Technical Writting Question Answers

Hello friends in this post we are going to discuss about Technical Writting MCQ with answers | Technical Writting Multiple choice questions | Technical Writting Objective type questions | Technical Writting General Question answers

1. Technical writing is same as general writing.

a) True b) False

Ans: b

2. Technical writing demands ______ use of language.

a) figurative b) poetic c) factual d) dramatic

Ans: c

3. Which of these must be avoided in technical writing?

a) Facts b) Grammar c) Punctuation d) Personal feelings

Ans: d

4. Which of these words is used in technical writing?

a) Apex b) Top c) Slanting d) Bottom

Ans: a

5. Which of these is a technical word for slanting ?

a) Lateral b) Sloping c) Tilting d) Bent

Ans: a

6. Familiar words must be used in technical writing.

a) True b) False

Ans: a

7. A scientist gets his special words from ____ language.

a) Latin b) English c) French d) Italian

Ans: a

8. Trigonometry is a ____ word.

a) French b) German c) Indian d) Greek

Ans: d

9. Which of these means bioscope?

a) Math b) Science c) Cinema d) Binoculars

Ans: c

10. Electricity is derived from _____ language.

a) Indian b) Greek c) French d) Italian

Ans: b

11. The most important criteria for effectiv technical writing is…. *

a) Clarity b) Conciseness c) Anecdotes d) Research

Ans: a

12. Visual aids in technical Writing provides…. *

a) Clarification

b) Distraction

c) Clear vision

d) A&C

Ans: d

13. Document design in technical writing, used to, *

a) Access the content easily by audience

b) Brief the content

c) Decorate the content

d) Explain the content

Ans: a

14. A letter regarding offering a job, or promotion classifies as *

a) Good news letter

b) Bad news letter

c) Adjustment letter

d) Official letter

Ans: a

15. Section of purpose and problem is included in.

a) Introduction

b) Outline

c) Summary

d) Description

Ans: a

16. Brain storming plays an important role in pre- writing, making head way in..

a) Gathering data

b) Examining the purpose c) Linear considering

Ans: a

17. KIn order to achieve clarity in technical writing, avoid using….

Easy understandabe words

Adjectives and adverbs

Obscure words

Idioms and phrases

Ans: Obscure words

18. Exchange of ideas between two or more persons is.

 Understanding  Telling  Communication  Listening

Ans: Communication

19. In writing business letter, one has to be…. *

 Dull  Conventional  Friendly  Formal

Ans: Friendly

20. The purpose of writing is…. *

 Persude  Informing  Both a & b

Ans: Both a & b

21. Avoiding plagirism is known as to be law of….

 Copyright  Confidentiality  Courtesy

Ans: Copyright

22. Shortest document among technical writing is known as…

 Report  Website  Summary  Paragraph

Ans: Summary

23. _____means to give clear sense to the reader.

 Clarity  Clearence  Completeness  Option 4

Ans: Clarity

24. In______ We gain all necessary information.

 Completeness  Conciseness  Correctness

Ans: Completeness

25. A good message is always brief, term called as______

 Conciseness  Consuderation  Clarity  Concreteness

Ans: Conciseness

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