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Empathise Multiple Choice Question

Hello friends in this post we are going to discuss about Empathise MCQ with answer | Empathise Multiple choice questions with answer | Empathise Objective type questions | Empathise online quiz with answer

1.Personas become shorthand for __.

A. user attributes
B. problem statements
C. prototypes
D.user interface designs

Ans: A

2.Raj was observing Paul while he was shopping. Paul seemed frustrated while searching for a product from the Departmental stores. ‘Frustration’ as an emotion should be noted in this

A. Think
B. Do
C. Say
D. Feel

Ans: D

3) Your Empathy Map should capture.

A.What the user says and does
B. What the user thinks and feels
C. What the user would like you to capture
D. What the user will do in the future

Ans: A B

4) How is mindfulness related to Design Thinking?

A.Enables you to come up with rapid solutions
B. Helps you see the big picture
C. Enables you to focus on your user
D. Shifts your focus from the problem to the solution

Ans: D

5) Pains in an Empathy map includes the following:

A. Challenges that the user or persona faces
B. Concerns faced by the persona
C. Aspirations of the Persona
D. Goals of the Persona

Ans: A

6)Joseph had just joined Garden High as a football coach and he wanted to understand the weaknesses and strengths of the current team, so he decided to talk to the players and the ex-
football coach. What kind of research is Joseph doing here?

A. Primary
B. Secondary
C. Tertiary

Ans: A

7)Doing a series of interviews and shadowing the user is a part of _ research.

A. Primary
B. Secondary
C. Tertiary

Ans: A

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