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Please use ‘FIND IN PAGE OPTION’ in google chrome to find any questions

Q50.A customer uses an app to order pizza for delivery. Which component includes aspects of the customer’s interaction with an enterprise platform?

ANS – Customer Interface component

Q51.Which type of service offers a preconfigured testing environment for application developers to create new software applications?

ANS – Software as a Service (SaaS)

Q52.A company is looking to share data between two platforms in order to extend their functionality. Which feature enables communication between the platforms?

ANS – Application Programming Interface (API)

Q53.A software company offers a web-based suite of Human Capital Management
applications covering payroll, benefits, hiring, and recruiting. However, the
software can only be run as delivered. Is this an example of a platform model?

ANS – No, because a platform includes customization and extensibility.

Q54.Which statement describes an enterprise platform?

ANS – It is a framework that connects people, processes, and other technologies together to deliver on a
strategic business goal.

Q55.A new Accenture client is looking for a platform that will help them in hiring for
critical roles and decreasing attrition. Which Accenture tool will help the client
select the best type of platform for overcoming these challenges?

ANS – myConcerto

Q56.Platforms often store personal data subject to security clauses in data protection
regulations such as GDPR or the Data Protection Act When hosting this type of
sensitive data on a platform, how does an organization account for these

ANS – by taking adequate security measures to protect personal data

Q57.What is the advantage of partnering with Accenture’s IPS?

A.It boosts a business’s unused capabilities and takes advantage of its resources.
B.It decreases costs by reducing the purchase and maintenance of equipment.
C.It lowers the rate of data breaches and cybercrimes with its advanced security features.
D.It leverages a business’s existing capabilities and utilizes externally hired resources.

Ans: A

Q58.Which process of the enterprise platform interacts with vendors and manages the entire supply chain for a retail client?

B.Core Processing
C.Front Office

Ans: B

Q59.A large restaurant organization collects large amounts of data across all of its
operations. It wants to migrate all data to the cloud to more easily gain insights
around customer behavior and have asked Accenture for help. Which statement
describes a benefit this organization will receive by using a platform?

A.The organization can build onto its own technology advances with minimal cost.
B.The organization can create its own platform and migrate its own data.
C.The organization can use a platform to manage data on the cloud in an applicable way.
D.The organization will save money by installing its own updates before migrating.

Ans: C

Q60.A client seeks Accenture’s help in hiring for critical roles and decreasing attrition. Which Accenture tool suggests a platform that will help the client overcome these challenges?


Ans: A

Q61.What is a potential benefit of modeling an organization using a PaaS?

A.It serves as a single point of entry, eliminating information silos, promoting real-time processing, and supporting centralized application management.
B.It deploys and serves an application, ensuring high availability even during periods of high traffic.
C.It removes the need for maintaining the underlying coding infrastructure for developing applications for platform extension.
D.It serves as a single point of entry while respecting information silos and supporting centralized application

Ans: A

Q62.A major coffee retailer seeks Accenture’s help to improve its supply chain
management. Accenture should suggest an enterprise platform utilizing which
type of process?

A.The Collaborative process
B.The Core Processing process
C.The Experience process
D.The Data process

Ans: A

Q63.Accenture’s IPS works closely with six major platform businesses. How does
Accenture bring more innovative solutions to clients through this partnership?

A.Upskilling the entire workforce of Accenture employees to be certified experts in the six platforms.
B.Working closely with the six major platforms through a contract that allows employees to work on projects.
C.Co-developing. co-innovating, and co-investing with the partners and upskilling employees on platforms.
D.Hiring external resources who are certified in the six platforms and assigning projects to them.

Ans: C

Q64.What is an example of a Data component within an enterprise platform?

A.A system used for processing customer payments.
B.A system used to track current inventory and restock supply.
C.A tool used to gain insights about enterprise activity.
D.A mobile app used by customers to place orders.

Ans: C

Q65.Which areas of a business would most benefit from using the Workday platform?

A.Enterprise resource planning, supply chain, and inventory management
B.Compliance, server machine administration, and anti-money laundering
C.Human resources, compliance, recruiting, and finance
D.Private equity issuance and listing on a public exchange

Ans: C

Q66.A company is struggling to keep track of its transactional information, complicating
attempts to find new sales opportunities and conduct effective marketing campaigns. Which type of platform provider can help this company?

A.Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
B.Human Capital Management (HCM)
C.Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
D.Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Ans: D

Q67.A large jewelry chain is struggling with managing more than 60 vendors, causing a lag between consumer demand and availability of new products. How can using a platform help them with their vendors?

A.Operations will be expanded and IT Systems will continue to be siloed.
B.Solutions will be rolled out in just a few months.
C.Products and services will launch to market faster than ever.
D.Teams will recommission deactivated servers and applications.

Ans: C

Q68.An Accenture client is currently using Salesforce as its Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) solution. The client would like to implement an Al application
to help predict future customer behavior. Which approach takes advantage of
Salesforce’s capabilities?

A.Running the Al application on a separate server and uploading the results to Salesforce daily.
B.Integrating the Al application directly into the Salesforce framework.
C.Contracting with the Al application’s developer to build a standalone solution.
D.Asking Salesforce to develop a custom Al application as part of its standard offering.

Ans: B

Q69.Accenture’s IPS is helping a medical device company decide to use an enterprise
platform, and is using the Core Processing component when ordering supplies to
restock its inventory. Which statement describes the Core Processing

A.It connects suppliers and consumers to achieve goals.
B.It includes all aspects of end-user interaction with the platform.
C.It supports business functions.
D.It houses all business functions.

Ans: C

70.A major coffee retailer seeks Accenture’s help to improve its supply chain
management. Accenture should suggest an enterprise platform utilizing which
type of process?

ANS – The Core Processing Process

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