Unstructured Data Classification MCQ Answer

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26.In document classification, each document has to be converted from full text to a document vector

Answer : true

27.A technique used to depict the performance in a tabular form that has 2 dimensions namely actual and predicted sets of data is _

Answer : Confusion Matrix

28.Which NLP technique uses a lexical knowledge base to obtain the correct base form of the words?

Answer : Lemmatization

29.Which numerical statistics is used to identify the importance of a rare word in a document?

Answer : TF-IDF

30.Which type of cross-validation is used for an imbalanced dataset?

Answer : K-Fold

31.Cross-validation causes over-fitting.

Answer : False

32.Is there a class imbalance problem in the given data set?

Answer : Yes

33.SVM is a _

Answer : Supervised learning algorithm

34.In a Term Document Matrix (TDM), each row represents __

Answer : TF-IDF value

35.Imagine you have just finished training a decision tree for spam classification, and it is showing abnormal bad performance on both your training and test sets. Assume that your implementation has no bugs. What could be the reason for this problem?

Answer : All the options

36.In a Document Term Matrix (DTM), each row represents

Answer : TF-IDF value

37.Email spam data is an example of __

Answer : Unstructured data

38.High classification accuracy always indicates a good classifier.

Answer : False

39.__ directly achieves multi-class classification (without the support of binary classifiers).

Answer : K Nearest Neighbor

40.A classifier that can compute using numeric as well as categorical values is __

Answer : Random Forest Classifier

41.Lemmatization offers better precision than stemming.

Answer : True

42.The following are pre-processing methods used for unstructured data classification, except______

Answer : Confusion_matrix

43.TF-IDF is a feature extraction technique.

Answer : True

44.The higher value of which of the following hyperparameters is better for the decision tree algorithm?

Answer : Cannot say

45.What kind of classification is the given case study (Sentiment Analysis dataset)?

Answer : Binary classification

46.Which of the following commands is used to view the dataset SIZE, and what is the value returned?

Answer : sentiment_analysis_data.shape, (6918, 2)

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