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Q1. In a single process how many entities can be tied together for records

Ans – 5

Q2. Which among these statements about Business Rules is FALSE?

Ans – Can set field requirement levels.

Q3. ____ used in power apps and power automate.

Ans – Both

Q4. Q1. What is the maximum number of child cases that can be associated with a parent case using the out of the box functionality? (Generic)

Ans – 100

Q5. You work on a Dynamics 365 Customer Case. You need to generate an email based on a custom template and record the activity in case. What should you do?

Ans – Upload a template to the case and create an email.

Q6. 5 Column Overview layouts are available for which of these dashboards?

Ans – Multi-stream dashboard

Q7. A.NET console application can be developed to create, read, update and Delete data into Dataverse.

Ans – True

Q8. You need to import hundreds of thousands of contact records from a flat file into CRM. When run, which among these takes the least amount of time to import all the records?

Ans – ASSIS Package using Kingswaysoft

Q9. You have created a model driven application for sales team to manage quote and orders. In the same environment, you have created another model driven application for customer service team to provide after sales support. Both sales team and customer service team use different contact forms and have access to all the contact records. One of the members from sales team updated the mobile number in a contact record.When a member from customer service team views the same record in their contact form,Please select which among the following scenario is correct.

Ans – Customer service team will realize the changes without any additional customization or Customer service

Q10. Which of the following method can we use to notify the framework that the control has new outputs?

Ans -notifyOutputChanged

Q11. You need to create a view that supports in-line editing and includes accessibility enhancements. 605Which among these would you use?

Ans – Inline editable grid Control

Q12. You need to retrieve the value of the firstname column of the contact record. What method would you use?

Ans – formContext.getAttribute(“firstname”).getValue()

Q13.You need to display a warning notification to the user on top of a Dynamics CRM Form through Javascript.Which statement woud you use?

Ans – formContext.ui.setFormNotification(“Warning Message”, “WARNING”, “265”);

Q14. You have installed a managed solution from a third party in the Development Environment. Will you be able to edit the components within the managed solution?

Ans – No

Q15. Which of these component wouldn’t be able to include in a solution?

Ans – A portal app

Q16. Which of the following things is a prerequisite to view the customer journey insight

Ans – Set start date as today

Q17. You generate leads in Dynamics 365 marketing by using Marketing landing pagesYou need to pass leads to the sales when the leads are sales-ready. What should you configure?

Ans – Lead Scoring

Q18. Which of these statements about roll up fields is INCORRECT?

Ans – A workflow can be triggered by the rollup field updates.

Q19. When you configure a roll up field for a model driven app, how many recurring jobs will be created by default?


Q20. You are creating a marketing list with dynamics list of contacts. How would you get the list of contacts added in the marketing list in a power automate Flow?

Ans – Using the contacts related records.

Q21. You need to gather analytical Information based on the results of online surveys and provide it to management as insights about your customers interest and trends. Which Dynamics 365 app would choose?

Ans – Customer Voice

Q22. Which among these is a valid example of late bound?

Ans – Entity account =new Entity(“account”); account[“name”] = “Accenture”; serviceProxy.Create(account);

Q23. What can be the data source for power page?

Ans – SQL

Q24. Which Microsoft Power platform Admin settings lets you set up policies to restrict which data connectors can be used with Microsoft Dataverse to limit what data can flow into or out of Microsoft Dataverse tables

Ans – Environments

Q25. In Power Autornate, What are the advantages of shared flows

Ans – A. Multiple people can own and manage a flow together

B.All owners of a shared flow can view its history, manage its properties, edit it, add remove owners, and delete it.

Q26. In Power BI, _____displays the common tasks that are associated with reports and visualizations.

Ans – Ribbon

Q27. Power Virtual agent offers set of pre-built entities. Which among these is NOT a pre-built entity?

Ans – Currency

Q28. What is maximum size for solutions?

Ans – 20MB

Q29. Where in Power Apps portals Studio would you add a list and form component to a particular webpage?

Ans – Edit the page template source code

Q30. Which of these is a delegable function ?

Ans – Filter, Search, Lookup

Q31. You have added a timer control in a Canvas Application screen and You would like to hide it from the screen.Which of these property would you set?

Ans – Timer controls are hidden by default.

Q32. You need to run multiple PowerFX formulas simultaneously on start of a canvas application. Which command would you use?

Ans – Concurrent

Q33. Which of these functions would NOT raise delegation error?

Ans – Filter(Jobs, ‘Architect’ = Lookup(Users, domain name = User().Email, systemuserid))

Q34. You need to create a custom webpage API that retrieves product information along with pricebat and discount list of the account related to the logged in user. Application/json type. Which of these would you use to You must create a web template as meat this requirement?

Ans – Liquid Code and Fetch XML

Q35. You listed out the customer records who are qualified as lead and interested to buy the product. In which stage of sales lifecycle is your record.

Ans – Lead

Q35. Which of the following will happen when you delete currencies that are in use by other records?

Ans – You cannot delete the currencies that are in use.

Q36. Who can customize the system administrator role?

Ans – System Customizer

Q37. Which of these has the most number of trigger messages available to trigger its execution within Dynamics CRM?

Ans – A Power Automate Flow

Q39. Which among these services support ONLY asynchronous steps?

Ans – Azure Service Bus

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