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A retailer is able to track which products draw the most attention from its customers through the use of 5G-enabled motion sensors placed around the store. With this knowledge, the retailer can supply the proper amount of products to meet customer demand. Which technology combines with 5G capabilities to allow the monitoring of shopping trends in this way?

A. beamforming

B. network slicing

C. platooning

D. internet of things


What underlying concept is edge computing based on?

A.using bearnforming to improve the efficiency of a network

B.transmitting the maximum amount of data over a single connection

C. delivering files to end users at the fastest possible speeds

D.moving computing resources closer to the source or user of data


A group of autonomous cars are driving along the interstate. They can communicate with one another. move closer to each other, and function as one unit. What is this called?

A connection density

B platooning

C beamforming

D massive MIMO


Which situation would benefit the most by using edge computing?

A.an IT department wants to increase the capacity of its central server

B.a theater wants to record performances for its website

C.a clothing company wants to track customer preferences

D. an offshore oil rig needs to more efficiently process data


Which factors have made edge computing cheaper and easier?

A. quantum computing and biometrics

B.artificial intelligence and blockchain

C.lower bandwidth and higher latency

D.cloud computing and containers


What happens after the initial rollout of a new network generation?

A.The new network generation will continue to be developed and enhanced over its lifetime.

B.The previous network generation will be deactivated after a transition period of a few months.

C.Development of the network is frozen until the rollout of the next network generation.

D.All devices created to work with the previous network generation must upgrade or lose service.


A large industrial machine is able to monitor environmental conditions and quickly shut down and sound an alarm when it detects a dangerous situation. What feature of the technology allows this to happen?

A. improved bandwidth

B. connection density

C. reduced latency

D. effective range


A global resources company uses data-intensive, cloud-based simulation software, but users in remote locations find that the responsiveness is poor due to the amount of data being transferred to and from the cloud. In response, the company decides to deploy multiple instances of the application in locations closer to the end users. Which type of technology is illustrated in this example?

A. edge computing

B. internet of things

C. massive MIMO

D. Beamforming


What is Accenture’s most important advantage when it comes to 5G and edge computing?

A. the amount of funds we have invested in cutting-edge technology

B. our extensive experience in dealing with disruptive technologies

C. our market share in the fields of cell networks and computing

D. the number of custom-built cell sites we have implemented


How does edge computing reduce latency for end users?

A.by migrating applications from one cloud provider to another

B.by limiting application access to one user at a time

C.by placing the computing resources closer to the users

D. by increasing the size of the company’s central datacenter


How does 5G technology enhance the Internet of Things (IoT)?

A. by supporting greater numbers of connected devices

B. by connecting remote devices through physical cables

C. by providing higher bandwidth for downloading data

D.by installing larger cell towers to project stronger signals


How does lower latency benefit the users connected to a network?

A.by limiting network access to users with higher security credentials

B. by expanding the range over which the network’s signals are transmitted

C. by reducing the delay when sending and receiving data between devices

D. by enabling more devices to connect to the network at the same time


Edge computing is an extension of which technology?

A. artificial intelligence

B. blockchain

C. cloud

D. quantum computing


What is a limitation of 5G mmWave, despite its high speed?

A. larger antenna size

B. shorter range

C. higher latency

D. lower bandwidth


A global clothing company is looking to create a more immersive shopping experience for customers. What is a way the company can utilize edge computing to help the store achieve this goal?

A. setting up an online payment system to increase the speed of check-out at the store

B. using sensors to track a customer’s browsing habits and create a virtual dressing room

C. installing digital codes on items that can be scanned by customers for more detail

D. analyzing a customer’s past purchases and offering customized recommendations


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