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What Machine Learning technique helps in answering the question, Which group does the data belong to?

ans – Clustering

Benefits of MFDM™ include:

Ans – All the options

The skill(s) required to master Data Science is/are __.

ans – Domain, Math and Programming Knowledge

A Machine Learning technique that helps in detecting the outliers in data.

ans – Anamoly Detection

Machine Learning is a subset of

Ans – Artificial Intelligence

The MFDM™ Framework constitutes __.

Ans – All the options

“Scenario: Number of calories burnt is calculated based on the hours of exercise.Which is the Response variable in this scenario?”

Ans – No. of calories burnt

The __ process of NLP normalizes words into base or root form.

ans – Stemming

__ involves analyzing a large amount of data to extract knowledge and insight,leading to actionable decisions.

ans – Data Science

Application of Unsupervised Learning include(s) __ .

ans – All the options

The __ stage of the CRISP-DM process focuses on understanding the objectives and requirements of a project.

ans – Business Understanding

Unsupervised learning refers to algorithms that are provided with labeled data.

ans – FALSE

Machine Learning is a subset of Deep Learning.

ans – FALSE

The MFDM™ Execution Model life cycle has __ phases.

ans – Three

“Scenario: You are given some news articles to group into sets that have the same story.Which type of learning would you suggest to address this issue?”

ans – UnSupervised (Não é Supervised)

The __ stage of the Data Science process helps in exploring and determining patterns from data.

Ans – Exploratory Data Analysis

A part of Machine Learning where an agent learns to behave optimally, by performing actions that will either be rewarded or punished.

Ans – Reinforcement Learning

__ is a Digital Merchandising suite.

Ans- TCS Optumera

Grammatical words in sentences are called __,

Ans – Última opção PoS

A Python package used in text analysis and natural language processing.

Ans – NLTK

The __ stage of the Data Science process helps in converting raw data to a machine-readable format.

Ans – Data Cleaning

Which among the following is not an application of Natural Language Programming (NLP)?

Ans – Market Basket Analysis

Regression problems aid in predicting __ outputs.

Ans – Continuous only

__ is the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of data used in an enterprise.

Ans – Data Governance

Machine Learning is a subset of __.

Ans – Artificial Intelligence

Lemmatization helps in morphological analysis of words.

Ans – TRUE

The key feature(s) of Ignio™ include(s) __________

Ans – All the options

Training data is used in model evaluation.

Ans – False

Which of the following programming language(s) help in developing AI solutions?

Ans – all the options

Non-biological entities exhibiting complex, goal-oriented behavior is called __.

Ans – Artificial Intelligence

Which among the following is NOT a stage in the CRISP DM model?

Ans – Customer Acceptance

Why is AI gaining importance currently?

Ans – All the options

In the three evolutionary stages of artificial intelligence (AI), ‘__’ intelligence refers to applying AI only to specific tasks.

Ans – Narrow

_____‘ intelligence refers to a state where a machine’s cognizance supersedes that of human


In traditional monolithic applications, ‘services’ are deployed independently.

Ans – False

Which of the following is/are AI based product(s)?

Ans – All the options

_____________ is also termed as weak AI.

Ans – Narrow Intelligence

In the acronym SEMMA, the S stands for __.

Ans – Sample

GPUs enable perfect processing of __ data.

Ans – Vector

The ML model stage which aids in uncovering the hiddens patterns of data.

Ans – Exploratory Data Analysis

In Linear Regression, plotting the relationship between dependent and independent variables will form a __.

Ans – All the options

Sigmoid Curve In Association Rule mining, ‘Consequent’ is an item found within the data.

Ans – False

Data used in model building.

Ans – Testing data

__ normalises a word into base form in NLP.

Ans – Stemming

Logistic Regression is a type of __ problem.

Ans – Regression

In Reinforcement Learning, algorithms that learn from trial and error are called __.

Ans – Agents

AI made its emergence with _ evolutionary stages.

Ans – 3

Removing null values and transforming data to the desired format is done in the __ stage of the ML process.

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