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51.The command to get ip Address details in windows 10

ANS – ipconfig /all

52.What is sent by DHCP server as response which include IP address and other parameters to be assigned

ANS – DHCP ack 10 sign in screen does not have

ANS – task view event that is generated when a service or device is approaching a threshold is called _________

ANS – warning

55.A group of record is called

ANS – Fields

56._____is a weakness in the system which can be addressed using security path application

ANS – Vulnerability

57.which cable has higher bandwidth of upto several Gbps

ANS – fiber optic cable

58.which of the following is a file system is used in virtual desktop interface


59.password can be set for normal user using the command

ANS – passwd which topology,each computer is directly connected to two other computers in a network

ANS – ring topology the functions defined in service operations

ANS – service desk , Technical mgmt , Application mgmt , IT operations mgmt

62.what is SLA

ANS – service-level agreement

63.which SAN topology provides direct connection between two N and no sharing of media

ANS – switched fabric topology

64.______is windows 10 voice based digital assistant

ANS – cortana

65.server chassis housing multiple thin modular electronic boards are

ANS – blade server

66.linux is an open source OS

ANS – True

67.which database management system is the simplest


68.domain controller is

ANS – central database for storing user account info

69.multicast communication is

ANS – one to group communication

70.A hard disk is divided into tracks which are further subdivided into

ANS – sectors

71.which of the following is the valid host range for the subnet on which IP address resides


72.which is a private IP address?


73.which command is used for creating VLAN ?

ANS- config# vlan 2, config# name HR

74..which of the following is not a primary concern of service strategy

ANS – defining a release plan

75.which of the following malicious program do not replicate automatically

ANS – trojan horse

76.example of infrastructure as a service

ANS – operating system

77.what is the number one concern about cloud computing

ANS – security concerns

78.which of the following are different levels of storage virtualization

ANS – hardware and software level

79.which is not a security threat

ANS – unchanged default password

80.the third field of ls -l command output indicates

ANS – user who owns the file

81.what are customers of IT services who work in the same organization as the service provider known as

ANS – internal customers

82.the most suitable cloud deployment for a small group of organization with shared work

ANS – community cloud

83.what is the weakest vulnerability in organization

ANS – internal employees

84.the term multi-core processing refers to

ANS – processor housing contains two or more cores operating
at same frequency , independently of each other

85.which protocols resolves an IP address to a MAC address


86.FTP server listens for connection on port number

ANS – 21

87.the topology that supports bi-directional link between each possible node is

ANS – mesh

88.which device cannot solve collision problems

ANS – Hubs

89.what command copies the configuration from RAM into NVRAM

ANS – copy running-config startup- config

90.frame check sequence is used for

ANS – to check the particular frame is valid or not

91.which of the following commands sets a trunk port on a 2960 switch

ANS – switchport mode trunk

92.the method of communication in which transmission is bidirectional ,but only one direction at a time is called

ANS – half duplex

93.what type of connectors are used in thinnest coaxical cable

ANS – BNC connectors and T connectors

94.the system LED is amber on a cisco catalyst 2950 series switch. what does this indicate?

ANS – the system is malfunctioning

95.which address identifies a process on a host

ANS – port address

96.which protocol does ping use


97.bandwidth supported by cat5 cable

ANS – 100Mbps

98.each class B network contains how many IP addresses that can be assigned to host

ANS – 65534

99.the cable that transport signals in the form of light

ANS – fiber optics

100.which switching technology reduces the size of a broadcast domain


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