Velociq-101 Question Answers

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1. A Process defines basically :

Ans – A running Program Who is doing what when and how to reach a specific goal

2.ISO, CMM, Six Sigma are

Ans – Quality models

3.The International Standard for Quality Assurance ISO 9001 emphasizes on :

Ans – Process Quality

4.Maintenance Process Model is best suited for

Problem resolution on existing software products

Interface modification due to changes in hardware or software environment

Minor functional enhancements or performance improvement of the existing software

5.In Wipro which model representation of CMMI was adopted

Ans – Staged model

6. Achieving the goal of means your product will be defect free to an extent of:

Ans – .4 defects per million opportunities

7._____ is a process of examining whether the process conforms to the defined quality system:

Ans – Audit 

8.All Configuration Audit issues are recorded in ————– and tracked to closure:

Ans – Software Configuration Audit Report (SCAR)

9.The process followed in the software development project should be:

Ans – Tailored ODC specific processes

10. Which of this is a planned mechanism for Defect Prevention?

a. Look Ahead Meetings(doubt please check while answering)

b. PDMR and PMR reviews

c. Customer feedback

d. All of the above

Ans – d

11. Which Lifecycle model emphasizes preparation of plans for validation during the early Life Cycle stages itself?

Ans – V-Process Model

12.You are a Project Engineer who has just joined Wipro. You want to know all your responsibilities as defined by veloci-Q for your role. Where would you go?

Ans – Navigator 

13.Six Sigma measures defects based on:

Ans – Customers perception

14._______________ is a monthly mechanism to track metric trends, exceptions of metrics and ensure Process Improvements in the Business Unit

ans – QICs Look Ahead Meetings

15. Deviations from the stated processes that are identified during the audit are recorded as

ans – Non-Conformances

16. Which of the following can be used to validate the design

ans – Proof Of Concept

17. The FS document may address

A. Functional requirements of the system

B. Interface requirements

C. Environmental constraints

D. All of the above

Ans – D

18. Organisations Customer Focus should meet the needs and expectations of:

Ans – The customers and end users

19. ______ is a mechanism of maintaining the mapping between requirements and products resulting from the requirements.

Ans – Design document

20. The set of actions to be taken to minimize the occurrence of Risk is documented as part of

Ans – Defect Prevention Report

21. veloci-Q has a __ -tier architecture

Ans – Multi-dimensional

22. Which phases of SDLC can be sources for errors?

Ans – RS, Design, CUT, IT, ST & ATRS

23. Which of the below statements is incorrect on shared vision

Ans – Shared vision is evolved from individual goals and objectives

24. Each phase /activity of a life cycle model is represented in veloci-Q by the __ Criteria

Ans – WBS

25. The prevention activities coming out of a LAM is documented in

Ans – Defect Prevention Report

26. Voice Of Customer (VOC) can be used to

Ans – .Prioritize customer requirements

27. The data and information of all previously executed projects are in the:

Ans – Project data bank

28. The CMMI level 5 stage is termed as a :

Ans – Optimizing stage

29. Project Performance Analysis (PPA) is an exercise which examines :

Ans – Lessons learnt and best practices

30. The Six Sigma methodology we use for new product/ process development:


31. This is the testing procedure according to which modules, sub modules are tested and test case verification is done

Ans – Module testing

32. As per veloci-Q, in a project following V process model the activity to define acceptance Test Plan is recommended as part of

Ans – Project Planning phase

33. A Surveillance audit is conducted by:

Ans – External certification agency Project Managers coordinated by SEPG

34. A NCR (Non Conformance Report) signifies :

Ans – Deviation from a stated process

35. Which of the following certifications mandate the use of Audits as a periodic check on compliance?

Ans – ISO 9001:2000

36. taxonomy based checklist is used for

Ans – Risk identification

37.The role of a person who facilitates the six sigma team project to align with the methodology is:

Ans – Champion

38. Choose the odd one: One of the process models NOT suitable for Development

Ans – Conversion/ Porting Process Model

39. Which of the following is not a management review mechanism, where senior management reviews performance of projects/ organization with respect to Quality?

Ans – PIP(Process Improvement Proposal) board meeting

40. Project level internal assessment at PPA stage should be carried out with

Ans – SCAMPI checklist

41. The Assessment methodology defined by SEI for the CMMI model is


42. As per veloci-Q organization structure, the QC in a project reports to

Ans – TM 

43. How many Process Areas are there in CMMI:

Ans – 23

44. Release note is prepared :

Ans – To explain the project closure norms

45. What is the 3rd level in CMMI called?

Ans – Defined 

46. A project can be initiated based on

Ans – the contract signed by the customer

47. The philosophy of “say what you do, do what you say” belongs to

Ans – ISO 

48. The process followed in the software development project should be:

Ans –  Tailored ODC specific processes

49. __ in the CM process represents the snapshot of a set of deliverables at a given point in time

Ans – Configuration Items

50.The vital few problems identified from the Organization level Defect Prevention activities are tracked to closure by initiating

Ans = PIPs

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