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Which command in UNIX is used for clearing the Screen?

Ans – clear

Frrom the below list which files will be listed using the following
command ls chap(^1-4)

Ans –


Path is used to locate file in Unix filesystem. The types of path supported are _ and _


Below statement is an example of _ path in Unix
&cd /home/course/CSE/C++


Predict the output of below command
grep “Atul” employee.txt || echo “not found”

ans – Searched for Atul and echoes “not found” when not found

Unix file system is a collection of files and directories organized in a __

Ans- hierarchical

The kernel is the core part of UNIX operating system. Choose 3 tasks achieved by Kernel from
the list below

Performs disk operations
Manages I/O operations
Performs memory and processes management

Root is a super user in Unix operating system and it is represented using

ans = /

Name the Unix command to perform safe shut down a Unix

ANs = Shutdown

Predict the output of the following command
$ who | tee userlist.txt

ans – The command displays the output of who in the monitor and also saves the output in

UNIX is more commonly used operating system in comparison with other OS. Choose
two reason from the below options in support of this statement.

Ans –

It is open source software
It is highly secure

Which command is used to get intermediate result in a pipeline of commands in Unix


Which of the following options in UNIX can be used for printing the calendar for
December 2019?

$ cal 12 2019
$ cal dec 2019
$ cal December 2019

Kernel of UNIX operating system is written using __

ans – vc++

Which option can be used to perform a forward search of string in the vi


Unix executables are stored in which path?

Ans = /bin

Which command can be used for navigating 5 pages forward in vi

5 ctrl + f

Which key can be used to change the mode from input mode to command


Match the following data command with the correct output
Consider today’s date is 22nd April 20201. date +%b 2. data +%D 3. date +%F 4. date +%H
a. Apr b. 04/22/20 c. 20-04-22 d.05

1-A, 2-B, 3-C, 4-D

Match the metacharacters with the respective types

?”[][!] 2. > >> < << 3. ,() & && || 4. $1 to $9
a. Positional parameters b. Filename substitution c. I/O Redirection d. Process Execution
Ans = 1-D, 2-C, 3-B, 4-A

the standard output of one program can be redirected as standard input to another
program using _

Ans= |

__ is an unparsed character data that can’t be parsed be the


A system administrator needs to identify different types of files in the UNIX system. Help
by matching the correct symbols used to identify the file type

  1. – 2. l 3.b 4.c
    a. Regular file b. Link file c. Block device file d. Character device file

ans – 1-A, 2-B, 3-C, 4-D

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