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1.which of the following resource record types obtains the information a DNS server needs to perform reverse name lookups ?


2.which among these can be used for managing devices in windows 10

ANS – Device management

3.the minimum hardware requirements for installing windows server 2012 are

ANS – 1.4Ghz 64-bit processor,512MB RAM,32GB of disk space

4.a set of values for each attribute for one item is known as

ANS – tuple or record 10 is available in______

ans – both 32 and 64 bit

6.which desktop feature has been included in windows 10 which was not included in windows 8?

ANS – action pane will you identify a failed service in windows 10

ANS – event viewer

8.which is the help command in linux ?

ANS – man

9.which raid level is not fault tolerant


10.the disks locally attached to the server is called_______


11.RAM,Cache,registers are

ANS – primary memory

12.what cables are composed of a glass inner core surrounded by cladding , all encased in an outside jacket

ANS – fiber optics

13.which one these are not an email agent


14.which protocol resolves an IP address to a MAC address?


15.CRT,LED,LCD are

ANS – types of monitors

16.which is not the editions of windows server 2012

ANS – web

17.which of these has to depend primarily on the critical server for processing activities

ANS – thin client can set ip as (True/False)

ANS – no we cannot

19.organization unit is used for grouping the objects in an active directory domain

ANS – 1

20.NNNNNNNN.NNNNNNNN.NNNNNNNN.HHHHHHHH which class of ip does this belong ? where : N = network id bits and H = host id bits

ANS – class C the path mentioned here is

ANS – absolute path

22.which protocol is used in actove directory for authendication


23.the central place to view alerts and take actions in win 10 is

ANS – Action center

24.the DHCP server can provide the __ of the IP address

ANS – all of the mentioned

25.which among this is a PDA

ANS – mobile phone

26.__ provides 64 bit path to the processor


27.what is the max ram supported in win 2012 server r2 ?


28.what is the most important role of BIOS ?

ANS – loading the operatiing system

29.which of the following storage is volatile ?


30.the data in portable hard drives,usb drives can be encrypted using

ANS – bit locker to go

31.DHCP uses port number _____ for server and ______ for client

ANS – 67,68

32.the bigger partition size, security and encryption is better in


33.command for changing user id of the user test user to 2000

ANS – usermod -u 2000 testuser

34.what are the slots are used in PC motherboard to connect external NIC cards

ANS – PCI 10 continuum feature used for

ANS – supporting hybrid laptop-tablet devices

36.what is the service port number of smtp

ANS – 25

37.bandwidth supported by cat5 cable?

ANS – 100Mbps

38.How does server virtualization make a data center more efficient?

ANS – By increasing server utilization rates

39.A NAS solution is most appropriate for what type of data environment

ANS – Shared access

40.mac address is of

ANS – 48 bit

41.which of the backup technology is space efficient

ANS – incremental backup

42.What are customers of IT services who work in the same organization as the service provider known as?

ANS – Internal customers

43.which IP class is reserved for multicasting

ANS – class D

44.which directory contains temporary files and writable by any user

ANS – /tmp

45.which is the home directory of root user

ANS – /root which stage of the boot sequence is kernel image selected ,else it installs the default kernel


47.what is the unique integer identifier of a process in linux called


48.default VLAN id is

ANS – 1

49.What are the Two components of ITIL V3?

ANS – The five core books and the complementary publications

50.A unique 64 bit address used to identify the hba card of each server is


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