benefit of applying Extended Reality solutions to surgical science?

A.It allows the visualization of vital information in real time, during surgical procedures.
B. It estimates the anesthesia required by calculating a patient’s body mass index (BMI).
C. It predicts the amount of healing time needed based on medication and scan

Ans: A

9.When it conies to Extended Reality (XR) in business, what fact differentiates
Accenture from other companies?

A. Accenture offers a one-size-fits-all set of XR services to all clients regardless of industry.
B. Accenture has designed its own exclusive Virtual Reality headset to share with our diamond clients.
C. Accenture and Microsoft are currently the only two companies who can provide and support a holistic XR service.
D. Accenture has acquired Microsoft’s XR division to create a new platform which will change the way businesses interact.

Ans: A

10.What does the frame rate of a Virtual Realty headset indicate?

A. the strength of the devices internet connection
B the number of user’s connected to the application
C the number of images displayed per second
D the resolution end quality of the display

Ans: C

11.A social service agency hires Accenture to improve training and experiences for
caseworkers What is one way Accenture can use Virtual Reality as a solution?

A. Provide real-time documentation of workload and out-of-pocket expenditures.
B. Use improved security monitoring to ensure that interactions with clients are safe.
C. Provide customized language and cultural training to improve interactions with clients.
D. Develop interactive scenarios to build skills In observation and decision-making.

Ans: D

12.What is a defining feature of the Metaverse?

A It will allow users to cross over from one experience to another
B It will provide bettor spatial mapping for getting expeneces
C It will enable users to bypass security controls across virtual spaces
D It will allow Virtual Reality worlds to be more early accessed with a mobile devices

Ans: D

Q13.A Real estate company wants to reduce its workload and allow prospective buyers to view properties from home. Which technology can be used to create a walkthrough that immerses the buyer into the home space?

ANS – Virtual Reality

Q14.What distinguishes Accenture as a holistic provider of Extended Reality (XR) services?

A our unique combination of strategic assets, capabilities, and partnerships
B the money we have invested in extended devices for internal use
C a requirement that all of our clients rapidly adopt XR technologies
D our internally developed series of Virtual Reality headsets

Ans: A

Q15.What is the vibrating or buzzing of a hand controller known as?

A lidar scanning
B foveated rendering
C haptic feedback
D spatial mapping

Ans: C

Q16.Which situation demonstrates an example of Augmented Reality?

A. using a Snapchat filter to overlay graphics on a phone’s camera feed
B. using a text-to-speech application to type a Facebook post
C. connecting a wireless controller to a video game console
D. getting directions to a location using a vehicle’s on-board GPS system

Ans: D

Q17.What is a way Virtual Reality can be used in the construction industry?

A. to implement an agile approach that speeds up legal paperwork
B. to reduce project budgets by eliminating contracting
C. to allow customers to change plans frequently after design
D. to enable 3D virtual walk-throughs of buildings and sites

Ans: D

Q18.What are the most important benefits of using Virtual Reality in business training?

A. increased memory retention and decreased cost
B. high video resolutions and ultra-realistic graphics
C. collecting users’ personal data for marketing purposes
D. compliance with travel and security regulations

Ans: D

Q19.What advantage does Virtual Reality provide when compared to conventional meetings using applications such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom?

A. It affects the human brain in ways more similar to an in-person experience.
B. It is less expensive to Implement than conventional Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings.
C. It enables more realistic graphics that guarantee meetings are more engaging.
D. It makes it easier for team members to multi-task during meetings.

Ans: A

Q20.Why has Extended Reality (XR) recently become more common in the business world?

A. Government regulations prohibited use of XR technology until just the last few years.
B. Employees were not interested in using XR for their work activities until recently
C. Individual users have much more money to spend on personal XR devices than before.
D. The technology to create large-scale XR experiences was less affordable before now.

Ans: D

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  1. What does the “pass-through” functionality of a Virtual Reality headset do?

    A. Sees real-world items in the use’s area and displays them in the headset view
    B. Allows participants to pass through walls while navigating through virtual environments
    C. Creates virtual boundaries that keep the user oriented and grounded within a physical space
    D. Enables users to bypass security restrictions and connect to other virtual networks

  2. Vishal Jadhavsays:

    A mobile phone app asks the user to point the phone’s camera at a room and then applies the phone’s LIDAR scanning function.

    What does this technology do?

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